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Changelog for The Attic: Chapter One. There may be more updates added to this in the future...

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Version 1.0:


Version 1.1:

Map01: Added Block Boxes
Map02: No Change
Map03: Improved the Attic // Removed Bugged Note
Map04: Removed Oil // Fixed Lantern Bug
Map05: Added Missing Welders
Map06: Added Block Boxes
Map07: Removed Bugged Note // Added Block Boxes
Map08: Fixed Secret Note

Version 1.2:

Map01: Made Some Props Moveable
Map02: No Change
Map03: Fixed Overlapping Textures // Moved Some Triggers
Map04: Moved Triggers // Fixed Overlapping Textures
Map05: Reduced Sanity Damage // Locked the Void Door // Removed Invisible Wall
Map06: Made Some Props Moveable
Map07: Removed Unused Objects
Map08: No Change

Version 1.3:

General: Added Door Names
: Fixed Chair // Changed Dialogue // Added Props
Map02: Fixed Overlapping Textures
Map03: Moved Triggers
Map04: Changed Dialogue // Changed Key Name
Map05: Fixed Overlapping Textures
Map06: Added Props // Optimized Map
Map07: Made Key More Visible
Map08: More Triggers

Version 1.4: (CURRENT VERSION)

Map01: Fixed Clipping Props // Moved Overlook Floor
Map02: Made Window Darker // Removed Key If Not Used // Made Flipped Desk Static
Map03: Made Windows Darker // Darkened Some Lights
Map04: Made Windows Darker // Updated Note // Detailed Blue Fire
Map05: Made Window Darker // Added Welders
Map06: Moved Overlook Floor // Edited Monster
Map07: Moved Triggers // Updated Chase Scene // Made Key Bigger
Map08: No Change

More versions may come in the future if we find something need of changing.


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