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This is to wrap up what happens with Nod after Kane Ascends. This is intended as the last scene for our Tibsec lore. This is also my homage to Warehouse 13's Finale, Arthur's scene, which I particularly resonate with.

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Nod Scorpion Tank

By Eric Chou GeneralJist

V1: 12/1/22

V2: 12/4/22

4 minutes after Kane’s Ascension

Scrin Tower Research Station, code named “Mobius” or the STaRS base

Lu chinn stood on the roof of the building with tears in his eyes. The day of ascension had finally come, and he didn’t make the cut.

He didn’t really believe Kane would have done it, left him and all the hard-working faithful behind, but it had happened, and it was true. 4/5ths of Nod had guarded the perimeter under strict orders, while the highest ranked of Nod entered the Scrin Tower. They were told that after them, they would also be called to account by the very voice of Kane, and all of them would be rewarded for their loyal service. Lu kept sending his pleas through the communication console, asking if they could be relieved, transmitting on the secure inner circle frequency. No answer was forthcoming, and all he heard was static.

Richard Newman walked up behind his 2nd in command putting a hand on Lu’s shoulder.

Richard: “They’re gone Lu…”

Lu: “No! No! No!’”

Richard: “Colonel James just reported in. She said the portal had closed. She was on site.”

Lu: “What about us? What about me? I’ve served Nod all my life.. I’m a science minister for Kane’s sake.

What difference does it make? This is how it ends? Just over? What am I supposed to do? Just walk away?

*Bitter chuckle*

Walk away….

Ahh, you give your whole life to something, every day, without complaints. I’m here every day, every day I’m right here for you, and you’r damned Tiberium and your damned prophecies. I’m like a slave at your beck and call. You know I have lost, I have lost friends, family, people I’ve loved… have died in my arms, but I stayed faithful. I gave you everything, and now that there is nothing left for you to take you just leave.

Enjoy your new home, you think you’re going to find somebody like me? Somebody who cares about you like I do? Good luck with that. Good luck finding someone as devoted somebody who’d give their whole life…without a thank you? Acknowledgement that they are appreciated? That they even matter to you.”

Richard: “For what it’s worth Lu, I appreciate your work”

Lu: “I know Rich, but this was Kane, the least he could have done is thank us… sigh, Faith before fortune?”

Richard: Yes Lu, faith before fortune”

Eva from base intercom: “Attention Attention Critical power surge at all STCNP nodes, they are going critical, evacuation protocol implemented.”

*Fade out*

1 year After Kane (AK) STaRS base

Lu Chinn sat at the roof of the building again, he’s been coming here every day, watching the Scrin Tower. Messengers come and go, disseminating his orders to the rest of Nod. At Lu’s orders, a massive wall was constructed around the tower perimeter. The faithful, led by priests, conduct daily pilgrimages to and from the Scrin tower, considered sacred ground. Monitoring stations recording all movements were constructed, so every second could be recorded, encase Kane returned.

Due to the STCNP systematic failure, anyone with a GDI uniform was stoned on sight outside the blue zones. The governing directorate of the Idris regents were doing all they could to stabilize the society after the civil war fall out, and Kane’s ascension. The global order was crumbling and there seem to be nothing that could stop it.

4 years later (4AK)

The STaRS base was the last terrestrial GDI presence on earth. The rest of GDI had fled to orbit, conceding the blue zones to the rebels . Due to the success of James’s civil war, the orbital forces locked down, and refuse to allow anyone access, regardless of affiliation.

Richard: “Lu, you have to move on. “

Lu: “I can’t, you know I can’t.”

Richard: You know, if I wasn’t ‘quarantined’ here as the last land presence of GDI, I would have joined my wife in orbit.

Lu: “Then go! sorry, I don't’ mean that”

Richard: *sigh* You're still my friend Lu, we cracked the secrets of Tiberium together, if GDI was still in power, you and I would be rich and famous.

Lu: “I don’t want to be rich; I want my sacrifices in the name of Kane to mean something, I want the world to know my story…”

Richard: “You know why we can’t Lu. If the general public knew you and I were running Nod’s global theocracy, who knows what would happen. We were part of it all, some would say we caused the fall.”

Lu: But Bratson’s dead, he died liberating the STCNP infected. If we pin it all on him… *Sigh*

Richard: The world needs to move on, a new GDI General Secretary was just sworn in on the Columbus.

Lu: “The world will never be the same without Kane…”

Richard: The world will move on Lu, you’ll see, you’ll see.

Tiberian Eclipse Nod MCV

Nord_Licht - - 424 comments

that's an interesting story. I like the description about how "ordinary" people struggle to survive under some more heroic stories

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