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Some informations about the content in the mod. Only a quick overview about things they wait in this mod, but i have add tons of new content and it takes me to much time to list all things up.

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"Zone of Homeless" is based on PreySky 0.3.1.
Thanks to SetaKat for his PreySky.

Here is a short list about the features which are in the mod:

  • 9 new levels
  • 75 new weapons
  • 46 new outfits
  • 20 new items
  • 88 artifacts
  • better AI
  • new sounds for weapons
  • new items
  • new ambients for levels, daytime's and the actor
  • re-designed UI
  • some new textures and bump maps for outfits, weapons and npc`s
  • dynamic news
  • new tasks
  • SWTC for CS
  • new rank-based 'unireward' system
  • cut out mutants
  • new mutant variants
  • tons of quest items
  • atm about >25 new unique quests, still more to come
  • playable guitars and harmonicas
  • new tracks for instruments

That is a really short list about the content. There are tons of new things that we had added. Too many of them to write it all down here.

This list will be updated from time to time!

Emmet.Otter - - 1,717 comments

will we have artifact transmutation?

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Das_P0m - - 539 comments

We'll see... atm there much more artefacts in the game, so we need to add them to the transmutation files.
But I'll try to do that^^

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Emmet.Otter - - 1,717 comments

Have you ever looked at the AMK's artifact transmutation? its one of the best way to keep the player into wanting to create higher tier artifacts than just simply finding them. It adds a whole new dimension in stalker playing than just finding, selling and upgrading weapons. It provides more playing to focus on building up your artifacts next to upgrading weapons and armour.

anyways, good luck on your project =)

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Emmet.Otter - - 1,717 comments


sorry for the spam.

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Das_P0m - - 539 comments

I know the transmutation from amk...
But the effort of integrating it is quite big for people like me.
We got several things running from amk... but I'm not sure if we can integrate the transmutation that easy.
And its from SoC... or is there a CS version as well?
Because then would be the question if the script will run with cs... and who will rewrite them if necessary...

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TheXenus Author
TheXenus - - 107 comments

Artifact transmutation is not planed. I can look at the amk files but i have add 30 new artifacts so the transmutation feature is not needed. More importend is a random anomaly script, actually i search for such a script.

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Das_P0m - - 539 comments

Update list^^

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