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What changed with Engineer repair and unit self-healing.

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Engineers and Repair

Engineer repair rate saw a reduction in this mod. Instead of repairing 15 health every second they only do 10 every 2s. To me engineers were there to repair your units and structures between each fight and not to effectively triple their health with all of the repair going on. I suppose the latter is still possible, but you'll need a lot more engineers to do it and that many engineers is nicely countered by an artillery barrage. (Side note: Artillery is the best counter to AT turrets anyways now that they're more dangerous and shields are less effective.)
The NSA engineer repairs at 15 every 2s though. I made it that way as a decent counterbalance to the fact that its the slowest and only unarmed engineer, and also that NSA units in general tend to have slightly smaller health pools than their Viron or Terran counterparts.

The Viron engineer has also been revamped a bit. It can now repair in both primary and secondary modes, with the difference being in primary mode the vehicle has a gas weapon and in secondary it has more self-regeneration and provides a small damage mitigation boost to nearby units.

One last item of note: Engineers now have a much larger (40 units) radius in which they can repair units. This applies to both their direct and area heals. With the power of their repair brought down I felt it would be fine to let commanders park their engineers a little more in the back and not have to worry about it. It has also made repairing air units a lot easier as they don't have to be clustered exactly on top of the engineer to get repairs.

Self Regeneration

Regeneration has seen a few changes as well. Most notably the interval between each health gain has been standardized to 5 seconds for all self-healing units. All infantry regenerate at least 1 health point every 5 seconds and all Viron units (including their infantry) regenerate at least 2 points every 5s.

Regen is not a replacement for an engineer though. To give an example, a standard NSA infantry unit has 120 health now. At 1 health every 5 seconds, it'll take nine and a half minutes to heal itself from 5HP. A Viron tank down 300 health will take 12.5 minutes to heal back up to full. Regeneration will still shine when considered overall though, as a squad of 12 infantry is collectively regenerating 12 HP every 5s (24 for Viron), or as much as a Terran engineer does to itself in secondary mode.

I made the infantry regeneration change to help people get just a bit more mileage out of their troops. A squad of infantry hunkered down in a building still won't stand up to concentrated fire, but they'll last a bit longer and patch themselves up over time. It should let commanders worry about them less and only have to babysit their infantry with engineers unless they get really low.

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