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Part of the README of NHCmod v2.602a. List of changes since NHCmod v2.601

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NHCmod version 2.602a
By AB2531, Dapz, El_Coyoto and his team, Dapz, Majorcamo, Tarlak501

Major Features
Dead corpses stay, artillery range increased, pop cap increased, new units, each side has one hero unit.
(Ce Mod est aussi francophone)
----------------------------------- Installation ----------------------------------
1) Delete any previous version of the NHCmod
2) Execute and follow the instruction of the installer
3) Just Click on the shortcut created on your desktop to play the mod!
4) Do not forget to chose what units you want to activate/deactivate in the reward menu
Advice: It is recommended to defrag your Disk after installation for better performance.
From time to time, it would be usefull to clear the folder
C:\Documents and Settings\NHC\My documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\LogFiles
uninstallation: just click on the uninstaller
If the game crashes with a report to Relic before getting to the main menu. It means that there is a conflict with another mod.
The easiest way to solve it is to delete the other mods. The other is to find the .ucs in the folders:
that is not made by Relic (i.e. by the bad mod) and move it appart.
NHCmod version 2.602 upgrades:
- Daimler Armoured Car Mk. I available at the british HQ truck
- Daimler Scout Car Mk. III available at the Field support truck
- Panther Command Tank available to blitzkrieg doctrine
- Panzerkampfwagen II available to blitzkrieg doctrine
- Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus available to propaganda doctrine
- 75mm GMC M3 available in the US Motor Pool and the Royal Canadian Artillery
- Allied Eselschreck added to US HQ
- Zombies are spawned from the PE secret lab after mad scientists have gather enough corpses
- M8 Scott added to Infantry company
- Wespe added to PE Scorched earth Tactics.
- Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen added to PE Luftwaffe Tactics.
- Me-109 added to PE Luftwaffe Tactics.
- 21cm Nebelwerfer added to PE Scorched earth Tactics.

