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==[Copyright and means of usage]============================= Freelancer and Starlancer are (C) 2002 Microsoft Corporation and Digital Anvil. All Rights Reserved. FL Rebalance Mod v3.50 is Copyright (C) 2006 Michael Dan.

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v 0.5b modifications and addons:
- the Defender VHF is now buyable at BS Yukon without crashing
- the class 3 missiles(Sweeper, Paralyzer and so on) are now mountable on cruise disrupter slot and not in the gun/missile ones.
- the freighters have been slightly changed, they are now more maneuvrable, have more energy and new guns,
1 for the Rhino, 1gun/1turret for Clydesdale and 2guns/1 turret for the Dromedary. They are also able to mount cruise disruptors
and have a higher level for shields and guns.
-some LF's that lacked the cruise disruptors due to a CMP modification have these mounted back...sorry for this bug.
-the Pirates guns and turrets do a little more damage than the original ones, so watch yourselfes especially against large
or high level party's, but I think this will make killing them and geting those guns more of a challenge and satisfaction.
-there is more important equipment like better shields and weapon available at some bases, some visited in the plot but
others U may have to search for...:)
-i have added a couple of guns for the TIE's, the Stealthblades mk1_m1 and mk1_m3, check them out in Calif. Minor, Mactan base and Battleship Hood, they have SW sounds as well.
-the Positron shields have been tweaked to give more protection as u will need it in Bretonia....some loadouts problems with Barracuda, Hammerhead and Piranha
are corected.
-the bug in mission 01b when the prison ship sometimes exploded before the player could get there is no more.

version 0.5c changes and bug fixes:
-the Tie Defender it's buyable at BS Hood without crashing the game.
-the infocards are now updated to reflect the actual ship config, armor and cargo bay/batteries/nanobots.
-the maximum speed for that ship is also displayed in the ships infocard(only when F7 is pressed, not at the vendors...)
-the pirate fighter, Bloodhound and the elite version, Wolfhound now have more weapons and armor, but are slower.
-fixed the weapon loadout for Patriot, Stilleto and Cavalier.
-the speeds for al ships have been recalculated and now match the infocard display, like 128-133 for the LF's, 118-126 for the HF's,
108-112 for the VHF's and 96-102 for freighters.
version 0.5c changes and bug fixes:
-the Tie Defender it's buyable at BS Hood without crashing the game.
-the infocards are now updated to reflect the actual ship config, armor and cargo bay/batteries/nanobots.
-the maximum speed for that ship is also displayed in the ships infocard(only when F7 is pressed, not at the vendors...)
-the pirate fighter, Bloodhound and the elite version, Wolfhound now have more weapons and armor, but are slower.
-fixed the weapon loadout for Patriot, Stilleto and Cavalier.
-the speeds for al ships have been recalculated and now match the infocard display, like 128-133 for the LF's, 118-126 for the HF's,
108-112 for the VHF's and 96-102 for freighters.
-added the infocard and ship name for the BD VHF and the specs for this ship.
v 0.5d changes and addons:
-added the infocards ship name for TIE's also with specs for them.
-added Incom X-wing Starfighter buyable at planet Manhattan, along with its own infocard(credits go for Rapid for this one).

-fixed the crashes on trade lane docking and planet leaving in New Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart systems, also fixed crashes near Yanagi depot in Sigma 13
-added Powerplant upgrade MKIV and Engine upgrade MkIV, these are very powerful and expensive pieces of hardware.
you can find them in the Border Worlds at the same places the Eagle and Titan are buyable, and on Planet Toledo/BS Osiris
-make it possible to add missiles to a weapon slot, usually slot1, in adition to mounting them to cruise disruptor/torpedo slots.
-added suport, infocard, new engine and engine sounds for the Dodonna/Blissex Awing. It's buyable on Calif minor, BS Hood and Freeport 9,
and it's coming in standard package with 2 Raphaels and 2 Slingshot Missile launchers. I recommend mounting a pulse or particle turret to round up the loadout.
-please download the slave1/awing ship pack and copy the directories awing and slave1 form the archive to Freelancer\data\ships directory(this IS required for the mod to work properly)
-maked buyable the missing equipment like the Order VHF engine and powerplant.
-the power and armor upgrades now ocuppy more space in cargo hold, namely 5, 10, 15 and 20 for each superior class. so there is a price to pay other than the cash, for the top performance they offer.
-colision damage doubled to make it more realistic.
-cruise speed set to 500. (recommend u buy the Awing, Banshee or Tie Defender from BS Hood to win the race mission).
-xwing has new engine color making it look more loke in the movies, also elite shield mount and balanced maneuvrability.
-thrusters consume more fuel with each advanced version, very long thrusting it's no longer possible.
-incorporated engine trail mod into mine for better visual effects.
Michael D.

-added Grssk 1.05 mod with the new system and jumpholes connection troughout the universe. also unlocked most of them from mission 2(that's why the name of the mod changed).
and now a list of my addons:
-added powerplants to looting&random drops. also added special weapons at high levels to random drops
-added escape pods to loot&random drops, u can now sell the bad guys to the police!
-included Cylon Heavy Fighter with a 4/2 weapon config, a new missile launcher and new infocard. It's buyable at pitssburg.
-rhino freighter now buyable at BS Missouri.
-reduced fuel consumption on high level thrusters, the heavy and advanced models. also slightly reduced on all others.
-weapons effects on right shield are more visible(10% more) and shields offer more protection against a the right type of weapon(graviton against laser, pulse and photon weaps,
positron against neutron and tachyon weapons and molecular against plasma and particle weapons).
-encounters with BS and Cruisers added within border and edge worlds, those are now piloted by pirates like corsairs, red hessians and outcasts!
-HUGE battles between Outcasts, Corsairs and Red hessians flying fleets of combined BS's, Cruisers and Gunboats have been reported near planet Malta, Freeport 9, Ruiz Base, Leon base, Freeport 5, and Planet Crete!!!!
-blood dragons also fly kusary gunboats, cruisers and destroyers.
-thats a hidden key on awing and firespray that'll make u go at a a super speed(trade lane like)...just an easter egg.

-fixed crashes after mission 01b and mission 2, and the jump gate back to new york crash, by removing the aditional jumpholes in NW system...the others remained in place
-added support for Slayn&Korpil Bwing, with infocard, weapons loadout(8/2 gunsturrets) and engine sounds, please install it in the same way, as a Bwing directory in \data\ships. its buyable in Planet Crete, Ruiz base and Frankfurt.

-added Starviper Colonial fighter with infocard, engine sound and a 4/1/2 weapon config
-added Starfury (both ship are from Hostile Universe mod) with 6/0/1 weapons, infocard and engine.
-both ships are buyable at Planet Los Angeles and Battleship Suffolk in New London
-added heavy tractor beam with better range(2500 m) and scanner MKIII with 7000 scan range/3500 cargo scan range. Included them to random drops as well.
-reverted to my mod only due to requests, and kept only some jumpholes/connections from Grssks mod.

-i'm geting closer to what this mod was created to be so the version is 09 instead of 0.7
-battleship, cruiser, gunboat, stations, transports, and weapon platforms weapons have now increased damage(roughly double), range and muzzle velocity,
to balance them to fighters' better speed and weapons loadout. Their missile turrets now fire further and with more damage and explosion radius.
-added support for the "Blockade Runner" Corellian Corvette, with 2/8 guns/turrets, engines and a maneuvrablity closer to a heavy freighter/transport, rather than a fighter. it can mount lvl 10 freighter shields and
its buyable on planet Leeds and planet Crete. please download the ship from LancersReactor and copy the directory Corvette from archive to freelancer\data\ships.
-added buyable gunboats, the Bretonia, Kusari and Rheinland Gunboats are buyable with their own engines, powerplants, and specific weapons.
-they are buyable on: BS York(Leeds system) - Bretonia Gunboat, BS Nagumo(Kyushu system) - Kusari Gunboat and BS Westfallen(Hamburg system) - Rheinland Gunboat.
Also the Kusari and Rheinland versions are buyable on Planet Malta.
-modified camera POV for the Firespray and Bwing so the player can see what he's shooting at.
-increased shield regeneration to match the greater firepower of the BS, Cruisers, Gunboats and stations, only for player.
-removed the jumpholes from Omega-7, Tau-37 edge systems to New york to prevent crashes as the other ends were removed in a previous version.
-increased the loot drops from cruisers, battleships and gunboats.
-changed trent clothing to something more appropiate, and cool.
-Libery Police is using Starfurys for Law enforcement and Liberty Navy is flying Starvipers
-The Liberty and Bretonia Police are carrying their VIP's and prisoners in Corellian Corvettes now.
-Bretonia Navy gave up flying their ugly Crusaders(too bored i guess) and now is using Cylon fighters, while the Bretonia Police has choosen the Awing as their replacement of the Cavalier.

