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I've modified some parts of the big picture of this game, Making it more playable.

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Ships can now travel at a greater speed. This should be more realistic in space. Especially, super capital ship can reach the speed like a probe! Because big ships have big thrusters and their heavy chassis can sustain more acceleration. This is what I assimilated from Path To Victory, a mod for Homeworld 2. Of course, big ships still have poor maneuverability, although they can go really fast.
Build time of all ships is reduced to 1/10. This allows players to launch a blitz attack. And computer players won’t be easily raped in just one round, you know.
Big changes have been made to weaponry. Some are even crazy. XD
Visibility is extended very much (though still not as much as in Homeworld 2). Regarding Homeworld is a game from 1999, and computer nowadays can easily handle more render work, it won’t produce any


hi... ya know,
when i saw that the ship build times got decreased to 1/10 for humans and ai's alike i got sort of worried :b
cuz i can usually survive up tin 10 minutes but then i have to survive by Hyperspacing arround the map :D
but i like the mod and looks promising,
altso i think the build times will help the player as well

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