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Hello everyone! My name is roxasguy and I am the founder of SkyShield Studio, the developer of A Walk Among Stars. And today I'd like to introduce you guys to the game.

First off, I'm sure some of you may have found out about this article through a notification and you realized, "Wait, when did I follow that game?" Well, that's because we have created this page off of another page for another game. The old project, which you may have followed, was called "Humanity's Descent" and has long been retired from development and locked away in the team's archive. We may return to it eventually.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to welcome you to the page of A Walk Among Stars! Here you'll find all the new info on the game such as trailers, articles, and images. But what exactly is this game you ask? Let me explain. A Walk Among Stars is an open world space exploration adventure game set within an infinitely and procedurally generated universe. Every single star you see in the sky is solid ground for you to walk upon.

The game is meant to be kinda empty actually. At least in terms of story. The goal of the game is to deliver an experience that the player can build off of themselves and not be stopped by loading screens and linear elements of games. Not to say that linear games are bad, but I think games should be seamless in a lot more aspects than the average game today.

There is kind of one objective. The player must simply explore. You can of course, disobey this objective if you wish. Say, you find a planet. It's a very pretty planet with lots of trees and some cute little rabbits. You like the way the grass blows in the wind. You'd really like to call that place home. Well, go right ahead! If that's your cup of tea, then stay and live the rest of the game out exploring that single world. Or if you're feeling dangerous, venture into the countless other planets in the sky and conquer them!

This is just an easy explanation of what the game is like! There's COUNTLESS other things you'll be able to do. We are simply forging a playground and you will play in it!

That's it for now, please track this game for more future updates! Also, if you'd like to help out please email me at We'll take a look at everyone's resume's and are very likely to get back with you.

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