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Large number of minor bug fixes and second beta will be ready!

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Hello again. After a period of some light work, now a new period of hard work has started. I'm working as much as I can to improve all bugs, errors, finding them and trying to fix. I have a big bug, which is really hard to fix, the HUD is all too bright and gets transparent, that is the biggest bug. But hopefully, it will be fixed shortly. I'm aiming to release the second BETA on

24th of December, 2010 year.

The full list of features in second BETA is on the next page.

Big number of new weapons.
New weapon animations including 3D Ironsights!
More recoil and damage for every weapon.
Added weapons:G92 Submachine Pistol and version with extended magazine.

Added and edited some kits.
Tweaked python settings (points).
Edited HUD.
Added distant firing sounds to some weapons.
Added field dressing.
Added new gameplay mode-Infantry Combat-added kits: Light Rifleman, Rifleman Grenadier, Heavy Rifleman, Marksman, Light Medic, Heavy Medic, Close Combat Rifleman.
Added new faction-Germany.
Edited effects.

Replaced COD gun sounds with own ones.
Removed crosshair and hit indicator.
Fixed bug that caused CTD if player doesn't own Special Forces, what is still strongly recommended.
Fixed all weapons tweaks.

More detailed info:

Re-animated: M9, M16A2, M16A2M203 (Rifle only), MP5, FAMAS, G36E, M4, PP19, Remington M11-87, AK47, Knife.

Animated new weapons: M4 EOtech, M16A4, G3 ACOG, M4M203 (Rifle and GL), G36, AK5, Beryl EOtech, Dragunov Ironsight, SCAR-L Ironsight.
NOTE: Following animations above are not completely animated (Not all weapons, though).

Added blood hit screen.
Added compass.
Edited HUD of M1A2 and LAV25.

The list can be expanded if I forgot something.



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it'll be ready for Christmas! XD

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one day befor xmas

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