-bretonia ships reverted to original, both for police and navy
-npc shields now regenerate faster and will drop as loot!
-moved the Kusari gunboat to Planet Kyushu due to difficulty to undocking to BS Nagumo(don't try to land there or on any Kusari BS with a gunboat!)
-the mod comes with 3 levels of dificulty, just run level1.bat for lvl1 difficulty, level2.bat for second level and level3.bat for third level.
-first level(easy): colision damage 2, cruise speed 400, npc shield regen 1/2 from player, npc armor weaker, npc loadout less dangerous, cruise disrupt time:4, more hp to player and atached weaps. be warned that in this level npc shields or any other equip will NOT drop as loot.
-second level(default): colision damage 3, cruise speed 450, npc shield good regen, without armor powerups, cruise disrupt time:5, more shield damage(0.6 instead of 0.5 of hull damage), normal hp to players ship and atached weaps. New npc loot drop will be limited to shield generators.
-third level(hard): colision damage 4, cruise speed 500, npc shield full regen and with armor powerups, cruise disrupt time:6, more shield damage(0.7 instead of 0.5 of hull damage), less hp to players ship and atached weaps. This level is the most rewarding with full npc loot drop like thrusters, mines, missiles, and shield gens.
the npcs are using more varied loadouts they're never used before.
-i recommend u keep default level though, at least for the begining, especially in MP for compatibility reasons, also in storyline missions don't activate the hard level or NPC's will kick your @ss and the ones of your friends. hard level is recomended for hardcore players, the ones seeking a better challenge, and much better rewards as well.
-activated the 2 hidden hardpoints on the Dagger, the underwing ones. weapon loadout for storyline line hackers,Outcasts and blood dragons dagger fighters has been updated(Lord Hakkera and Dexter Hovis as well).
-gunboats can now strafe as any other ships.
-increased gunboat cargo holds by 400 due to the fact that u'll lose 400 cargo units after first save/reload.
I want to say that I own many thanks and credits to the guys that posted here and emailed me their ideas, observations and thieir work:
Sam Wojtczak , Chris Scott, Brett S., Integer Man, Griskard, Grssk, Radiation, DjVgalen, GUX, Phroot, Steel, freighter fighter,
col. Chris and many others. their posts, bug reports, ideas and even code was very helpful in bringing the mod to what is now.
A word of thanks and gratitude is owned for the admins as well, thanx Christian and Nels for your support and great work here on the site...
without you nothing of my and others work would have been possible.

-fixed gunboat IDS? name problem
-greatly increased BS and Cruiser damage and range of turrets for lvl 2 and 3. BS engage now at 5 km away, and cruisers at 4 km! varied their cargo as well, fixed their loadout to include more varied types of turrets.
-fixed the Object Unknown display for Pirate Capital Ships, they all have now correct designations coresponding to their class and house of origin.
-added more encounters in the Omicron systems, now the GMG guild joins the fray flying Kusari capital ships. Frequent battles between 2, 3 or more fleets are taking place near Malta, Crete, Freeport 5 and Freeport 9!
-added buyable Battleship Flak Turrets to planet Malta and planet Crete, they're intended for use with the gunboats since they're too big for fighters.
-increased gunboat shield battery/nanobot loadout(doubled them).
-added suport for Jedi Starfighter from Porsche and White Star Cruiser(babylon 5). please DL both ships from LR and copy their respective directories to FL\data\ships.
-White Star Cruiser is buyable at planets Los Angeles and New Tokyo and the Jedi Starfighter at planet Junyo, Shikoku, and BS Yukon, California.
-increased transport turret damage for GMG and IMG guilds, also increased further turret damage for stations, trade lanes and docking rings.
-fixed the corvettes engine display, pls download latest Porsche's version from LR and overwrite the first one.
-re-added junkers CSV at planet Pittsburg with 4/1 gun/turret this time(guess I missed the old scrappy guy).
-added stealthblades mkI as standard weapons for the TIE's and for the new Jedi Starfighter.
-included MP Neutrality MOd v1.1 from Integer Man, for better MP starting choices.
-"kill batleship" random missions appear in the Omicron sytems, at planet Malta, Crete and Leon base

-"kill batleship" random missions now appear all the way from Bretonia to Edge Worlds.
-modified factions so u'll get to kill the appropriate BS for each faction, Bretonia BS for Corsairs, Kusari BS for GMG and Blood Dragons, Rheinland Bs's for Red Hessians and Liberty Bs's for Outcasts.
-all other factions have mixed BS killing missions.
-added LDP4 Armored Marine Dropship from Hostile universe V.4, with 4/3 guns/turrets and a torp launcher. It's buyable at Planet New London and BS Nagumo. Gunboat Large Fwd Guns are mountable on the top torpedo launcher as well.
-added Sunslayer Torpedo Launcher to planet Malta and Planet Crete, God knows u'll need it.
-fixed Junker and Xenos Object Unknown error when flying Gunboats, also fixed same error for Blood Dragons flying Kusari BS's and destroyers.
-activated the hidden Hp's on Dromedary, it has now 8 turret and 3 guns.
-Hammerhead now has 9 guns due to the fact that the turret can only fire backwards.
-the mod comes now with almost all ships here, except the SW awing/bwing/corvette/jedi fighter/slave1 ship pack from Porsche, and the Whitestar Cruiser, get them from LR and copy the ships directories into Freelancer\data\ships.

-added Kurgan's Phoenix with a 6/1 weapon config+infocards. it's buyable at planet Houston and Planet Cambridge. Credits and thanx go for Kurgan for an excelent model(keep it up!)
-maked visible the 3 pirate engines, and powerplants: fighter, elite and freighter.
-armor upgrades from Mk I to III now drop as loot, but only on level3 of difficulty.
-player max ammo is now 100.
-added the names of the jumpholes that were missing, and reomved some that were causing crashes in the edge and unkown systems.
-reduced the availability of upgrades troughout Sirius and increased their price. they're now harder to find and to buy, especially the MK IV's.
-all stations, depots, BS bases, docking rings, are now destructible. Be warned that this will cause a server crash in MP if a base with a player in it will be destroyed.
-all the files needed for the mod are now here, no need for other downloads.
-please use the Ghost Docking Ring mod(it comes within FLMM 1.1) to solve the White Star Cruiser docking problems.
-battleship killing RM missions appear now at freeport 4 in magellan near Calif minor against the Outcasts(they usually fly Liberty Dreadnoughts). Go there after mission 3 if u wanna hone your skills.
-There's also a jumphole to Omega-3, where u'll get Bretonia BS killing missions against Corsairs, on Freeport 1. All at levels 6-7!!!
-Reduced cruiser, battleship and bases damage at level 2 of difficulty.
-shield damage is now 0.4 at lvl1, 0.5 at normal level(2) at 0.6 at level 3.
WARNING: the install program which comes with v1.1b does NOT restore your FL old files on uninstalation. please make a backup of your FL dir to another drive and copy it back after u installed my mod.
SECOND WARNING: DO NOT try to unmount the phantom guns that appear sometimes when buying a new ship, just sell them and everything will be fine.
if u do not listen, the game WILL CRASH, an it'll be all u'r FAULT.

