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This is a full list of all the changes we've made for Modular Combat v1.75 and v1.76 - combined. Enjoy!

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  • New gamemode: Team Deathmatch
  • Raised minimum experience gained from 0 to 1
  • Removed maps: dm_cloudcity, dm_tech
  • Added maps: dm_amplitude, dm_hydro, dm_cannon
  • Added two second spawn protection
  • Added Factions. Players choose to be either Aperture Science, Combine, or The Resistance
  • Players of the same faction now gain 5%...20% experience when fighting near each other
  • Combine gain 5...20% damage bonus when fighting near each other
  • Aperture Sciences gains 2...5 armor regeneration when near each other
  • The Resistance gains 2...5 health regeneration when near each other
  • Winning faction now gains 500 experience for winning.
  • Added 2fers: +50 bonus experience for getting 2 kills in a row.
  • Players will now share experience for kill monsters
  • Aperture Science now uses a vital testing apparatus as their melee weapon
  • New CVAR: mc_votes_per_map . Players will only be able to initiate X votes per map (default: 2).
  • New CVAR: pvm_max_antlionguards (default: 2)

Look and Feel

  • New CVAR: cl_earringing <1/0> ("ear ringing" effect when near explosions, defaults to 0 - off)
  • New CVAR: cl_showhints <1/0> (show gameplay hints while playing)
  • New CVAR: cl_showexpgained <0-3> (show experience and % of damage dealt in chat - 0 none, 1 talk area, 2 notify area, 3 center of screen)
  • New CVAR: cl_ally_icon_smoothing <1/0>
  • New CVAR: cl_allyicons_offset (default: 16)
  • Added more "death icons"
  • Added new spawning particle effects for players and monsters.
  • Added custom skins for the Pistol and the SMG1 for Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science.
  • Combine Faction now uses the "Dark Gravity Gun" (looks only)
  • Players of your faction will now be shown by icon indicated in PVM and TDM.
  • Experience indicator flashes red when you're spreeing
  • Replaced module icons with new icon set by Aleixo Teixeira

AI / Monsters

  • New monster: Hunter
  • New monster: Zombine
  • New monster: Rollerbombs (red skin version of the Rollermine - will explode on contact).
  • Antlion Guard: Improved movement and pathfinding
  • Antlion Guard: Raised health to 1000 + 100 per level
  • Antlion Guard: Will now bleed profusely when low on health
  • Antlion Guard: Increased experience bonus to 10 times normal amount
  • Antlion Worker: Lowered health at higher levels
  • Antlion Worker: Reverted to Episode Two model
  • Fast Headcrab: Lowered attack damage by 3 per level
  • Headcrabs (all types): Will now be squished if a player jumps on them. Player will bounce. 15 Aux Power is gained.
  • Man Hack: Moves faster at higher levels - now is a formidable opponent.
  • Vortigaunt: Reduced attack damage by 60%
  • Vortigaunt: CVAR "mc_vortigaunt_zap_spread " increases the cone the Vortiguant will use for targetting


  • New module: Minion Man Hack. Spawns 2 at a time (maximum 6). Does not count towards minion limit.
  • New module: Minion Antlion Worker
  • New module: Armor Capacity. Passive. Increase the amount of armor you have.
  • New module: Clip Size. Passive. Increase the amount of bullets each clip can hold.
  • New module: Running Man. Passive. Increase your sprinting speed. Increased sprinting speed drains aux power faster.
  • New module: Aux Power Tank. Increase the size of your aux power tank.
  • New module: Armor Regen. Passive. Regenerate your armor.
  • New module: Turrets. Active. Spawn up to 2 turrets. Turrets cannot be knocked over, but can be moved by owner's gravity gun.
  • New module: Poison Spit. Active.
  • New module: Weaken. Active. Target player cannot sprint and deals 50...150% less damage for 1...10 seconds.
  • New module: Brute Force. Passive. Increase the amount of damage your melee weapon does. Increased all damage dealt by 5% for 7...15 for each kill.
  • Cloak: Will no longer show your ID tag or voice icon while cloaked
  • Cloak: Will now decloak if any active or indrect damage is dealt (players can no longer Plague and then Cloak)
  • Mag Mine: No longer affects spawn protected players
  • Mag Mine: Lowered health to 23...50
  • Lasers: Only live for 2 minutes before fading away.
  • Mind Absorb: Now activates randomly (previous activated every 10 seconds from spawn).
  • MIRV: Now detonates on impact.
  • HEALD: Can now easily be cast on friendly players.
  • Critical Hits: Now only players a sound when a crit hits a enemy.
  • Vitality: Now only affects health (previously affected max armor)
  • Strength: Renamed to Impact - now only affects ranged weapons

Development / Debugging

  • Mounted content from Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • New system: "Multiple Texture Support" - this system handles multiple textures for the same model.
  • New CMD: mc_dev_createnpc (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CMD: listmodules (will list the name of every module available to the player)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_show_damage <1/0> (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_spawnmonsterlevel (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CVAR: hud_showtargetid <1/0> (disable Modular Combat's custom ID system)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_force_ally_count (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_turret_balancing (requires sv_cheats 1)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various server and client crashes
  • Freeze Bomb: No longer indefinitely freezes players
  • Plague: Will be removed from all targets when player changes characters
  • Added more teleport blockers to dm_swamplight
  • Minions are now removed when owner disconnects
  • All monsters will no longer consider the world an enemy.
  • Rollermines are now remove when switching gamemodes

Oh yeah!

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Wasn't there already a Team Deathmatch option?
What is this? A lot of the things in the changelog have already been implemented.

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"This is a full list of all the changes we've made for Modular Combat v1.75 and v1.76 - combined."

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That really is pointless.

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No, the comment you just made is pointless and rude.

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Yeah what Dragon said :P

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