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Some advice on how to play PARADIGM WORLD mod for Warband. You will see some extra hints, some explanations how game mechanic works. Also you will learn something about strategy and how to use game features into your advantage.

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Some of you have had hard times playing PARADIGM WORLDS. One could think that this mod is hard or only for advanced users. But the truth is that it has so many features or options that you can really have fun and be succesful at any level you want.

So, here are few hints, that, I hope will let you have more fun from playing this mod.


In Paradigm Worlds you have tons of different units. They have different capabilities, and using troops from only one faction can be really hard or tricky.

Watch closely to finds what weapons are your troops using. There is a morgh's editor where you can find weaopnry of every single unit in the game.

Even most powerful units have their weak spots. And relatively cheap or low-level units can be dangerous if used properly.

On the picture (center) you see one of the most powerful units in the game - Pirate Juggernauts and Cyborgs. On the left and right side of the picture you see other units that can be deadly and are relatively cheap.



In this mod you can get, find, loot, buy and CRAFT extremaly powerful equipment. And you have 30 'platforms' that you can put gear on. 30 companions that can become war machines and still help you in 'normal game' as pathfinders, tacticians, sailors, traders and so on.

Here is an example build: GRENADIER.

Grenades are powerful weapons of mass destruction due to their area damage. Most of them deal BLUNT damage, so they will give you a lot of prisoners.

AI has some problems (sometimes) using the grenades, but even then power of this weapon is great. They deal damage only to enemies, so there is no friendly fire.

You can still eqip 'normal' throwing weapons.

POWER THROW skill doesn't change damage dealt by explosions.


Thrown weapons have low range, but it is longer than Native. Weapon range can (and should!) be checked at weapons description.

Remeber that you can CRAFT weapons. Yes, you'll have to spend time and money (just in-game, mod does not have microtransactions ;) ), but it's worth it. Thrown weapon have also good blunt damage (for example RED BALL on the screen) like Paralizing Palantirs.

Slaves mean money, and best way to acquire prisoners is to use a lot of blunt damage.


It is worth to join factions and try to fight for the loot from all main factions in the game. Some of them use special equipment hat is hard to find in merchants inventory. To build / craft weapons you will need 'parts' from weapons from all factions.

3. Diversification


You will find a lot of firepower in this mod. There are michine guns, plasma weapons, but even good 'ol bows can be deadly weapon.

For example bows have very good range and can also use Nitro (explosive) arrows.

Power Draw in this mod can be maxed to 15 points, so bows can also deal a lot of damage. They have also better accuracy than firearms.

You should have companions that use shotguns, bows, plasma weapons, carbines and rifles. There are magic staves and some unique to this mod weapons like Matrix Portal (it works similar to crossbow, but has more ammo capacity).

As to cold steel... or laser steel. There are lightsabers. They do relatively medium damage, but they cannot be parried. They crush through blocks. There are 3 levels of elite weapons and there are very expensive legendary weapons. Sometimes you can find chipped, old items - they cost less.

You have katanas, sabres, axes, eveything you can imagine. Look closely to item description, because there are weapons with alternate weapon mode.



5. USE GAME FEATURES: BRIBING prisoner lords


If you decide to become an independant please check that you have 3 things: money, money and money.

With money you can do almoust everything: buy unique weaponry, hire extraordinary troops and... bribe lords.

1. First defeat and imprison any lord.

2. You can force him to talk and try convincing him to join you for free.

3. If this fails, you can buy him. Bribing lord cost well from 40 000 to 90 000 dinars. But when you are short on faction heroes this is good way to acquire some help.

As always you can make your companion-lord, but in my opinion it is better to keep them close to you as shock troops. Later in the game 30 companions can knock out half an army.

5. USE GAME FEATURES: use Orders!


You can check my article about giving orders to faction parties like patrols, scouts, mercenaries.

Also d not forget about hireable order troops. Yes, you can loose them in fight. But generally, order units are the most powerful units in the game. They have great stats, unique weaponry and great armours.

When you start your own faction and gain new territory it is hard to attack and defend at one time. But with the help of order troops you can succesfuly do two things at once. You can do a massive attack and order your troops to screen you from enemy parties, while you're besieging castles or towns. Or you can order them to stay back and defend taken towns, etc.

To balance a game (NPC cannot hire order troops, for now at least) order parties will not help you in sieges. (ok, to be to be totally true, I'll say that I am not sure do I have needed capabilities to code and script them to help you in sieges ;) )

You can order them to defend certain terrain, castle or town or any other party/point on the map. You can order them to escort you, or your lords. They will enter any fight on your rules.

I would suggest accumulation of reputation points to buy most powerful parties like 'Search&Destroy' party or Jihadd party. On the screen you see medium unit amount of Jihadd party.

5. USE GAME FEATURES: Being bad is good?


Why loose time to build expensive town and castle structures when you can buy/hire almoust every unit in the game from Ransom Brokers?

You can hunt for days for Alien Pirates to imprison and re-hire Pirate Juggernauts (I always try to have at least 10-20 such nuits with me) or you can pay 20-10K for slave trading one-week license and hire walking death units.

You'll find Techno Mages, Cyborgs, Centurions whatever strong unit you need, relatively cheap. Of course there are some restrictions: you have to be in good terms with outlaws.

Have in mind that outlaws are 'bad' minor faction like many others and there is no reason (beside roleplaying or good loot) to have them as enemies.

I've made an info-graphic to explain how diplomacy in this mod works. It is not so hard to balance between beng good or bad when you need good relations with certain factions.

5. USE GAME FEATURES: your lord recruiters.


You can force every lord belonging to your faction to give you all his troops. Or just the best ones.

Or you can give him your troops (they're kinda expensive in this mod), to keep them for you.

You have to be appointed marshall to use this feature (just use dialog line: I have a new orders for you).

As you see there are many options that can make your game easier, harder or just more interesting. It is only up to you what will you do. The best thing I could I gave you when started to think about this mod was FREEDOM of choice.

Have fun!

BTW. If you have any questions or sggestions (also on strategy, please use comments section).

BTW-2 I am really sorry for my horrible English. Grammar and language.


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