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We’re thrilled to announce that FEUDUMS has reached Alpha stage coverage! Read this small recap and our call to action, and take a seat on the train you don’t want to miss: the next big station is now a playable Beta.

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Rally Point


Fellow Gamers,

By reaching the alpha stage, we've hit a significant milestone in our FEUDUMS project. Now we’ve finished the work on the alpha engine and design features, we’ll soon be releasing demo trailers - featuring gameplay footage! And as these are being released, we’re gearing up and starting to march towards the next goal: a playable beta. This is a strategic point which we shouldn’t delay taking if we are to deliver FEUDUMS this year, and to fulfill this mission, we’re raising support and promising valuable loot to any lady or lord that may accompany us and fight by our side. Now is your chance to join the warband - so get on board for fabulous loot and glory, and never forget: fortune favours the brave!


FEUDUMS Dot Your land, your loot

FEUDUMS is a charming strategy game set in a fictional Dark Ages world. As the leader of a Noble House, you’ll govern, expand and protect your feudal realm with clever words, subterfuge or cold iron, while solidifying your position in the feudal society by dignity or dominance. On your path throughout a chaotic and violent Interregnum that’s been bleeding the lands white for decades, you must be careful to choose and fulfill the right ambitions.

In FEUDUMS, you become liege lords and vassals of each other by offering or receiving lands in exchange for military aids and other obligations; lieges can summon vassals for Military Campaigns and share dynamically updating war plans right on the map for easy cooperation. The underlying Moral System will drive you to maintain a constant balance between keeping sworn words and maintaining a high Virtue, or infringe the bonds when you get an opportunity to feed your ambition. Vassals can rebel, titles can be usurped, and you can never be sure what hidden agendas the rival Noble Houses will be plotting for...

FEUDUMS offers a unique and rich implementation of feudalism and medieval society, with a sophisticated style and solid system that makes for a compelling and refreshing gaming experience.

FEUDUMS Dot A Prelude to War

FEUDUMS has become the apple of our eyes over the years; as we talked about it and dreamed about it, when we started work on it, and all throughout our ups and downs. The common creed of the team that never give up a design element for the sake of comfort, time pressures or money issues caused some tough moments, yet we've been able to keep the development on track.

We knew from the very first moment that we wouldn’t be able to finish the whole game without the support of the gamer community. The financial limitations were obvious. We covered the basic expenses, like hiring a composer and graphic artists, investing half a year of full-time software development. All efforts were dedicated to reach this milestone, but it was never meant to cover the whole ride.

Truth is, you can’t win a war without supplies - or support. But before rallying the troops, we wanted to prove what FEUDUMS, or our word, is worth. We wanted to show that our dream came into existence through our work and we aren’t just passionate about a cool game but we can also deliver it with a professional quality.


The common efforts of our team have brought us through the first few battles, and now we've entered the gate of the second phase, the road to the public beta.

It’s both a relieving and terrifying moment for us to be here, but we can't delay any longer: so now we’re biting the bullet and taking on the task of seeking your support for FEUDUMS.

FEUDUMS Dot Leave your Mark on FEUDUMS

Your contribution can secure the deadline, with our best intentions to release the game in 2015. Most importantly, by contributing, you’re making sure that no investor but you decides what game you will be playing at the end.

Publisher Led Development

Support FEUDUMS!
So, we're calling all strategy game lovers to get involved and join to the FEUDUMS community. Please become our patron on Patreon or support us on Kickstarter (coming soon) and keep in touch with us. If you have any questions or want to support us in a different way, please, advise us about your preferred method! And if you can't support financially, you can still contribute to FEUDUMS in a huge way by spreading the word. :)

Support FEUDUMS!
We were always thinking of FEUDUMS as a potential new cult game in the gaming sphere. But we don't view ourselves as the exclusive holders of the final truth. We want to involve you, the players, into the creative process and build your own ideas into the game - only by doing this can FEUDUMS become a true community. Game design isn’t always democratic, but your opinions matter. For anyone who supports us, the least we can offer is a seat at the table and a vote on game design questions (besides a couple powerful perks).

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