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There are more detailed information here about the story of my "Age of DOOM" mod...

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Tutorial Campaign:
Tutorial Scenario doesn't have a connection with the main Doom campaign. Because this is the special tutorial map.



  • LOCATION: "World's Main Demon Invasion Base Area"
    TIME: 2148
  • Demons achieved to invade the World from their Hell planet by using new open teleportation portal gates. All Human countries combined inside of the United Nations to save the World from Demon Invasion. Human Troops and Demon Troops started to fight with each other. Demons slaughtered millions of people to conquer the World. Demons wanted to make the World like their own planet the Hell. They wanted to be the only ruler of the whole universe. They wanted to colonize into all planets one by one. They wanted to make their race the king of all other races.
  • After many years of war and struggle Humans achieve to learn the place of the World's main Demon teleportation portal gate. If Humans achieve to destroy this teleportation portal gate Demons won't be able to teleport into the World anymore. So all Humans will be able to kill all remaining Demon Troops of the World. Humans send their best elite soldiers to Main Demon Invasion Base Area to destroy the main Demon portal. But Demons have also their own precautions about this move. So will Humans achieve to destroy the main Demon portal of the World?..

Doom Campaign:
There are 4 different scenarios (for now) that continues with a chronological order. Also all of them have a connection. Because they occur in the same universe.

Episode 1



  • LOCATION: "The Martian Civilization Zone of The Mars"
    TIME: Ancient Times
  • A "Martian Civilization" was available in the Mars planet thousands of years ago. This civilization was a very developed civilization in that timeline. Dr. Samuel Hayden (Scientist) invented the "teleportation device" to be able teleporting to new unknown places. Dr. Samuel Hayden starts to experiment by using his teleportation device with his Human Subjects. He wants to open new teleportation portal gates to new unknown planets. He wants to reach new unknown planets with his portal technology. Because he wants to colonize all planets one by one. He wants to make his civilization a new "cosmic super power" by capturing all planets one by one.
  • After some experiments Martian People start to protest Samuel Hayden. Because Samuel's experiments have too many risks. Some Human Subjects get lost in the new planets because they can't return to the Mars due to Samuel's teleportation mistakes. In addition Martian Civilization wastes most of its budget to these experiments. So ordinary people start to become too poor. One day Samuel and his special guards explore "The Haunted Area" in a deeper creepy part of the Mars. Samuel decides to open a new teleportation portal gate in The Haunted Area...

Episode 2



  • LOCATION: "UAC Mars Center Base"
    TIME: 2145
  • "Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is the largest corporate entity in existence. Originally focused on weapon and defense contracts new ventures expanded into 'biological research', 'space exploration' and other 'scientific endeavors'. With unlimited funds and ability to engage in research outside of moral and legal obligations the UAC controls most advanced technology ever conceived..."
  • UAC wants to create new cities in the Mars like the World. It wants to make the Mars like the World. UAC Personels start to excavate for constructing new buildings. They discover an ancient Martian Human Civilization accidentally in these excavations. They discover this ancient civilization from Martian Tablets. UAC Scientist Dr. Malcolm Betruger invents the 'teleportation' by analyzing these Martian Tablets. Malcolm Betruger starts to open new teleportation portal gates to new unknown planets. Even Malcolm Betruger opens a portal to the Hell planet directly with his Human Subjects in The Haunted Area. Humans and Demons start to interact with each other by this new teleportation portal gate.
  • Demons behave very friendly to Humans in the beginning. Even Demons send their "Argent Energy" to Humans. All UAC Mars Bases start to use this super energy source for most of their process. Humans start to believe that Demons are their ally due to the friendly attitude of Demons. Soon, Demons begin to reveal their true purpose. UAC Human Subjects, who returned from the Hell planet to the Mars planet, obtain new psychological and mental problems. Some UAC Human Subjects start to kill UAC Personels with no reason. UAC Administration Board sends a high level UAC Counselor to Malcolm Betruger due to Malcolm Betruger's dangerous teleportation experiments...

Episode 3



  • LOCATION: "Union Aerospace Corporation Mars Phobos Base"
    TIME: 2145
  • UAC Scientist Dr. Malcolm Betruger started to cooperate with Demons. Demons and Betruger made a secret agreement with each other. Demons gave some special Demonic Powers to Malcolm Betruger and made Malcolm Betruger their new leader. Malcolm Betruger became "the head of Demons" with his Demonic Powers despite he is a Human. Demons and Malcolm Betruger wanted to invade both the Mars and the World. They wanted to create a new Mixed Race by combining the positive features of the Human Race and the Demon Race. After that they planned to invade all other planets one by one with this Mixed Race by using the teleportation technology. Betruger and Demons started to invade all UAC Mars Bases suddenly by using 3 open teleportation portal gates.
  • Our hero Marine has to destroy all 3 open teleportation portal gates one by one to stop the Demon Invasion completely. His first target is "Phobos Teleportation Portal Gate". Our Marine has to reach "UAC Phobos Base" at first. After that he needs to join "UAC Bravo Team" in there to destroy "Phobos Teleportation Portal Gate" along with this team. Unfortunately UAC Bravo Team is down before our Marine meets with this team. So our Marine has to destroy "Phobos Teleportation Portal Gate" by being alone against lots of threats. In addition a new race starts to make an alliance with Demons to share the Mars and the World with Demons. This race is Vampire Race. So will Marine achieve to destroy this Phobos portal gate against both Vampire and Demon Units?..

Episode 4



  • LOCATION: "Union Aerospace Corporation Mars Deimos Base"
    TIME: 2145
  • Marine achieved to destroy "Phobos Teleportation Portal Gate" after defeating enemy Baron of Hell units. So only 2 teleportation portal gates remained to be destroyed. Marine still needs to destroy "Deimos Teleportation Portal Gate" and "Hellhole Teleportation Portal Gate" one by one. Marine needs to reach "UAC Deimos Base" by leaving from "UAC Phobos Base". Because the Deimos portal gate is in "UAC Deimos Base". So Marine's UAC Marine HQ Commander Thomas Kelly tasks Marine to reach "UAC Deimos Base". They plan to meet with each other for destroying the Deimos portal together.
  • Dr. Malcolm Betruger and Demons have also their own plans to stop Marine. They plan to destroy Marine's all allies one by one for making Marine alone in all UAC Mars Bases. So Marine won't have any external support from the outside due to not having any allies. Betruger's plan becomes successful step by step. First of all Demons trap and achieve to kill "Vampire King". After that Demons send Thomas Kelly to the Hell's a deep area. In addition Demons achieve to hack VEGA against Marine. So will Marine achieve to reach and destroy "Deimos Teleportation Portal Gate" by being alone with not any external support from the outside against the Demonic Threat?..

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