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AIX2 Reality singleplayer/cooperative mod v4.3 description

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For those who are new to AIX2 Reality mod:

The main goal of this mod is bring the realism to cooperative and single gameplay.

It includes:

- Enhanced bots AI, AI-controlled artillery, WASP, mobile and foot suicide bombers, AI controlled JDAMs, cruise missiles and many of other unique features, available only in AIX2 Reality mod;
- New original sounds and graphical effects, high quality sky textures and reworked lighting for old good stock and community maps;
- New physics for vehicles, new weapons from Michail Romanovich (AK/RPK series, HK416, HK53 and others);
- New reworked models and animations from Maxim Ukraintcev (AKS-74U with PBS-4);
- Improved AI defferentiation by implementing three levels of skill: common level, army level (trained) and specops;
- New projectile collision system, to improve effective automatic firing greatly;
- Revolutionary deviation system, based on recoil, but not on the random deviation factor - the bullet flies straight in the barrel direction;
- Globally reworked planes physics, and the bots flying behavior;
- The very first implemetation of working (!) smokescreens (smoke grenades, tank smoke and other) and napalm in network games;
- Sifnigicant AI firing behaviour improvement and weapon differentiation;
- New realistic camo for soldiers;
- New weapon icons;
- Revised projectile and damage systems;
- Reworked missile system (new ATGM and AA missile behavior, proximity detonation and other);
- Active tank defence systems for T-90A and "Merkava" mk4.

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