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A DLC pack is dropping for console players, but for those PC players who already had it, here's five mods to expand your content offering for yourself!

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Northern Lords, a DLC adding Vikings and other Northern powers to the Crusader Kings 3 sandbox, has made a console release. Available on PC for some time, PC players may not have a lot of kinship with this news, but worry not - for modding communities are apt enough at creating their own content packs to explore, so here's five Crusader Kings 3 mods so you can join in the fun!

Godherja: The Dying World

By Godherja Dev Team

Agionist Armor and Helmet Teaser

Godherja: The Dying World is a total fantasy conversion mod that is set in an original dark fantasy world poised on the edge of the end times. After killing their god in ancient times, humanity has once again shaken the fabrics of reality through the use of world-shattering magics. The world is now dying, and as tribes migrate to the last lands of man and ancient empires crumble, reality itself hangs in the balance. Will you save the world, or end it?

Story Time: Republican Peasants

By Sergentben3

Image 2

A small mod that gives the opportunity to peasant revolts to form republics. Story time is a series of small mods that make the game more interesting, especially in observer mode. Republican peasants adds a decision that allows peasant leaders to adopt the republic as their government. This breaks the domination of feudalism.

The Witcher's Realms


temeria 2

The Witcher's Realms is a fantasy total conversion exploring the Witcher's world in CK3. A notable mod for Crusader Kings 2 also explored this dark fantasy series seen first in Andrzej Sapkowski's books and then CD Projekt Red's retelling of the franchise, but now, The Witcher joins Crusader Kings 3 in continuing the trend of managing nations like Velen, Nilfgaard, and beyond.

Quixotic Murder

By DonQuixoteDeLaMancha

Image 5

Tired of killing people the same few ways for HUNDREDS OF YEARS!? This mod is intended to greatly enhance the variety of murder schemes in the game. In vanilla, there are only 7 standard murder scheme outcomes. This mod nearly triples that, adding 20 new events in addition to the vanilla events. It was designed with an attempt to keep the tone and writing style close to vanilla, while not affecting game balance at all. It is intended for roleplay, flavor, and immersion.

Caucasus In Focus

By xvicha123


Cultural upheaval and the differences between nations of different peoples are front and centre in Crusader Kings III - finding the way to reconcile differences, or survive when those differences prove irreconcilable. Mods like Caucasus In Focus enhance this sandbox with more cultural variety, touching upon local ethnicities to expand the variety of gameplay situations players can encounter.

Kings In The North

Northern Lords is a flavour pack originally released for PC back in March of 2021 which has now made the jump to the console version of Crusader Kings 3, or will have, anyway, by November 17th. In Paradox's own words, "This add-on includes many new events and increased color for the Scandinavian realms whose raiding campaigns and daring voyages became emblematic of the spirit of the Middle Ages."

Crusader Kings III: Fates of Iberia

Northern Lords expands the cultures to include Northern factions like the Vikings

Consoling Other Lords

Northern Lords is not so well reviewed on Steam, largely due to a recent price increase, though players broadly feel the content offered by the pack is good. At any rate, long-time owners likely already got their money off, and these five mods will ensure you're not left out of the fun.

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