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A new Tournament System that will be implented to bring a new experience to the in-game tournaments!

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One on one
3 stages with bets, your enemies are city elite fighters. And you can choose your weapon before every round from the following: axe and shield | two-handed sword | sword and shield | two-handed axe. If you win all 3 rounds, you will have an oppotunity to challenge one lord from the those who are in the city. If there are no lords, you can call the guard of the castle. Defeat doesn't have infuence on result of the winning of the 3 rounds, except the deterioration of relationships with the Lord that had been challenged. The winning will award you money and relationships increase.

Massive battle with only one round and a lot of bets.

There are no bets, 4 rounds. Your enemies are the lords that are in the city or knights of the faction. They will be chosen randomly. Your prize is horse and gear of your opponent. You can accept a redemption ('+' to relationships with defeated enemy) or take the horse and the gear (huge '-' in relationships with defeated enemy). If you lose, the same happens to you and you will need to pay the redemption (sometimes the price is very high).
The AI has been fixed and bot won't chase the hero around the arena. The signal to start the battle is sound of the horn after the opponents take their selected places. If the horse goes down, horse change menu pops up.

Archers and throwers tourney
Details are coming.

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sounds great!

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