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This article shows up all units for the Panzerelite faction, including all new units playable in Blitzkrieg MOD. WIP: This page is not 100% completed...

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SturmpioniereSturmgrenadiereAnti Tank GrenadiersHauptsturmführercall-in abilityStormtroopers

Now buildable: MG42 Team

Very good in holding down enemy infantry attacks the MG42 is optimal for defending positions agains all types of infantry . Special Abilitys: AP rounds, curtain fire

New unit: Sturmpionier (Stormpioneer)

Equipped with 2 flammers and capable of building heavy forticications like the mortar bunker and the pantherturm these Pioneer are supposed to act on front lines. Special Abilitys: -

New unit: Hauptsturmführer (Command unit)

Flanked by 2 heavy armed Stromtroopers with STG44 the Hauptsturmführer can enhance the moral and combat values of nearby troops. He can also call offmap Stormtroopers equipped with a MG42 and an upgradeable Panzerfaust 100 ability. Special Abilitys: Call in Stormtroopers, Enhancing aura


Sd.Kfz 251/8 Medic Halftrack
Sd.Kfz 251 22 with 75mm PAK40

New unit: Sd.Kfz 251/8 Medic Halftrack

The "Mittlerer Krankenpanzerwagen" has an healing aura for infantry support. Special Abilitys: Healing aura. Availability: all doctrines

New unit: Sd.Kfz 251/22 with 75mm PAK40

Carring a powerful 75mm PAK40 this Halftrack can defend positions even agains most of the allied tanks. Availability: Tank Hunter


Jagdpanzer Hetzer 210mm Nebelwerfer

Now buildable: Wirbelwind Flakpanzer

Effective against all kinds of infantry and airplanes. It an switch between armour piercing and high explosive ammunition. Special Abilitys: Anti Air Emplacement. Availability: all doctrines

New unit: Panzer IV Ausf. F

Equipped with the more powerful KwK 40 L/43 and side skirts this variant was one of the most powerful Panzer IV seen in WW2. Availability: all doctrines

New unit: 75mm PAK40 AT-Gun

With even the same penetration power then the well proved KwK of the panther tank this AT-gun is very effective against almost all enemy tanks at close/mid ranges. Availability: all doctrines

New unit: 210mm Newelwerfer

Nearly 10 kg of explosive weight for each warhead the Nebelwerfer 300 inflicts massive damage to the impact area. Therefore it has a very low accuracy, especially at high ranges. Special Abilitys: Incendiary barrage. Availability: Scorched Earth


Jagdpanzer IV/70Sd.Kfz. 164 Tank Hunter Jagdpanzer Jagdpanther Hummel self propelled artillery

New unit: Jagdpanzer IV/70

The Jagdpanzer IV/70 was one of the first heavy Tank Hunters with overall armor and the strong 7,5 cm Pak 39 L/48. Also known as "Zwischenlösung" or "Guderian Ente" he was a well designed Tank and showed his Power on the Battlefield. Special Abilities: Vet dependend

Now buildable: Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther"

Often named as one of the best tanks seen in WW2 this one sould not be lacking the panzerelite arsenals. Special Abilitys: Vet dependend. Availability: Luftwaffe & Tank Hunter

New unit: Sd.Kfz. 164 Tank Hunter"Nashorn"

This ugly looking Tank can spread fear in the Hearts of all Tank Commanders on the Allies side, light amored but with his 8,8 cm PaK 43/1 he can easily destroy all other Tanks with one shot.You have been warned. Special Abilities: Stationary Position. Availability: Scorched Earth

Now buildable: Jagdpanzer "Jagdpanther"

His front armor was legendary, his power to shoot tanks over 2 km distance was frightening.The Jagdpanther was the glorious end of mass produced Tank Hunters in the Nazi germany. No other Tank was able to mess with him in an one on one battle. Only his heavyness and the fact that he had no turret made him weak. Special Abillities: Vet depenndet. Availability: Tank Hunter

Now Buildable: Tiger

One of the most feared tanks of WW2 the tiger is an excellent tank, capable of taking out nearly every enemy tank with it`s powerfull 88mm KwK36. Special Abilitys: VET dependent. Availability: Tank Hunter

Now buildable: self propelled-artillery "Hummel"

One of the most powerfull artillery units the Hummel fires it`s 150mm grenades with deadly precision. It can be upgraded with rocked assisted FES ammunition to gain higher barrage ranges. Special Abilitys: Vet dependend. Availability: Scorched Earth


Call in: Wespe self propelled gunCall in: Jagdtiger Call in: FallschirmjägerCall in: Gebirgsjägercall-in abilityCall in: Leichtes Infantriegeschütz 18

New unit: self propelled-artillery "Wespe"

The Wespe is a versatile and reliable 105mm self propelled howitzer. It can be upgrades with special FH.Gr.40 FERN long range grenades to gain higher barrage ranges. Availability: Scorched EarthNew

New unit: Jagdtiger

Based upon the Kingtiger chasis the Jagdtiger carries a powerful 128mm canon that can destroy every allied tank even on high range. His massive 280mm steel front plate gives protection against every available allied tank weapon. Availability: Tank Hunter

Now paradropped: Fallschirmjäger

The Fallschirmjäger are a german elite squads equipped with the versatile FG44 rifle. They are able to sabotage points behind enemy lines and can order all onmap 88 guns to fire on a selected target area. Availability: Luftwaffe

New paradropped unit: Gebirgsjäger

The Gebirgsjäger are well trained to fight in rough terrain. They get special combat boni when fighting out of covered positions and are equipped with G43 and a MG34. As special abilities they can lay boobytraps and call in a paradropped LeIG18 gun for anti-infantry fighting. Availability: Luftwaffe


I'm a little disappointed it wasn't the Panzer IV Ausf F2 which was essentially a pseudo-Panther.

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No, it really wasn't.

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I´m not sure but I think there is few mistakes:
1. Fallschirmjägers have FG42 rifles, not FG44
2. Jagdtiger´s frontal armor is 250mm, not 280mm

...just saying

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there probably just typos

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the falls should have fg42s, it means fallshirmjager rifle 42.
you must be confused with stg44s and mp44s

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The Tiger is missing

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