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Presenting some of the little intricate effects in the map and the first review of the level.

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Mikko Sandt has reviewed "Submachine" for his site, MSDN, which gathers Duke reviews for about 20 years. The map has scored 95/100 and you can read the review under this link:

Also posting some short videos presenting a bunch of effects and tricks done basing on the same "slide door" effect from the original game.

A large tentacle in one of the caves that keeps waving around and making slimy noises:

"Klingon" door with a teeth in the middle, based on a design seen on Klingon vessels from "Star Trek: The Next Generation":

A split-door that cast light upon opening that is properly synchronised with the door movement - and also this is compatible with regular lightswitch in the room:

A pushable cupboard with some play on inertia of the objects located on the cupboard (a cup and a magazine/DVD), also notice how the shadow is changing depending on the position of the cupboard:

Play the map if you still haven't!

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