- Quick Start Mode is now in victory conditions. You start with 3000 manpower, 500 ammo and 500 fuel.
- In Quick Start+No max cap Mode. You start 9999 max pop, 3000 manpower, 500 ammo and 500 fuel.
Victory conditions is the same as annihilation condition.
- New maps from our mapper Tarlak501.
- Pop cost of Knight Cross holder set to 1.
- "Request paradrop" upgrade requires "Call the RAF" upgrade before being visible
- The Combiner is now compatible with Czech version of CoH
- Cost of the Air recon ability of the radio operator is reduced for the Airborne Company.
- Quick shortcut added to the RADAR.
- Tiger Ace and German officer have 6 levels of veterancy.
- Recoilless jeeps gain level 1 veterancy with the veteran paratrooper upgrade.
- New icon for the Elefant to make sure that everyone can see it.
- Blitzkrieg doctrine can call up to 3 Tigers. (+1 Tiger205 + 1 Tiger Ace + 2 regular Tigers= 7 Tigers!)
- Jagdtiger's HP increased from 1500 to 2000.
- All teams on any Flakvierlings can be reinforced.
- Fix for the veterancy icon of captured M5 3inch AT gun.
- Fix for the Pink wreck of the Jagdtiger.
- Heroes are available if you start a new single player campaign. However, the reward menu will allow you to disable the heroes instead of activating them.
- Rebuilt Elefant does not give a Jagdpanther anymore.
- Elefant moved from blitzkrieg doctrine to defensive doctrine.
- AT shells added to M36.
- Tigers' and Pershing's main gun have the same range but the veterancy improve their gun differently.
- New veteran Level 1 US Heavy Machine Gun Teams from the infrantry company get additional submachine guns.
- New veteran Level 3 MG42 Heavy Machine Gun get an additional MG42.
- V2 cost increased from 325 ammo to 350 ammo.
- V2 recharge time increased from 620 to 630 seconds.
- Recharge time of Aces' self-repair increased.
- Bad name of rebuilt jagdtiger fixed
- Commandos and SAS can throw grenades from buildings.
- SAS gain range with veterancy.
- Fixed a bug of the original game that prevent nebelwerfer to use medical kit.
- Comet Tank can now crush heavy obstacles
- Comet tank's HP increased from 700 to 900
- Comet tank's gun damage increased and can now beat the panther (if you drive the Comet correctly and if you are lucky)
- Cost of Comet Tank increased to 485 manpower and 110 fuel
- Achilles' gun damage increased
- Achilles' gun range increased from 45 to 48.5
- Firefly Ace can now crush heavy obstacles
- Axis defensive artillery use 100 ammo to be in overwatch mode for a duration of 150 seconds
- Axis defensive artillery require the 88mm Flak 36 AT/AA upgrade
- New British HQ can produce the new units of the mod and crush infantry.
- Royal Engineers cannot inflitrate buildings anymore.
- M3 Halftrack added to Royal Engineers.
- M3 Halftrack's pop cost set to 2.
- M36 added to combiner.
- Tank Aces don't gain armor at level 3 veterancy anymore.
- off-map Registered Artillery restored to axis bunker and observation post.
- Heroes gain less bonus with veterancy.
- AI can build new units of ToV and the mod.
- RAF radio is automatically targeted by enemy units.
- Repair pionneer can repair buildings.
- P-47 and Typhoon overwatch's cost increased to 285 ammo.
- Cost of boxes of FG42 reduced.
- HP of Flakpanzer38(t) increased from 350 to 375.
- Nebelwerfer's range set to 200 (default=150)
- "Allied War Machine" duration increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
- Panzergrenadiers cannot build wooden bunker anymore.
- Elefant's icon fixed.
- Sprint ability added to PE special pioneers.
- Panzer Elite Tank Busters and Assault Grenadiers squads can keep at max 6 weapons instead of 5.
- Bug of the improved Booby trap ability of PE Schwimmwagen fixed
- PE King Tiger gain less bonus at level 4.
- Nebelwerfer recharge time reduction bonus at level 3 reduced from 10s to 5s.
- Halifax Carpet Bombing cost increased from 20 fuel to 30 fuel.
- PE Repair Station cannot heal infantry while being in construction anymore.
- Luftwaffe squad can salvage wrecks and throws grenades.
- Fallschirmjā€°gers bug fixed in the combiner.
- Bren Carrier pop cost reduced to 2.
- Bren Carrier with flamethrowers pop cost increased to 6.
- Whermacht's Mortar Bunker HP increased from 850 to 1000.
- PE Mortar Bunker is smaller.
- US AI does not spam Mass-produced sherman anymore.
- When a Tank Ace die, the crew can escape and continue fighting.
- All factions can be selected on any side (Axis ou Allies).
- Number of Pershing reinforcement is limited to 8.
- Main Gun damage and penetration of the Tiger Ace and King Tiger against Pershing reduced by 5%.
- Powell's Thomson accuracy against moving infantry reduced by 20%
- Number of Luftwaffe squads and Fallschirmjager squads limited to 6.
- Reinforcement cost of pak38 reduced.
- Combiner compatible with Eastern Front 1.4
- Cost of 88 bunker increased to 360 manpower and 35 fuel.
- type_target_weapon of M36 changed from tp_armour_allies_m10_td to tp_armour_allies_sherman.
- Veterancy icons of Command Tank and Captain fixed.
- UI_group_position of Boys AT Rifle and Bren LMG switched.
- Top MG42 added to Blitzkrieg Tiger at level 2.
- Panther Tank commander main gun accuracy reduced by 5%.
- Panther Tank commander main gun rate of fire reduced by 2%.
- Min damage of the geschutzwagen gun restored to 185.
- British Command Tank can now mark target.
- Rangers' accuracy bonus reduced from 20% to 10%.
- type_target_critical of sapper flamethrower changed to type_target_critical\tp_infantry_flamethrower_death.
- Pershings and Pershing Ace require the 76mm upgrade.
- PE Tiger Ace require the Panther Group upgrade.
- US Airborne Company cannot call P-47 overwatch from commander panel anymore but only via the radio operator.
- Fixed a bug of the 2.602 patch that prevent the bren carrier to auto-repair.
- Radio operator get a Thomson smg at veterancy level 1.
- M3 Grease Gun available to US Riflemen with the infantry company.
- Tanks are less effective against moving infantry.
- Riflemen squad can pick up 6 weapons instead of 5.
- Riflemen squad (10) can pick up 10 weapons instead of 8.
- Engineers squad can pick up 3 weapons instead of 2.
- Engineers squad (6) can pick up 6 weapons instead of 4.
- Panzergrenadiers squad can pick up 6 weapons instead of 5.
- Luftwaffe squad can pick up 5 weapons instead of 4.
- Fallschirmjagers, Commandos, rangers and stormtroopers have 10% accuracy bonus with any weapon they pick up.
- Allied supply truck get a MH2B when it is loaded with a squad.
- Activation in the reward menu of the Jagdtiger replace the additional jagdpanther.
- Nashorn's cost set to 420 manpower, 115 fuel and 55 seconds.
- Original abilities of the Staghound restored.
- AI has a higher probability to build the Heroes.
- Veterancy of PE veterancy is ne showed in the UI.
- Range of the 88 in bunker is now correctly showed.
- 6 pdr and 17 pdr can use hull down ability.
- PE Ostwind replace by Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen.
- No pop cap mode added.

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