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PARADIGM WORLDS: MAJOR FACTIONS / NATIONS - Encyclopedia This page presents concept of faction and nation.

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Elate X minor factions


There are around 30 factions in Paradigm Worlds. Each represents different philosophy, is more or less human or animal. At beginning of each game on world map there are 6 major powers, accompanied by dozens of minor factions. Each of them represent a nation that has exact amount of citizen creatures, loyal to government, usually constituted of main ruler and 20 major lords, generals, secretaries, etc. They govern towns and castles, debate about diplomacy, politics, plot against each other.

MINOR Factions

These are nations that originally cannot hold villages, castles or towns in Paradigm Worlds: Warband.

Their civilization advancement or living strategy, nomadic style of life, anarchy, no strong ruling center - there are many reasons why some tribes or nations choose to live in forests far away from civilization. There are also historical reasons, in various eras, parties were more or less powerful. During time in Paradigm Worlds, there were Eras where states formed by Minor Nations were centers of great development of culture and art. See also Major factions

Minor factions can become major power in any time if this is Player's will. By using Paradigm Worlds Faction Creator player can create own scenario.

  • Justice League (Pirate Hunters, Vampire Hunters) - In theory good faction, that tries to bring peace, it also presents very little tolerance to factions organised by races like mutants

  • Chitin Empire(Biotec hive kingdom) – Unique nation of biotecs – mixture of bug, animal and robot creatures – organized in an ant like hive

  • Scoiatael Commando (Elven Rebels) - Fighting for independence, but with the 'goal sacrifices means' attitude

  • Zoners (Radiated and sick Morloks) - Faction of outcast trying to survive in harsh conditions, in time due to technological advancement became formidable opponent to competition.

  • Undeads - (Skeletons, Skeletal Mages, Liches, Draugrs) - An informal in terms of political organisation, semi-tribal. Generally undeads act independently. However, powerful liches are able to gather Hordes consisting of several hundreds troops.

  • Doomsday Cultists (Evil Ketele Cultist) - A religious fanatics believing that by chaos and war as sacrifice, they would bring to this world horrible creature - demon-like goddess - Ketele

  • Alien Pirates (Space Pirates with blasters) - An anarchist band of outlaws and criminals. They distinct by using advanced energy weapons, that is believed come from space.

  • Star Gate Expedition - Military faction, organised in small cells. They use weapons resembling late XX century, probably thanks to access to storehouses from ancient times. Rumors suggest that they use kind of high-tech gate technology, nothing has been ever confirmed.

  • Techno Mages - their name proves saying that all kind of advanced technology can be seen as magic, to more primitive societies. Most probably, it just highly advanced in technology faction. Their citizens augment their bodies with mechanical parts, so they can use plasma energy weapons and armours.

  • Old Gods Crusaders (Classical Medieval Chivalry) - another theocratic faction. Members believe in 'Old Gods' - powers that kept previous world in shape, peace and happiness. They dislike technology, perceive it as a form of corruption. They respect factions that can be described as 'good'. Fierce enemies of Doomsday Cultists.

  • Lost Legion soldier nation orginized by concept and ideals of Ancient Rome. However currently Legionaires are one of the best soldiers of Paradigm Worlds, not just due to excellent training, but also modern hi-tech equipment. Lost Legion commanders can even call drones to support troops in battle.

  • Crazy Pikts (Rotten, decadent elves) - Tribal, anarchist faction. Pikts were indeed elves, years, centuries ago. Probably caused by kind of mutation, or just years of different ways of life in wildlife, they became outlaws. Religion (shamanism) is important to them, however most distinctive is form of organisation, based on raiding. One of the factions, that can gather War Party consisting of several hundreds of troops. Lately Pikts started to use primitive firearms, but they still closer to wildlife than civilized world.

  • Desert Abominations (Desert skeletons) - They are skeletal humanoids, but they act rather like wild animals. They are not organised, base their existence on raiding commoners, merchants. It is very probable, that long life on the desert caused form of insanity to bands of brigands. They progress very slowly, but most powerful troops exceed human beings in terms of strength or agility.

  • Angry Dwarves (Rebel miners, chaos dwarves). Mines containing pyre, a kind of radioactive (pyreactive) mineral have been monopolized by the main factions. Nationalization of mining industry by Morlok Democratic Republic and at some level Fantasy Magioucracy forced small dwarven companies to criminal activity. They become criminals to survive. life of a miner, even a former miner can be dangerous. Pyre material is highly dangerous and caused some dwarves to become insane.

  • Escaped Mutants (deformed mutants) - Despite all denials of Sanitarium Conspiracy, mutants come from infamous experiment camps placed somewhere on Havi-Havi desert. Rumours suggest that town of Narvik is a centre of secret scientific research, however nothing was proven due to paranoidal information control. Escaped mutants turning against their oppressors organise in small bands. Most primitive are more like animals, however other individuals show signs of self-awareness.

  • Cannibal Holocaust (depraved by hunger)- cruel poverty and hunger turn people to cannibalism. Forced to feed on flesh they often become mad. Sooner or later all of them catch unknown kind of disease, that causes madness followed by slow death. However it is not the end of their existence. They turn to creatures called zombies or ghouls, or mummies. That disease transforms them into the subjects of the undead world.

  • Vampire Horde - (nosveratu lords and reinfield assassins) vampires exist in Paradigm World as a race, their existence is widely acknowledged, even in so-called civilised world. These creatures are something between humanoid and animal. They are not very intelligent, however their sense of instinct allows them to plan advanced plots, that can destabilize even kingdoms. As faction they act as criminals, raiders. They can turn prisoners into their own kind, and often use that ability to gather strength. Their form of political organisation can be described as a form of feudalism.

  • Mercenary Companions - dangerous times provoke need for military power. That can be ensured by paid troops - mercenaries. Mercenaries are professional soldiers, adventurers. As a faction they are organised in a semi-anarchist guild. In practice they form a guild that has ambitions of establishing a country of their own.

  • Criminals and Organized Crime – Ruthless bandits, thugs, mafioso, pirates

  • Weimear Rebels (Medieval Knights) - Former lords of North, lost power due to Necrocorp manipulations. They try to remain neutral, also fight against Necrocorp

  • Corsairs (Sea dwarven pirates) - These small, but brave sailors made sea their operational area. Considered as outlaws and criminals by civilised world. Skilled in raids and boarding, very rarely seen on land

  • Free people (commoners) - Organized in communes, peace enclaves for all free creatures

  • Twelve Fists of the Celestial Blast (heaven ninja clan)Celestial warriors who use exceptional skills to battle clan's evil archenemy:

  • Rubin Shadow of the Iron Blood (red ninja clan)Spies, agents, and if needed common bandits. They never stop in harrasing innocent creatures, always hungry for wealth and power

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