-added Thunderbolt VHF variant of Starfury(9/1/2 weapons/turrets/missiles). It's buyable at Trafalgar Base, BS Essex and BS Nagumo.
-added Nial Minbari Heavy fighter, buyable at Planet Houston, Trafalgar Base and Planet Kurile.
-added the MILLENIUM FALCON, a really cool and amazingly detailed model(not the Babylon5 one), it comes as an ultimate freighter/fighter with 6 guns and 6 turrets, it's buyable at BS Matsumoto(Hokkaido) and BS Myoko(Shikoku).
-added The Sith Infiltrator from Porsche buyable at Vogtland Base, Planet Kurile, Battleship Matsumoto(Hokkaido system) and BS Myoko(Shikoku system)
-Kurgan's Phoenix has been moved from liberty, all I can say its u'll have to get in bed with the Lane Hackers to get it early.
-upgraded the models of Starfury and Starviper in agreement with their authors, Griskard and Kurgan from Hostile Universe team. thanx guys!
-upgraded Xwing to fix the white texture bug
-Starviper now has 6/1/2 weapons/turrets/missiles and 33/33 bateries nanos. Starfury has 25/25 bateries/nanos.
-all prices of new ships were re-computed into Freelancer Ship Cost Calculator 1.2.
-cost of leveling up is now different, is normal at level1 of difficulty, double at level 2 and 4x at level 4. Players can level up now go up to lvl 50..
-Freighters have much increased cargo starting from 500 to Rhino, 750 Clydesdale, 1075 Dromedary, 1275 Drone to 1500 to Humpback, but cost a LOT more.
-to give you a headstart in a much more expensive world, missions 2 and 3 give 10 times more money than before.
-speeds reduced overall, the LF now go at 120-122, Hf at 109-111, VHF's at 99-101 and FRT's from 89 to 92. The max speed is 199 with a Upgrade MkIV engine.
-pirate escape pods now give more rewards, base price is 5000.
-cargo loot for killable battleships in random missions has been increased.
-all bad guys now use same powerplants as player, no more infinite power for them.
-Realistic explosions have been added
-Many stations now drop loot when destroyed
-The Badlands asteroid field in New York is now destructable on a trial basis(last three features are from Integer Man also included in his Destructable Universe mod. Thanx, great work)
-engine upgrades have been given different sounds/colors acording to 3 houses, Liberty(MkI), Bretonia(MkII), Kusari(MkII) and Hispania/Pirates(MkIV).
-the dreaded Beta4 from mission 1b that keeps dying at levels 2 and 3 of difficulty has now better armor, and so have the Rheinlanders in Defend the Station Willard mission(Mission 3)
-motto: "May Day, this is LSF BETA4, I have no Armor nor AI and I must navigate trough those blasted asteroids. Please kill those 5 LR Fighters in 10 secs or I'm gonna blow...BOOM(oops, make that 5 secs!!!)"
-added the ships from Freespace 2:Perseus Interceptor(Valk) LF, HerculesHF , Serapis LF , Enrinyes VHF and Aeshma HF, an Shivan Fighter
-added ships from WingCommander form 1 to 4: Hornet LF, Hellcat MF, Thundervbolt HF and Vindicator VHF.
-loctions to buy them: Valk: Rochester and Fort Bush, Hercules: BS Mississippi, Serapis: Baltimore Shipyard, Enrinyes: BS Yukon, Aeshma: Fort Bush
-WC ships: Hornet: Fort Bush, also has become a starter ship for player, Hellcat: BS Mississppi and BS Norfolk, Thunderbolt: Planet Houston and Birmingham Station, Vindicator:Planet Houston and Outpost Holman.
-what was done to these ships: fixed class display(all were LF's), added infocards+descriptions,tweaked maneuvrability according to their class, added missing equipmpent(like thrusters, missile launchers, shield gens) and modified some weapons loadouts to make them compatible with the mod.
-also added Armored Transport at Baltimore Shipyard.
-Y-wing from Porsche added to with 8/2 weapon config and maneuvrsability downgraded to its class...VHF. It's buyable at BS Matsumoto(Hokkaido) and BS Westfallen(Hamburg).
-One more thing, credits for the Milenium Falcon excelent model go to Free Spirit, he has our gratitude as well.
-Starfury, Thunderbolt and Nial are created by Giskard, credits are owned here to him, too.
-LDSP4 Dropship, Starviper, Xwing and Phoenix made by Kurgan, same as above, and my thanx(dude, pop up that Z-95 soon! And how about that Darkstar I've heard u're working on?).
-Credits for Freespace 2 ship owned to Garion, thx for all your work, there are some very nice models(like the Perseus and Hercules MkII, my last 2 favorite ships :D)
-Seems like the Wing Commander ships were made by John Hawke(at least the Hornet) so to him we owe the credits for the models. Hornet has become the new starter ship just like in good ol' WC1...and since i was a WC fan from beginig, some other ships like
Rapier, Raptor, Dragon!(a superb VHF will this make...Yoda sais), or even some Kilrathi ships, I know there are some very nice models in WC Prophecy.

-almost all prices doubled both for ships and for equipment/ammo.
-no more Crete-New Berlin runs or New Tokyo-New Nerlin(or the newest Deshima Station-Cambrifge...:D) for very high profits...u' ll got to work harder for the money now...:)
-no more gunboats turrets or fwd guns fitted into fighters, no fighter has class 10 turrets anymore...:P
-fixed hp/missing equip problems on some of the new fighters.
-fixed the mission 8 crash to desktop error, after Ozu sais "Our first to target are the weapons platforms!"
-all prices of both new and old addon ships were re-re-computed into Freelancer Ship Cost Calculator 1.4.
-Hornet becames a starting ship for player, for real...sry for last version, a file sliped away my checks.
-FEDEX becomes the newest starter freighter with 150 cargo, it's buyable at Planet Manhattan and on the Moon Base Alpha(!) also Galaxy Transport is buyable at norfolk shipyard.
-added Voyager buyable at Planet Mars(!), Planet Harris, and Planet Junyo. it also come with ST phasers with sounds, and a ST torpedo.
-4 new systems are now available. First, Earth Force Alliance, accesible from Liberty(somewhere..a plot system anyway), it has 4 bases with full missions/ships/equips/comodities and is
guarded by Earth Force Police Flying Thunderbolts and Starfury's. Last 3, Centauri Republic, Minbari Empire and Narn Empire are acessible from Bretonia and also have full missions/ships/equips/comodities, and house polices/pirate encounters.
-be warned that the systems are not fully stable, especially Mars and Moon bases on EFA system cause crashes so save as soon as u land on these.
-i've made available the 16 secret weapons in the game at different locations, and even if the damage has the same range(1800-2800), their firing rate/energy consumption is diferent from class to class. also a kusari special blaster is available at 2 battleships in their systems. go find them!
-no more read-only files errors on FLMM instalation.
-freighters' cargo have been downgraded from 250 for Rhino to a max of 750 for the dromedary. some fighters have their cargo reduced also.

-added Kyle's Katarn Moldy Crow, with 8/2 weapons, buyable at Planet Curacao, BS Matsumoto and Centauri Prime, brought to you by Free Spirit,
-added Kyles latest Raven's Claw, with 5/6 weapons, buyable at Planet Holstein and Tripoli Shipyard.
-added Z-95 Headhunter, Gargoyle and Skyhawk, all done by Kurgan, at the folowing locations: Z95: Baltimore Shipyard, Sheffield Base, Trafalgar Base, Gargoyle: Fort Bush and Montezuma Base,
SkyHawk: Willard Research Station and Montezuma Base
-added USS Defiant, buyable at Planet Harris and Planet Crete.
-added the historical Cobra MkIII fighter from ELITE series, brought to you by Redeye, buyable at Pueblo Station and Freeport 4.
-added the SoulStealer Pirate Fighter, made by Giskard, available at Pueblo Station and Freeport 4, also a Toscan Fighter is available at Graves Station and Nome Base(Keppler).
-added Porsche's Millenium Falcon 2, with 6/5 gun/turrets, buyable at Holman Outpost, Planet Curacao and Tripoli Shipyard.
-added Ewing type C and Rebel Medium Transport both buyable at Freeport 4 and Planet Kurile.
-missiles now occupy cargo space, 100 class 3 missiles ocuppy 10 cargo slots, and 10 Starkiller torpedoes the same space. more advanced weaponry ammo takes up more cargo.
-torpedoes occupy 1 full cargo slot per ammo(Starkillers) and 2 cargo spaces(Sunslayers)
-different factions now use various new ships in addition to their own, as folows:
-Liberty Police: B5 Starfurys
-Liberty Navy: B5 Thunderbolts
-Bounty Hunters: Slave1's(at higher levels)
-Liberty Rogues - SoulStealers and Cobra MkIIIs
-Outcasts: Starfurys and Vindicators
-Junkers: Z-95's, Rhinos and RGb's.
-Lane Hackers: WC Hellcats and Thunderbolts.
-Xenos: Cylon ZR-K2 Heavy fighters, Toscan fighters, and Mules.
-Mollys: SoulStealers and StarVipers
-Gaians: Gargoyles, Phoenixes and SkyHawks(goes with the love for nature i guess)
-Golden Crysanthemums: Awings and Raven's Claws.
-Blood Dragons: Jedi Starfighters and E-wings.
-Red Hessians: Bwings and Millenium Falcon2s.
-Gas Miners Guild: Ywings and Millenium Falcons.
-Hogosha: Z95 and Cobra MKIII.
-Bundshuch: Vindicators and Dark Sith's
-LWB: B5 Thunderbolts and Millenium Falcon2s.
-Unioners: Xwings and Moldy Crows(higher levels)
-Farmers Alliance: Cobra Mk3s and Raven's Claws.
-i repeat these ships are ADDED to default faction ships, they are not replacing the old ones.
-also added the cloaking device both in wassups mountable weapon version and as a loot drop. the wassup's version works only in unmodded/unpatched MP servers.
-some ships like the Defiant and Starfury come equiped with this baby.
-i highly recommend that u download and run FL Data Storm 2.2 from 101st Wolves site( since it can provide u with all necesary info about ships, equipment, trade routes and other info
so download and run that and email me later only if it's something u can't find there. Rememner only
V2.2 workscorectly with the moded game, install it on top of v2.0 in order to get it to start and run properly, install the mod and
THEN run FL Data Storm2.2. Hint: it's gonna reveal the locations of the new systems jumpholes too.
-encounters revamped both in Omicron worlds and Earth Alliance. There still gonna be a lot of ships in the conflicts though, but less than last version.
-Xenos missions appear in Dublin system since GMG Glorious was infested by them(Quintaine's hideout).
-phasers and gunboat forward guns are now regarded as lvl 10 turrets, and cannot be used on normal fighters anymore.
-earth alliance jumphole has been moved from California due to crashes before mission 3, so go find it(hint: it's in the only non-plot system in Liberty)
-i recommend you get a powerful ship before proceeding to mission 3 as the Outcasts and the Rheinland Bombers will give u much more of a challenge in those Thunderbolts and Starfury's. Tracking Lavablade plasma turrets are also recomended.

