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A list of features and improvements over Doom 3 BFG

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RBdoom3BFG feature list

- Bink video support through FFmpeg
- PNG image support
- Soft shadows using PCF hardware shadow mapping
- HDR and bloom
- FOV slider in settings - Flashlight cast shadows in settings
- Light interaction shaders using Half-Lambert lighting
- Moddable
- 60 or 120 fps in settings
- totally configurable

Other support not yet using in Hi Def:
- Linux support (32 and 64 bit)
- Win64 support
- OS X support

My additions:
- Weapon world lighting enabled (muzzle flashes)
- FFmpeg 2.9 support
- Enabled soft shadows on Intel drivers
- Increased vertex memory for models

Doom 3 BFG Hi Def Feature list

- Works as a replacement for the stock game without overwriting anything (still can run stock game)
- Runs mods with Hi Def's quality
- Higher quality tga texture sources
- Higher poly models
- Full Ragdolls
- Muzzle flashes and fireballs cast shadows
- Effects like wet blood reflections
- No gameplay changes except via mods
- We have mods

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