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Another article previewing the faction of Ignia Total War.

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Preview of the units for Kingdom Of Omicron, the units are displayed by tier starting from the weakest and ending with bodyguard. Omicron is a faction focusing on stellar magic and knowledge acquired through it. The blue decorations on high tier units actually represent magic that the armor was enchanted with. Omicron will be a pretty powerfull faction with good units overall. They also have the ownership of the strongest cav unit in the mod - Stellar Knights. There is still room for some units, if I or any of you guys find some cool concepts and what not. The units that are missing are the artillery ones, and those include a mortar and a cannon. There is a possibility of adding a celestial beast as a unit, but that will come in the future. The name system is that every tier is represented by a "tribe" or a group of people living in Omicron Kingdom, they are all named after known galaxies, the bigger the galaxy the higher the tier of the unit, only the most elites one are not named after galaxies but rather after some powerfull "things" in space.Enjoy.

Nokaa Marksmen

Nokaa Guardsmen

Nokaa Conscripts

Nokaa Outriders

Comae Sentinels

Comae Sentries

Comae Protectors

Comae Slayers

Zoa Knights

Zoa Hammers

Pulsar Rangers

Quasar Wizards

Stellar Knights

Cosmic Champions


These unit models re amazing!

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SkylliBeast Author

thank you

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