v2.01 full:
-random missions strikes against Capital ships have been greatly enhanced, you'll get missions against multiple Capital ships escorted by Destroyers, Cruisers or Gunboats.
-Babylon 5 Capital ships added to random missions, the Omega Destroyer, Vorlon Planet Killer and Dreadnought, Brakiri Battleship and the WhiteStar Cruiser appear now in strike missions
-ever get pissed at the White Star for its handling or docking problems? Now its your chance for some payback!
-downside: sometimes the computer lies about the ships in the RM strikes, for ex. if it states there are some Ku
-Pirates got their eyes on these new capital ships, and some got their hands as well...the Outcasts fly WhiteStars, the Corsairs Omega Destroyers and the Red Hessians Vorlon PlanetKillers.sari Destroyers there might be some Bretonia desroyers, or if it refers to some Rheinland GB's there might be some Kusari or Bretonia GB's. You'll generally get ships of the same class in this situations.
-the above capital ships are buyable in the EFA systems at 2 of the planets there. They all cost above 2 mil. though.
-the Starkiller torp has been enhaced(2xdamage) in order to allow you to take out the capital ships easier. I recommend taking a heavy or very heavy fighter with at least dual torpedo mounts though for the new RM strike missions. the ammo for the Starkiller costs double as well.
-added wassup's LongSword Strike bomber buyable at Planet New london and Tripolli Shipyard(Omicron Gamma). Its loaded with 4 LAAG Tachyon guns(600 damage, 3.03/sec ROF) and 4 of the newer Hellfurry Torpedo Launchers plus very heavy armor.
it has 400 cargo space to accomodate the 100 Hellfury torpedoes(each is taking 1.5 cargo space slots.).
-Hellfury torps do double the damage of a Starkiller and cost 30k each. Be warned that they have also 600 m explosion radius on lvl 2 of difficulty(and 800 on lvl 3), so fire them from 1 kilometer and RUN. You can find them all troughout Bretonia, Kusari, Rheinland and the edge worlds.
-added the Archangel and Battleaxe from Tachyon the Fringe, both models were created by Robbie "Redeye" Gorman. Both are heavy fighters with 6/1 resp. 6/2 guns/turrets, dual torpedo launcher.
-the 2 ships can be bought at Battleships Norfolk, York and Tsushima Station(Archangel) and Freeport 4/Freischdat Base/Tsushima Station(Battleaxe).
-the full collection of Elite ships from Redeye are here, buyable in Liberty. The thargoid ships are flyed generally by the Xenos.
-added the Starfury SF-3 "Vengeance(Omega variant), made by Giskard, with 4/1 guns turrets, flyed by Liberty police. buyable at Willard Station(Kurgan's Hawk was moved to Colorado).
-also added the Narn heavy fighter from Giskard, with 4/2 guns//turrets, buyable at Sheffield Station
-the cloaking device acts as a radar jammer, it consumers energy and jamms incoming missiles(i know giskard released a ECM jammer in his HU v7, but mine is different).
-the mod comes with the skip intro mod integrated, no more FP7 blowup sequence, or the rest of the intro scene.
-also the mod comes with the option to play in OpenSP mode or normal mode, just run the openSplay.bat for OpenSP mode and normalplay.bat for normal play. You'll have to restart FL for switching between the 2 modes.
-The EFA system becomes a node for the traveling/trading in Sirius, since it has jumpholes to all capital systems of the houses, plus for the Omicron Alpha and Gamma systems.
-Nomad torpedo launcher available at Planets Earth, Malta, Crete and Primus. The launcher costs 500k and does the same damage as the revamped Starkiller, but with no ammo requirements.
-added 3 ships on Tsushima Station(shipdealer works this time): Archangel, Battleaxe and Dragon, also the Battleaxe is now available on Shinagawa Station, along with the Drone and the Drake.
-the shield generators of Tekkagi's Arch are now much easier to destroy, still I recommend dual Hellfire(or at least Starkiller) torpedo launchers for this mission.
-corected the Kusari Photon blaster munition and added explosion graphics to its ammo.
-Mollys have 2 new tachyon cannos the "Red Viper" and the "Black Viper", check them out in the Dublin system.
-Blood Dragons have a new special weapon, the "Dragon's Breath" a lvl 9 laser cannon with explosive munition.
-SOLUTION FOR MISSION 11 LOCKUPS: for avoiding lockups at launching from Buffalo Base or Prison Station Mitchell in mission 11 use a orginal FL ship(like the Anubis), some of the added ones have problems in this mission.

v3.01 full:
-now missiles are mountable both on cruise disruptor slots and on normal gun slots
-the nomad torpedo is only mountable on torp/CD slot and consumes 800 energy for one shot. the price is set at 1000000.
-the EFA system is now more stable and the bases on Mars and Moon are not crashing anymore.
-once more corected the Kusari and the Dragon's Breath munition, now they had real explosion damage on a wider area.
-added the EMP gun and turret, a weapon specialized on taking out shields, but with better stats than ever the Corsairs Rapier.
-added the CARG Liberty special laser cannon, available at the research station in Calif. minor.
-Bretonia has a new special weapon the Quark cannon, it's a lvl 8 special gun available in different military bases troughout Bretonia. has area damage as well
-Rheinland has developed the powerful Pulsar Cannon, with a range of 1.5 k and over 1000 damage is an excellent weapon vs Bases and Battleships. also has area damage.
-the Corsairs have an ultimate Neutron Blaster, the Salamanca Mk III,a lvl 10 gun with a new weapon model, made by Redeye. check it out at their homebase...u know where it is. Corsair Titans now mount this weapon so watch out.
-added the APS Starviper, made by Astral Prime Studios, an excelent ship model in a VHF configuration with 6 guns and 3 turrets. Be sure to check out their website for other models to come at:
-added the Slipstream XJ-376 prototype, another great ship, made by Iceman, with 8/1/1 weapon systems. Available somehwere in Kusari...
-added Paul's collection of ships, form the light X-fighter to the Thunderbird and Raven VHF's and also Bretonia's Whale HF prototype. also added the FreightLiner 54000.
-added the Entreprise in second version, buyable at planet Earth, with no config changes except the mass.
-added the Sabre XR prototype, along with the Colossus VHF shield, and the class 10 Wyrm cannons and turrets. Outcasts Sabres have this new weapons mounted so beware...
-added Cougar Heavy Fighter also from Astral Prime Studious with a 6/1/1 gun/turret/missile config. It's available in Colorado, Manchester and Kyushu.
-ships have been moved arround so i recommend u use FL DataStorm to get the locations for them.
-new types of equipment available troughout Sirius, the Power Injector, the Shield Capacitor and the Shield Powei Cell. Read the infocards for an explanation of what they exactly do. The equipment was added from the Ship Components Mod, so credits belong here toKnight79 for an inspiring mod.
-also 7 new types of power generators, from a Small Block one to the Supercharged Heavy Block, also from the Ship Components mod. First 6 replace the civilian powerplants.
-all the normal powerplants have their regen rate reduced and thrust charge rate also reduced, but more thruster energy. thruster consume less energy then before.
-the mod comes with the option to skip all ground based cutescens, saving a few hours of gameplay in SP camapaign. just run the nocuts.bat file for this and run the cuts.bat file to revert things to normal and re-enable the cutscenes.
-credits for the docking code for Battleships are owned to Durriel_LOP. thanx for all his work.

