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This article deals with new principles in Red Faction Guerrilla come with Protracted Rebellion mod... Click for more info...

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Main goal of Protracted Rebellion mod is increase feeling from playing Red Faction Guerrilla and underline primary roles of weapons, vehicles and environment. One aspect is connected with other.

Examples of weapons:
- RPG unlock in second half of the game (heat-seeking) so flyers are big problem withnout RPG.
- Grinder is inaccurate RPG withnout his advantages of multirockets and heat seeking. But it's ammo can be better restocked in guerrilla ammo boxes.
- Arc Welder has big amount of max and restocking ammo.
- Nanorifle is destroyer of everything, but disasembling of vehicles and structures takes few seconds, has low ammo that can't be refilled in the field ammo boxes.
- Sniper has more ammo, is inaccurate without scoping and has small magazine.
- Heavy weaponry = move speed penalties.
- Thermobaric rockets unlock early, but it is expensive. Something like nano rifle, has bigger area of effect but heavy armors can survive two shots and isn't that effective versus tough buildings such as nano rifle, but can be rifiled in field ammo boxes.
- Mounted MGs are less accurate and it's cooling is slower.
- MOAB is much more effective. Good salvage resource...
- Mines are good to stop tough couriers. Are good restockable and stronger than remote charges.
- Rail driver and gauss rifle are quite rare to obtain, their ammo even more. But you can carry high amount of magazines. They can't be restock from ammo cabinet or field boxes.
- Shotguns are slow firing and lethal for close combat.

Examples of environment:
- Guerrilla ammo boxes can be used like bombs for destoying adjacency structures. Their blast is increased.
- Propane tanks, MOABs and fuel barrels is good resource of salvage for expensive upgrades.
- Almost all EDF property in sector must be destroyed to game progress.
- You need support of citizens. Morale is your only resource for salvage reward for missions. Also, important EDF targets are very difficult to destroy without friendly covering fire.
- Ore harvesting isn't waste of time now.
- Destroying of EDF couriers and convoys needed for liberating sectors. Their strength increased so you must find good ambush place.

Every change in the game by this mod has its reason and aftermath, advantages and disadvantages.

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