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New quests are an important feature to the game. What should you know about them?

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When you created a character and entered the wilderness for the first time, you probably noticed, there are some new monsters, and the superunique bosses (such as Corpsefire, Bishibosh, Rakashu...) have been empowered! And the new bosses? Also, you might have noticed, they drop some special items from time to time, which are marked as quest items. There are some new quests? Of course they are. And some of the bosses drop their own special scrolls! What should you know about it?

Boss item making - Treehead Woodfist

New Quests

Almost every boss you encounter can drop it's own item, it's quest item. Now, there are two or three possibilities, what can you do with the special items. You can't wear them, you can't consume them, so what can you do with them? Firstly, you can use the for the quest. Visit the merchants and you'll see, they have new items to sell. New srolls for crafting, including quests (tasks and 'hint scrolls'). All you have to do is buy the tast and unlock it (the same way as any other scrolls, you'll need crafting points). Then you'll know, which bosses you'll have to kill. Secondly, you can use them for creating powerful items. But only, if the boss drops also it's special scroll. Which of them are the right ones to kill?

Normal difficulty

Act 1 - Corpsefire, Coldcrow, Treehead Woodfist, Griswold, Boneash

Act 2 - Radament, Dark Elder, Fangskin, Coldworm the Burrower, Ancient Kaa the Soulless

Act 3 - Web Mage, Battlemaid Sarina, Icehawk Riftwing, Toorc Icefist, Witch Doctor Endugu

Act 4 - Fuad the Cannibal, Izual, Hephasto the Armorer

Act 5 - Eldritch the Rectifier, Frozenstein, Pindleskin, Thresh Socket, Lister the Tormentor


Nightmare difficulty (same bosses as previous difficulty plus:)

Act 1 - Bonebreaker, Bishibosh, Gremak

Act 2 - Deathclaw, Firewind, Hideous

Act 3 - Swampface, Darkoblood, Treefoot

Act 4 - Winged Death, The Tormentor

Act 5 - Achmel the Cursed, Nihlathak, Dac Farren


Hell difficulty (same bosses as previous difficulties plus:)

Act 1 - Nah-gul, Troubleshooter, Dark Fighter

Act 3 - Greytongue, Spellfire, Arrowtwist

Act 5 - all three Sin Walkers

And what about chances for bosses to drop the right item on kill?

Normal difficulty - 28% quest item | 7% boss scroll

Nightmare difficulty - 14% quest item | 3,5% boss scroll

Hell difficulty - 7% quest item | 1,75% boss scroll

...and finally thirdly, there is a way to use quest items, or, to be more accurate, salvage them. For having that possibility, you'll have to visit Hell Realm and complete the local quest.

Ready for end-game location?

And where can you buy the quest tasks?

Act 1 - Gheed

Act 2 - Drognan

Act 3 - Alkor

Act 4 - Jamella

Act 5 - Malah

Hope this overview helped you understand the quest system of the mod.

Is there anything else you want to ask? Feel free to leave a comment below, I'll reply as soon as possible :)

Wish you all happy playing :)

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May I ask how many pages or how to finish optional quest Prisoner's Redemption?

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Nastydude - - 4 comments


'Duriel's Favorite Undead" mobs.... I like the idea, but they're overpowered. One of these monsters in a pack of monsters will destroy me. They slow you so much, attack, walk/run, everything. There is no resist for them and they destroy melee characters (early game that is).

Viper Temple Lvl 2, getting the amulet.. I cannot progress past this point, I walk in there and die. I'm stuck at this point currently getting better gear to be able to get in there and progress through the quest. It needs toned down. Snakes stun/slow, they're so fast, surround you and you're toast.

Aside from this, I do know that Diablo 2 has always had issues for melee characters.

Awesome mod so far, Love It.

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ilmagodellaverga - - 5 comments

Hi, i got blood vial from blood raven, countess and crusher, but how do I cube it? can you help me please?tnx

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