-Added the Naginata, the Tempest Destroyer and the Javelin Cruiser from Fightspace, models built by Wanderer, and coded by Glock.
-added 2 new factions to EFA system, the EFA Separatist Forces and the EFA Thugs.
-missions on Earth are now much more rewarding and the EFA police will give you missions all troughout the system.

-fixed the cuts and nocuts.bat files, now they work corectly and disable/enable the cutscenes as intended.
-added the APS Hornet VHF modeled by Astral Prime Studios, on Freeport 4 and Kyoto Base.
-Added the Entreprise NX-1 as a replacement of the old Entreprise.
-fixed the TIE weapons not showing or firing problem.
-added 2 more torp slots on Ghost.
-player in OpenSP now starts in the EFA system on planet Earth, with a Starfury.
-MP games starts at Trafalgar base(near Manhattan) with the reputation of a Bouny Hunter.
-Use Mp_navy.bat, mp_pirate.bat and mp_bounty.bat to change Trent's appeareance from a Bounty Hunter, Pirate and Navy officer.
-removed the krait and cobra mkiii from all factions since they were too hard to hit.

-added Silver Fire's weapon pack of cluster missiles, Longbow Missiles, EMP mines and the Sniper Interdictor. Cluster missile use ammo tough, which is 1/4 the price of the normal ammo.
-Barrager and Sunfury Photon cannons do 3 time the damage, use half the energy but need ammo to fire.
-max ammo increased to 600 in order to support the new Barragers and Sunfury's that use ammo.
-added the 18 HW ships spreaded across the New York and 3 Kusari Systems(New tokyo, Shikoku and Hokaido), hint: they're on previously empty stations.
-added 7 Freespace ships made by Caid, the Apollo, Medusa, Valkyrie and Anubis for the GTVA(Terran-Vasudan Alliance) and the Manticore, Dragon and Nephilim for the Shivans.
-the above Freespace ships come with their own specific guns, missiles and torpedoes.

-the AI controled Npc ships will effectivelly use their nanos and shield batteries to repair their ships and recharge shields!
-at default and hard level, the easy and medium npc pilots will repair their hulls while the hard and ace ones(above level 12) will repair both the hull and recharge the shield using nanobots and shield batteries.
-at hard level the repair rate will be much faster and the baddies will have more nanos and shield batteries!
-Added the LI Heavy Ion Blaster, a Liberty design combining the advantages of a laser cannon and a plasma blaster.It have improved graphics+sounds to make it look and feel like a Liberty super gun.
-The BD "Dragon's Breath" Laser cannon now has much improved visual quality making it look more like a pirate super-laser gun.
-added Silver Fire's weapon Pack 1.1 including the new mass drivers and rocket pods. Modified cluster missiles to have less tracking abilities, but to be able to fit into weapon, turret and torpedo slots. making them some of the most versatile weapons ever available.
-shield capacitors offer increased protection against pulse, missile an capital ship type weapons, also slightly increased vs Tachyons and Neutron class. They're almost impervious to mass driver weapons.
-all battleship and cruiser/destroyer turrets have reduced effects vs shields. This increases the realism since these turrets were made for capital vs capital battles. Only BS and CA flak and missile turrets do full shield damage.
-added tradelanes all troughout the EFA system linking planets and jumpholes. Also added a new base near Planet Jupiter, the Jupiter Observation Station.
-added Porshe's Jedi T-Fighter available at Shinagawa Station in New Tokyo.
-added the Antaeus made by Konfliction industries, buyable at BS York and Tsushima Station.
-weapon type for the Barragers, Sunfurys and the Kusari Hyper Pulse is now capital class so they do reduced shield damage.
-the TIE turrets now have 360 degree rotation angle, making them usefull on freighters as well.
-the cruise speed comes at a price now: not only it will render weapons unusable but it will drain the main reactor's power at high rates. you may have to pause the cruise to allow the power to recharge.
-engines also drain power in normal mode from the fusion reactor, even if at lower rates. if you go at top speed you'll notice a slight decrease in power regen, so reduce your speed to achieve better regeneration rates.
-all engines have infocards showing the theoretical max speeds, the energy draw and the cruise energy draw.
-mounting fusion reactors upgrades will increase cruise time and weapon regen rate at max speed.
-added commodity vendors to plot spawned bases such as Baxter Research Station and Glorious Station.
-ship vendors are working corectly now on Holman Outpost.
-beware of the powerfull explosions of battleship in Random Missions, these really hurt now! Nomad Battleships hurt the most.
-random mission have further variation as cruiser/destroyer class ships can be both defensive and capital class stations.
-ships have been moved arround again so expect surprises. Run the Data Storm on the modded FL folder to avoid these if you prefer to know exactly where the ships are.
-fixed the hardpoints for the Javelin Assault Cruiser, added more so now it has 32 gun/turret HP''s, 8 main guns and 24 secondary support turrets.
-added the Leviathan Warship Class "Balistner" from the Fightspace mod available in the EFA system. It's the ultimate Capship in terms of firepower and protection.
-the mod is compatible with the 1.1 patch except some TIE ships and the SkyHawk. players buying the Skyhawk or the TIE ships(the TIE Bomber and Tie Advanced) will be kicked as cheaters. The other 3 TIE ships(Fighter, Defender and Interceptor) are working normally.

-the Starblazer, the missing FL civilian fighter, becomes now the starter ship. And with 4 guns plus one missile launcher you'll have enough firepower at least for the first missions. I do recommend that you change it before mission 3 though(or 4 if you think you're that good :P).
-totally changed and re-designed the cluster missiles as folows:
-now using both ammo and energy
-the normal type is doing half the damage of the original missile.
-the only difference between the normal and homing versions is the better tracking abilities and muzzle velocity of the homing missiles.
-ammo costs one third of the original missiles
-mines are also totally revamped in terms of speed and damage power. Normal mine now have 100 m/s max speed, while the homing versions has 120 m/s. The explosion damage goes from 1500 for the Drone to 6000 to the Screamer.
-this has been done on so the mines can keep up with the speeds of the ships, which is arround 100-110 m/s.
-the Damocles BattleCruiser is now flyable and sold on EFA. Thanx to lukr from our LR forums for the tips to fix it.
-EFA police also uses this ship along with the other three(Naginata, Tempest and Javelin). They're not longer using Liberty capships anymore.
-prices for these capships are significantly increased, from 9000k for the Naginata to 54000k for the Damocles.
-added the Starhound Colonial Viper, made by RubberEagle, buyable on BS Yukon and Mississippi, along with its Laser-Torpedo guns.
-added the Predators civilian fighters from Level 2 mod to Planet Denver and Planet Cambridge.
-added two ships from Firebase's ship pack: the Death Scythe HF and the Raven Claw assault fighter. They're sold in Bretonia.
-added pilots as commodity, any ship will have one, and some will eject when their ship is destroyed.
-fixed the Gallofree medium Transport, added a second shield and a second thruster to it, armament is now 1/8 guns/turrets. Thanx to Crymson for making these changes.
-changed the graphics for different types of pirate/house guns, not all pirate guns are using the LI laser graphics anymore. Tachyon guns have their own graphics, Neutrons as well and so on. Guns have a personality now.
-the Blood Dragons special weapon use different graphics now than in previous version. the Kusari photon cannons and the Hyperpulse also have new graphics.
-the Molly's Dublin Dusters fire faster in order to match their house specifications. The Rheinland Stealthblades do more damage as well.
-added new tradelanes in the most logical places, like the crossed one in NW, linking Fort Bush/Baltimore with Westpoint and Planet Manhattan with BS Missouri/Norfolk. I'll let you discover the others.
-added some secret Zoner bases in the Omicron Systems, selling the newly added Borderworld XR series of ships(HF, VHF and FRT). Go search for them!
-the infinite super-strafe is not an option anymore, powerfull strafe thrusters consume the same energy like normal thrusters, and consume a lot!
-fixed some infocards errors regarding the Jedi Starfighter's and Bwing's cargo ot showing corectly at buy time.
-fixed the ship dealers on Southampton shipyard and Yanagi depot.
-changed the graphics for the beam weapons of the Javelin and Damocles, the ones who will play SP campaign last three missions will surely recognize them!
-no more radar jammer crashes, this bug is gone.

