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Is the mod no longer loading correctly? Follow these easy steps to get back in the fight.

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1. Turn off the mods in the mod manager.
2. Make sure you have only one copy of mod manager running.
3. Right click on your steam icon and select library.
4. Right click on Supreme Commander 2 and select properties.
5. Select Local Files tab at the top.
6. Click verify game cache.
7. Re-enable the mod or mods through the mod manager.
8. Winning.

If you are still having trouble you may have forgotten to turn off your mods when you verified the game files. If so, take the following steps.
1. Open Supreme Commander 2 Mod Manager
2. Remove the mod or mods that are not working
3. Add the mods back to the manager
4. Re-enable the mod or mods that you want to play.
5. Winning.

Let me know if this helped you. Also, I want to remind everyone there is a bug report forum for your convenience. Good battle to you!

BlickEnforcer - - 2 comments

nope, didn't work for me, every time I launch a match, supreme commander 2 stops responding and forces me to close it.

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