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Today I`ll talk a little about the Perks / Skills you can gather in “Into the Dark”, depending on the way you play the game. And why “Necromancy” is the most powerful stuff we have to offer!

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You might already know:
As an adventure / RPG player, you will be rewarded for solving respective puzzles with skills like “basic chemistry”, “basic electricity”, “advanced investigation” or “tinkerbell”. What does that mean?

Some examples:

Basic chemistry: Provides you with a periodic table of elements.
Basic Electricity: You can repair broken wiring without additional clues.
Advanced Investigation: Provides you with an additional clue on each of the puzzles
Tinkerbell: Gives you a 50% chance of repairing broken stuff.

As trigger-happy shooter lunatic, you get skills like “Marksman” and “Gunnery Sarge”. The first would give you +50% damage with single-shot weapons, the second doubles the mag capacity on your automatic weapons.

During our balancing tests, people found it difficult to fight the tougher enemies with only Adventure / RPG skills available and the “weaker” weapons at hand you run around with when NOT unlocking the shooter path. This is on purpose and won`t be changed.

However, today we finnished the work on a really nasty and powerful skill for the adventure / RPG players that will help you a lot in the tough battles:


How does it work?

With "Basic Necromancy" you can resurrect a freshly killed soldier for up to 20 seconds.

With "Advanced Necromancy" you can resurrect two freshly killed soldier for up to 35 seconds.

They will have their equipment (guns, IR vision, grenades) from the moment they got killed and they will fight and re-die for you as you command.

How do I use that?

First of all, you will have to learn the skill. This won`t be easy, because you will have to learn FIRST the language in which the ancient unholy summoning books (yes, we have also an ingame issue of the Necronomicon at hand) and then to find the proper book and study it.

Then, you will have to find fresh human corpses.

Zombies, Cyborgs and Homo novi don`t count. There you will have to perform the summoning ritual (which will be presented ingame in a very cool way, a special shader has been coded for the ritual only!).

It will cost you 15% sanity.

When it`s done, the soldier, soldiers or the other (yet unrevealed) faction fighters will rise and follow you, fighting all enemies that attack you. They are worse on shooting as they were when still alive, but they take lots of bullets for you.

They will even try to get into the enemies line of fire to protect you, and they will melee close combat foes.

And if you really manage to kill an enemy (a living one) just with the power of your temporary undead army, you will get the achievement "Puppet Master" (and the bonus to sacrify only 10 instead of 15% sanity the next time you perform your dark art).

So what`s the catch?

This perk must be very well-balanced, otherwise the adventure player will march through the enemies hordes like the Wehrmacht through Poland. Most likely we won`t allow the player to resurrect enemies he has killed himself in order to avoid a chain reaction.
We will limit the usage to some special places throughout the game.

By the way: The game will feature more than 30 perks to learn and more than 20 achievements!

You like what you see?

Then please vote for "Into the Dark" at the Top 100!

Gilgamessiah - - 315 comments

Sounds like an awesome skill that i would use a lot

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IvanErtlov Author
IvanErtlov - - 342 comments

Yes, that`s the reason why we will limit it.

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