-includes patches from RB 3.30 final + Dagger Xr patch.
-fixed the Jupiter Obs. station giving missions inside Planet Jupiter
the models in my SW pack are from the Darksabers Ultimate Craft Pack(DSUCP), so credits go for Tony "Darksaber" Denton for makig them. I converted, re-textured and configured them for use with Freelancer.
-use the ModSettings.bat file to set up choices of the mod, like OpenSP mode, disabling cutscenes, levels of difficulty, levels of encounters in the EFA system and more. Syntax: Modsettings.bat X:, where X: is the letter of the drive where FL is installed.
-new systems added, made by Augur:
New Jersey
-added jumpholes or jumpgates to existing systems to fit the new ones
-fixed the loadouts of high level BH and Corsairs/Hessians/Outcasts. Added combined missiles loadouts to them, like class 1 and 3 or class 2 and 3, of different levels.
-increased the power of the faction guns by 16 to 20%.
-recommend to the server admins to use the low density setting both for EFA and for the Edge worlds. this will prevent the server of crashing when players go and pvp or do missions in these systems.
-added Augur's ship pack made specifically for Rebalance, it contains 11 ships as folows:
-Gaijin MkI - HF, armor 7500, cargo 80, weapns 6/2/2
-Gaijin MkII - VHF, armor 13500, cargo 125, weapns 8/4/2
-Halycon MkI - LF , armor 2500, cargo 40, weapns 4/2/2
-Halycon MkIa - HF, armor 4800, cargo 75, weapns 6/2/2
-Halycon MkII - VHF, armor 10100, cargo 150, weapns 6/4/2
-Ryuoken - HF, armor 5700, cargo 65, weapns 5/2/2
-Seraphim - FRT, armor 8500, cargo 750, weapons 4/7
-Mauler - VHF, armor 13200, 8/2/2, weapons 8/2/2
-Hawkeye MkII - VHF, armor 10500, cargo 1200, weapns 6/3/4
-Hydra: FRT/VHF, armor 11800, cargo 1500, weapons 6/6/2
-Raider: HF, armor 5500, cargo 45, weapons 6/1/2
-these are spreaded in Bretonia, Kusari and Rheinland.
-added my own ship pack of 14 SW ships consisting of the next ships:
-TIE Avenger, HF, weapons 4/4/2, cargo 75
-R-41 Starchaser, LF, weapons 4/2/2, cargo 90.
-Preybird Fighter, LF, weapons 4/2/4, cargo 80.
-TIE Phantom, VHF, weapons 5/3/2, cargo 90.
-Cloakshape Fighter, HF, weapons 6/2/2, cargo 120.
-Planetary Fighter, HF, weapons 6/3/2, cargo 110.
-IRD Fighter, HF, weapons 5/2/2, cargo 90.
-T42 Congreve, VHF, weapons 6/3/2, cargo 150.
-Re-modeled and re-textured XWing, HF, weapons 4/2/2
-Muurian Transport, freighter/fighter, weapons 5/5/2, cargo 500.
-Container Transport, freighter, weapons 3/12/1, cargo 6000.
-Corellian Gunship, starship(corvette), weapons 4/10/2, cargo 1000.
-Assault Gunboat, VHF, weapons 8/4/2, MS3D model and setup made by Augur, then converted and re-textured by me.
-Missile Boat, VHF, weapons 7/2/4, cargo 120.
-added Illerrio ship's pack, containing the Caerion LF and the Midanek HF.
-fixed the ship in the Freespace ship pack by Caid, they got now corect LOD ranges and don't dissapear during cruise, thrust or rapid maenuvers anymore.
-each ship has a specific maneuvrability in conjuction to its own shape, for ex: wider ships have less roll but better pitch while longer and thiner ships have better roll and less pitch.Ship class ps also a key role in maneuvrability and inertia in flight.
-restored NPC and player shield regeneration to defaults(lower) settings.
-re-distributed missing ship packages all over Sirius so all of the ships added can be bought somewhere.
-fixed the EFA system commodity bugs, and in-space random crashes.
changes from 3.40 beta 2:
-fixed the Carolina system jumphole to Sigma 19 and the New Jersey to Tau 37 jumphole
-fixed the tradelanes in the Iowa systems, and the super-trade routes that alowed very fast credits to be made.
-opened the New York to Alaska and back Jumpgates in MP.
-fixed the BH bases in the Omicron Systems that were causing crashes when the player tried to undock.

