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In the previous article we'd said that we would talk about Carthage, but we feel the need to explain a few things before that. In this article we will talk a little about culture.

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So what is culture?

In the games Age of Empires and Age of Empires II, culture was a distinction between different architectural types, known as Buildingsets. Since Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs culture began to designate a set of civilizations with common gameplay styles, and they may even have different Buildingsets.

Thus, the Ottomans, the Russians and the Portuguese are part of European culture, as the Indians, Chinese and Japanese, are part of Asian culture.
The latter concept is the same as you'll find in Age of Empires III: Firsts Empires.

But what about Carthage? The Empress of the Seas is part of the Punic culture.

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The Punic culture has some distinctions in their units and some advantages in this field.
They start the game with an immortal explorer, very good in combat, the Commander.

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Also they have the widest range of exclusive units for civilization - indeed all military units of them are unique.

Their aging up system is also unique. They advance through the ages by choosing "attitudes of government."

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We have four choices for ageing divided in a two by two system. All the four are always the same, no matter what age it is. The difference here is that every choice disable its pairs to the next age. The Attitudes of Government options are:

The first pair:

  • Declare war;
  • Make peace.

The second pair:

  • Populistic dialogue;
  • Aristocratic dialogue.

The first pair always delivers units and buildings. The second pair always delivers some kind of improvement.
Declare war and Aristocratic dialogue are related to military units and buildings. Make peace and Populistic dialogue are related to economic units and buildings.

The Punic culture can also choose their government. Each type of government will have advantages and disadvantages. We will talk more about it in articles about civilizations.

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This culture also has some distinctions when gathering resources. All its citizens gather coins much better. Also always gets a crate of coin when advancing age.

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Their farms can be built since the first age, but all of them are capturable.


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Last but not least. This culture distinguishes itself by having access to the most powerful vessel in AoE 3: FE, the Quinquereme. The Quinquereme is the ultimate ship. It has large HP, armor and an excellent attack and speed. It is also the most expensive and time-consuming ship to build.

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In the next article we will really talk about The Empress of the Seas.

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