RB 3.5 main changes:
- The 2.5 Upgrade by Platman(includes 2.1 and the upgrade patch), the Hydra Type B addon, and the Fightspace Capships Texture Pack are ALL in, so is no need to install separate modules.
- the LI Navy and Police are now using a new breed of deadly Lasers, the Archangels MkI to MkIII, ranged from lvl 7 to 9.
- the LI Rogues have their armory enhanced with 3 more high level laser cannons: Mephisto MkI to III, ranged from lvl 8 to 10.
- The random missions are now more difficult as the stations and capital ships have more hitpoints, their parts and weapons have more HP's as well, also parts hitpoints are not distributed evenly so you may have to learn the capships' weakpoints in order to eficiently attack them.
- Other new weapons added: 2 new Cruise missiles, the BH flash Torpedo and the RH Blitz Torpedo, the Zoners EMP Autocannon, new prototype weapons as the , , and more.
- Different faction lasers have new FX and colors, the Order weapons and the BD high level lasers are changed, the Red Hessians lasers match their RH origin better.
- Due to increase in the number of shields a ship can carry, and the much higher weapon damage especially from MF guns, the shield battery repair capacity has been increased from 700 to 750.
- The Jumpholes and jumpgates have different colors according to the house/faction of the system it's heading to(dark Blue - Liberty, Indigo - Inner Worlds, Blue(default) Bretonia), Red - Pirate Systems, Light Blue - Border Worlds, Green - Rheinland, Violet - Nomads.
- added the posibility to enable/disable at will the docking sequence, but when it's enabled capships won't be able to dock.
- added Baene's Ship pack 1, consisting of the folowing ships: Starskipper, Interloper, Guardian, Elite Defender, Ragebringer, SilverFish, Marauder, Draconji, Gunstar and Enfilade.
- added Baene's Ship pack 2, consisting of the folowing ships: Scourge, Ceptyr, Redemption, Bullpup Mk II and III, Seething Fury, Hydra MKIII and the Outworld Shifter Prototype 1.
- The Starskipper becomes the starter ship, and is visible in the cinematics as well.
- Added the BR Champion made by Caid, to New London.
- Added the RH Bomber made by Archangel to Planet Hamburg.
- Added the WC Panther and Vampire from WCP, made by myself, and buyable in the Iowa system;
- Added the Excalibur Confed VHF, made by myself, as a VHF for the Outcasts and Lane Hackers.
- Added the Bloodfang VHF also made by myself, as the premiere VHF for the Blood Dragons.
- Added the Ferret, Epee, bearcat Broadsword and Crossbow as new ships from the Privateer Ship pack.
- Added Porsche's Cylon Fighter, replacing the old one from Pl. Pittsburg, also added his Bounty Hunter VHF ship.
- Added DriftingGhost3b's PrivateerShipPack, the ships in it buyable at diverse locations in Sirius.
- Added Warzog's and Bob Mcdob's Privateer ship pack, replacing some obsolete WC models with the new ones.
- Fixed the EFA system, added commercial encounters and made planets not look alike anymore.
- 7 new ships from ArchKaine and Ro9ue: The "Nightshade" Order HF, "NightShade MkII" Order VHF, "Wraith" Order Fire-Support Craft, "Aeolus" Bretonia Heavy Interceptor, "Scylla" Liberty Interceptor, "Coralskipper" Yuuzhan Vong Yorik-Et (HF), (all with own individual icons);
- "Sobek" or "Seth" Order Very Heavy Space-Superiority Fighter, a ship made by CzW, from Freeworlds mod team
- Copernicus Observatory, a new & more realistically-sized Zoners base in Hudson;
- Bastet Complex, a new Order base in Tohoku;
- Tohoku is a more populated system, complete with bases, patrols, planets, nebulae, and tradelanes;
- More dockable bases: Detroit Munitions, NY; Ryuku Base (Blood Dragons'), Tohoku; and Tekagi's Arch (now a Naval Forces base in Tohoku) all sell equipment, commodities, and ships;
- Order and Nomad factions that patrol several systems (Order has new/custom ships & loadouts) and appear in the F8 Reputation/Status screen;
- New Nomad capship encounters in the Outcast Unknown system; these include Battleships, Gunships, and fighters, all with revised and improved custom loadouts (which include Nomad Torpedoes and SHIELDS);
- New JGs & JHs connecting various systems with a few other systems;
- More new sound effects for weapons and engines, as well as new music in several systems/bases;
- All ships have TRUE strafe now ( b/t 50000 and 110000) with more realistic powerdraw;
- Order weaponry significantly upgraded (really, should the most powerful and dangerous SpecOps organization in Sirius that's tasked with safeguarding the Colonies have water guns to fight Nomads?);
- Missiles and mines travel faster, are much more accurate, and deal damage over a wider area;
- All shields revised - LFs' have low capacities but recharge very quickly, HFs' have intermediate capacities and recharge at a medium rate, and freighers' have huge capacities but recharge quite slowly. Graviton, Molecular, and Positron shields all are closer/better matched to one another capacity-wise (no more 3100 lvl 6 Grav, but only a 2300 lvl 6 Mol).
- Added shields for the Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers and Gunboats that are part of Capship enconters, these shields have very high capacities but recharge very slow.
- Increased ammo/ship speeds: players can carry 2400 Photon shells and other types of ammo, Cruise speed is now 450-550 m/s(from the easy to the hard level), and the maximum object velocity (the fastest you are able to travel in a ship w/2+ engines) is now around 4500 m/s.
- Ittan's "XT Weapon Pack" incorporated into NPC loadouts, as well as many specialty House weapons (CARG, Heavy Ion, Quark, Pulsar, Kusari Photons cannons); most NPC loadouts revised for more intersting and challenging gameplay;
- MULTIFIRE versions of a lot of guns such as:
-KU HyperPhoton Blaster - 2 fire points;
-BD Dragon's Breath - 2 fire points;
-LI Archangels MKI to III, Night Glare and War Blade 2 fire points;
-RH Pulse Plasma Cannon and Pulsar cannon - 2 fire points;
-LAAG Tachyon Guns and the Laser TOpredo guns - 2 fire points;
-Rogues Mephisto's from I to III - 2 fire points;
-Outcasts and Bundschuch Tachyon Cannons - 2 fire points;
-Molly's Red and Black Viper's - 2 fire points;
-LI Heavy Ion Baster - 2 fire points also;
-the Corsairs Angelito's and Salamancas MkI-III - 4 fire points!
-Quark cannon - 5 fire points!
- Many new ships are piloted by NPCs: Bret AFs = Whale & Champion; RhPol = TIE Phantom; LibNav = Elite Defender (Juni's) and Guardian ; LibPol = Scylla and NebRanger;
- Ageira, Universal, Republican, Samura, Kishiro, DSE, and most corporations and criminals now fly various freighters like the Behemoth, Seraphim, Action6 and BulkFreighter, the Raptor, Predator, Phoenix fighters, APS Hornet, APS Starviper, Slipstream, Stilletto XR, Dromedary XR, Starblazer, Antaeus, HawkeyeMkII, Erinyes.
- BHs pilot fly the new Bounty Hunter VHF by Porche and the deadly NebulonRanger.
- There are also "elite" (d15-19) versions of each house Pol & Navy fighters with much better loadouts that include some XT weaps. (( These bad boys are loads of fun to take on; with pulse turrets, high-level XT weaps, and better shields/armor, they give you a run for you money ;) ))
- The AI pilots react faster to damage, repairing both shields and hull at a higher rate, especially the hard and elite levels(lvl 13 to 19);
- The Iowa and Liberty systems have a more 3D feel, stars and stuff spread out. New population zones for more encounters. Iowa systems also have their own info now (on NavMap);
- Added exclusion zones for the new Tradelanes, so you don't fly through rocks/debris when you use one (like the TL from the Hudson JG to EA jumphole in the TX system - you used to fly right through the scrap in the Grande Negra, but now it is clear like other FL TLs);
- Planets spin, courtesy of Warzog / Bob McDob / Crabtree's mod;
- Minor tweaks in Empathy and Reputation for slightly changed experience;
- Corrected names/info for some ships and other stuff (i.e. the APS Hornet)
- Fixed ships' explosions that apparently had no effect entries - i.e. the Mule (had explosion_co_freighter) now has a visible explosion instead of just poofing into a featureless cloud of loot without any pretty fireworks; other ships with same problem fixed;
- Mitigated New Liberty trade profits (no more million-credit trade-runs w/prisoners & VIPs - have to work at it longer now);
- Upward and downward strafe, courtesy of Aegir's Roll Baby Roll Mod.
- Dromedary_XR, Whale, Aeolus, and other ships have new and closer-fitting .sur's.
- Some weapon/ammo prices fixed.
- Added the Advanced Eagle by Tate, as a VHF.
- Added the Interceptor by MrDll.
- Added the Phantom by Firebase as a Heavy Interceptor.
- Added the Dragon VHF, converted by myself, model and textures made by XWA team.
- Added the Supafighter from SW, converted by myself. This fighter has docking problems in normal mode due to its size so please use the instant docking mode while you're using it.
- Added the Galor Cardasian Heavy Cruiser, B'rel Bird of Prey, Romulan Warbird, USS Achilles(Intreprid class), USS Entreprise E(Sovereign class), Klingon Negh'Var Battlecruiser and the JemHaddar Fighter, buyable mainly in EFA and Edge worlds.
- Added Mancer's SW ship pack constaining the SW Freighters, Coaelodonta and Mammoth, the Nebulon Frigate and Ranger,and the Action6, Starhauler and Bulkfreighter transports.
- All warp/hyperspace capable ships have now different speeds, Star Trek and SW ships have their warp speed specified.
- Hispania Sleeper ship is dockable, is owned by the Outcasts and sells equipment, commodities and ships(courtesy of Rimshot's Dockable Hispania Sleeper mod).
-Added EOA real space 2.2 graphics effects to all old and new systems.
- The LF-14c Vendetta by Don Calzone is the starter ship in MP now.
- 9 starting locations and 9 different ships for the OpenSP game mode are now available from the mod's FLMM main menu: Liberty(Starflier), Bretonia(Cavalier), Kusari(Drake), Civilian(Freeport 4, Starblazer), Pirate(Mactan, Starfury), Junker(Rochester, Ferret), IW Merchant(Troy, Bettle), Bounty Hunter(Sheffield, Piranha), EFA Bandit(Xantia Base, Soulstealer).
- Added 13 models made by Jason Barker aka jsncalif11, the Stingray, Mantaray, Navy Interceptor, Mantis, Scorpion, Condor(Falcon), the Bird of Prey and Merchant set(3 ships each) and the Vista Trader, which are sold and flown by diverse houses and factions throughout Sirius. I'll let you discover where and by who...
- All custom ships have now proper .sur files, meaning that they can be hit with lasers all over their surface' shape.
- Engines are sellable now, thanks to Alcander's Freelimits mod coding.
- Different cruise speeds for each engine are also available, through an option in the start menu, but be warned that this is not recomended in MP since it's affects the Flserver's stability(it freezes on exit). U'll also get an error when you quit FL' main program. This happens because of the altered common.dll file included in Freelimits.
- "Second hand" freighters are available in some systems. They're cheaper but have downgraded cargo hauls, speeds and weapons levels/numbers
- True OpenSP added from Argh's XML Mod, available in the start menu.
- The mod options are fully scripted now, except the cutscenes option that was not scriptable due to too many files that had to be replaced. You'll still need to run cutscenes.bat for this one.
- Make sure you'll only select the Normal Character along with the SP Campaign option in the Start menu, and the other 5 characters and start locations ONLY with the Open SP mode. Otherwise the start of a new game will not function corectly!!! Also if you attempt to play in SP Campaign with OpenSP mode activated it will NOT WORK!!! You have been warned. So make sure you choose the right SP play mode at the begining of mod activation in the options menu and stick to that mode.
- For the Hovis race use the Starflier, Startracker or Upgrade MkI Engine, but make sure you have the different cruise speeds option activated. These engines have below default cruise speeds and can help make the race much easier to win. You can find all these 3 engines on Hood. Also remmber to use a maneuvrable enough ship(eg: don't try the race in a gunship or bomber or you'll loose for sure).
- The Skip Hovis Race mod by Warzog was incorporated so if you refuse the race and leave Hood, you'll be taken to directly to the next step of the mission, to Quintaine's hideout.
- Most of the SW, Custom and WC ships have realistic cocpkits now, parts of these are used with permssion from Freeworlds 1.66 mod, the other part is made by myself using models an textures from XWA, made by the XWA upgrade team and Tony Denton.
- Battleships, Destroyers and Cruisers of all 4 houses have beam turrets now, the cruisers and destroyers only normal beams, while the battlehips have both AA beams(anti-starfighter version) and AS beams(anti-starhip version).
NOTE: This mod is copyrighted (C) 2005 by Michael Dan(
The SW Ships made by myself, the re-textured Wanderer's Fleet Ships and the other parts of this mod can be used in other mods only with my direct permission. If you want to use the other ships or cocfkpits which are included into this mod you will need to ask the creators of these ships or cockpits(which are listed on the credits).
You are allowed to play the Rebalance 3.50 on any 24/7 Rebalance 3.5 server and in Singleplayer.
You are not allowed to edit the Rebalance mod or to use parts of it for your own mods without my permission.

credit list for v3.50 and above:
-Archkaine and *Ro9ue*: for the ships they made, the Nightshade, Wraith, Aeolus, Scylla, CoralSkipper and also for their help in creating 3.5 as it is now.
-CzW, from Freeworlds mod team, for the "Sobek" (or "Seth" as it was named initially) Order Very Heavy Space-Superiority Fighter.
-Astral Prime Studios: the APS Starviper, APS Hornet and the Cougar ships.
-Art Williams: ASF Orion ship model.
-CZW from Freeworlds mod dev team, for the cockpits of : Z-95, Ywing, Firespray, YT-1300 Transport, Raven, Xwing, Awing, B22, with my thanx for their kindness in leting me use this suberb models.
-The other SW cockpits were converted for Freelancer use by myself, the original models and textures credits go to Tony Denton and the XWA upgrade team. Please contact them if you want to use them in your mods, not me.
-Mancer for the SW Freighters, Coaelodonta and Mammoth, the Nebulon Frigate and Ranger, the Action6, Starhauler and Bulkfreighter transports.
-Silver Fire: for its weapon pack:EMP mines, cluster missiles, cruise missile, sniper interdictor missile, rocket pods and mass drivers.
-Porsche: Starwars ships creator, like the A-wing, Bwing, Ywing and Millenium Falcon, the Cylon Raider & Bounty Hunter VHF.
-Free Spirit: for its own Millenium Falcon.
-Whitestar for the Viper Mk 2-5 si Viper MK 10.
-Redeye: the Elite ship pack, and the Tachyon 5 ships, the Archangel and Battleaxe.
-Caid: Freespace ships creator and the Bretonia Champion.
-Konflikt: for the Antaeus heavy fighter.
-RubberEagle: Starhound Colonial Viper and the Laser-Torpedo guns.
-Paul: for it's own collection of special Freelancer ships, from the X-fighter to Raven, Whale and Thunderbird.
-Duriel_LOP: code for docking large ships such as Battleships and Cruisers.
-Homeworld Ships by Garion (Halycon Blade), scripts by Crabtree CCN.
-Firebase: member of FightSpace team, for the Slipstream, Shadow, Ghost, Basilisk, Death Schyte and Raven Claw ships.
-Wanderer:creator of the: Naginata, Tempest and Javelin, also member of Fightspace team.
-Babylon 5 ships by TFK-Killermatrix and Starfyre Studios.
-Starfyre Studios: The central system idea and the house weapons idea(courtesy of Bod the Dog).
-MikeA1: for the Entreprise NX1
-Star Trek Voyager by Hunterkiller, script by TFK-Killermatrix.
-Illerrio: for the Caerion and the Midanek ships.
-Kurgan: Ships from Kurgan's mod, like the Z-95 Headhunter, Phoenix, Gargoyle and Hawk.
-John Hawke: Wing commander ship: the Hornet.
-Driftingghost13b: The Privateer ship Pack.
-Giskard: the Bab5 and other Fighters, like Starfury, Bab5 Thunderbolt, Soulstealer and Starviper(from Galactica series).
-Knight79: for the Ship Components mod.
-Warzog and BobMcDob: the Privateer and Wing Commander ship packs.
-Jason Barker aka jsncalif11 for the the Stingray, Mantaray, Navy Interceptor, Mantis, Scorpion, Falcon(Condor), the Bird of Prey and Merchant set(3 ships each) and the Vista Trader models.
-3dHeaven: the latest SW Ravens Claw model.
-Warzog, BobMcDob and Crabtree: Planet spin mod.
-Aegir for the Roll Baby Roll Mod.
-Ittan, for his XT weapons pack mod.
-Archangel for the Rheinland Bomber.
- Tate for the Advanced Eagle.
- MrDll for the the Interceptor.
-Tassiin: creator of the GSM mod, for some graphics and UI sounds that were used.
-Crymson: modified/fixed the Gallofree Rebel Medium Transport to have less HP's but more shield slots and thruster. It's a real Blockade Runner now, just like the Corvette.
-Mike "Chips" Garlick: for the lootable pilots for different factions idea.
-Startrek and Klingon Ships by Xileno.
-Don Calzone for the LF-14c Vendetta ship.
-Startrek Phaser and Torpedos by CCC Maverick.
-Klingon Battleship, USS Achilles and Dominion Bug(Jemhaddar Fighter) by Wrath of Achilles.
-Rimshot for the Dockable Hispania Sleeper mod.
-Asmo (KitiHawk) for the Talarca Cruiser mod and model.
-=EOA=Louva-Deus for the Real Space 2.2 Mod.
-Alcander for the Freelimits 0.77 mod code used in RB to allow sellable engines.
-Xtreme Team Studios for the XTS Arcudia, Otarius and XTS-Proteus ship models and initial XML coding.
-Tony "Darksaber" Denton: SW models and Textures, like the TIE's, the Assault Frigate, the Assault Gunboat, the Missile Boat, the T42 Congreve and more.
-SW Cockpits feature used from Free Worlds: A Freelancer TC Mod with permission, original model and textures by Tony Denton and the XWA team.
-XWA team for the the Dragon model and textures.
-my gang from the forum: Gameshark, Toco, Thurmonator, Ether Dragon, Star nova, and many others for their sugestions, codes, and addons that made Rebalance so complex and enjoyable. thnx guys.
-Marco Antonio Malheiros for the SW models&textures of the Planetary Fighter and CLoakshape Fighter.
instalation of the Rebalance mod :
-Make sure you first do a fresh install of Freelancer (either erase the old FL folder and reinstall, or install to a new location on your drive)
-install the Freelancer SDK 1.3, to be sure all ini files are corect,
-open FLMM, choose: Restore Backups, then "Choose a different Freelancer Directory" and point to your newly instaled FL folder
-Erase the old Rebalance mod from FLMM and d-click on the mod's file to load it again.
-Last step to do is to activate Rebalance 3.30 from FLMM(you have to use FLMM 1.2 beta 9 from LR).
-You can find both FL SDK 1.3 and FLMM 1.2 beta 9 on Lancers Reactor downloads section.
-as special credits and thanks for their help in testing and hosting v3.40,I must mention the guys from Cybersprocket and Tulsagamers, especially Franklin and Brian for their generous offer for hosting the RB site, which they helped create, build and maintain and provided the required resources for it.
-also many thanx and kudos to the LR team of mod posters and Moderators: Baked, Chips, Eraser, and their boss, Bargib.
-thanx to my beta testers and supporters, Cibisphere, Lukr, Ultra, Ro9ue, and all others for their help and support in tracking down most of the bugs that are now gone from v3.40. thanx guys!
*special thanks to a valuable member of the Rebalance dev team, Michael "Ro9ue" Mullis for his invaluable contribution to 3.5, his Atten Addon made Rebalance 3.5 much better, also he helped with the ship building and bug fixing, weapon FX and the new faction NPC ships!

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