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Overview of the credits list with further details included - each member has listed down what he did for the mod.

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_M O D _C R E D I T S
Watch for updates there!

To everyone that helped the mod: check out if everything and everyone is here. If not, send me a personnal message or email ( and I will make corrections to the list.

D E V E L O P E R S (in alphabetical order):
- Direct members of Back2Fronts mod team.

65kawasaki (SP maps)
- Market Garden SP map terrain and layout

CroWhiteWolf a.k.a. Captain_Victor (textures, ports)
- uniform texture templates
- ports from DoDS and RO

Estonian a.k.a. 3st0nian (SP maps)
- Radio Base SP map
- East Prussian Offensive SP map

Heavymetal (textures)
- photorealistic weapon texturing (Mauser Kar98k, MP-40)

Jessejoydb (animations)
- animations (exploring & making custom grenade animations via TNT animations, cooperation on Beretta 34)

MCh2207Cz (mod leader, SP maps, models, animations, textures, sounds, sfx, gfx, ports, scrips)
- compiling
- quality supervision
- optimalisation (LODs, texture normalisation, etc.)
- Back2Fronts weapon fire mode script
- random AI spawn system and AI scripts
- grenade pickup system idea
- death and victory quotes script
- AI rechamber script
- Back2Fronts load/save menu
- Back2Fronts options menu
- Back2Fronts combats menu
- Back2Fronts info (credits) menu
- loadscreens composition and compilation
- english localized strings (game texts)
- weaponfiles scripts (hand-held weapons, grenades, turrets, artillery)
- vehiclefiles scripts
- character + aitype scripts
- all SP map hexediting
- Market Garden SP map
- ports from 7554, BiAEiB, CoD, CoDUO, CoD2, CoD4, CoDWaW, CoDBO, EF, H&D2 (plus expansion pack), MOHAA (plus expansion packs), MOHPA, MOHA, RO2, RtCW and VC (plus expansion pack)
- soundalias scripts
- sounds (misc, music, vehicles, weapons, loop vs. single sounds, footsteps, pain, death, battle emitters, breathing, doors, brass eject, explosions, impact, shellshock, zings, russian language voices, etc.)
- material creation and hexediting (DX7 into DX9) - 2D and 3D
- 2D textures (DX7 and DX9) - hud, icons, map brushes etc.
- 3D textures (DX7 and DX9) - models
- all weapon models
- all viewhand models
- all character/uniform models
- all misc models
- all weapon animations
- CoD modding research (custom CoD2 modelling, custom CoD2 animating, SP AI uniform attachments, import of CoD1 anim-source into CoD2, import of CoD4 anim-source into CoD2, import of CoDWaW anim-source into CoD2, hexedit of CoDBO xmodels, hexedit of CoD2 xanims)

Pcapaolo (models, textures, ports)
- cooperation, ideas, corrections
- loadscreen image designs (leonspmap, stalingrad, leningrad, eastyorks2, angoville, lamaire, radiobase, redsquare and pyrrhic SP maps)
- ports from CoDWaW, CoDBO and CoDBO2
- ZB vz. 26 LOD creation
- Sherman winter texture
- QF 6pounder winter and african texture
- British jeeps templates

Person-ASC a.k.a. Fainyance11 (sounds)
- weapon sound templates (AVT-40/SVT-40 reload/fire, Bren Mk2 reload, .30cal reload, Lee-Enfield No4 clipin, Mauser Kar98k clipin, MG-42 forward, Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 clipin, PTRS-41 forward/pickup, Springfield 1903 clipin)

Perun58 (icons, sounds)
- cooperation, ideas, corrections
- 2D textures - MP team icons
- sounds - victory MP team music

Slikk (complex scripts)
- Stalingrad officer spawn/patrol fix
- Leningrad ending fix
- Demolition ending officer death fix
- Credits armored car fix
- firemode precache fix
- tank machine gun fix
- language scripts

SPLinT_CeLL (textures)
- German Fallschirmjager uniform textures (Splinter B camo, field green-grey)

Tomalla (complex scripts)
- Back2Fronts random damage screens script
- Back2Fronts sprinting script
- general menu scripts
- Back2Fronts load/save menu
- Back2Fronts options menu + reset options menu
- Back2Fronts info (credits) menu

Torre a.k.a. Torr3 (models, textures, scripts, gfx, sounds)
- weapon fire mode template
- load/save menu
- ports from CoD, CoD2, CoDWaW and MOHAA (plus expansion packs)
- weapon models and textures (P-38, Carbine M1A1, PPS-43, Beretta 38, Mannlicher-Carcano 1891, Lee-Enfield No4 stripper)

Triby (SP maps)
- SP mapping

Vassili_Tzaisev (reference, translation, texts)
- cooperation, ideas, corrections
- loadscreen texts
- reference picture searching
- historical reference searching
- spanish, german localized strings (game texts)

War_Crimes (textures)
- Bf-109 african/european texture templates
- FW200 Condor african/european texture templates
- Panzer IV african/winter texture templates
- T-34/76 european green/winter texture templates
- Fallschirmjager helmet texture templates
- other German uniform texture templates

Wicopp a.k.a. WCP (complex scripts, textures, sfx, gfx)
- cooperation, ideas, corrections
- random AI spawn system idea
- grenade pickup system idea
- Back2Fronts weapon selection menu
- Back2Fronts combats option menu
- Back2Fronts game options menu
- Back2Fronts mission selection menu
- random damage screens idea
- uniform scripts/textures templates

xxxCYCLONExxx (textures, scripts)
- German uniform texture templates
- Russian language voices import

S P E C I A L T H A N K S (in alphabetical order):
- Special thanks belongs to these people who are not in Back2Fronts mod team but their work is present in the mod to particular or full extend. Those are these one:
1) "cooperation" - people that we are cooperating with.
2) "permissioned" - people that have been contacted and asked for permission which was granted.
3) "credited" - people which could not have been contacted and their work is used under conditions of their readme/file info.

Aidas2 (permissioned - modelling)
- original Matilda model

AluCarD (credited - sfx, gfx, scripts)
- blood effect templates

(credited - SP maps)
- Leningrad SP map
- Stalingrad SP map

Chopin (permissioned - texturing)
- original Matilda textures/UV

Diego Logic (credited - utility)
- XmodelExporter - converting xmodel into OBJ or MA
- IWIxDDS converter - converting IWI into DDS

GER-Iceman (credited - utility, idea)
- IWItoDDS converter - converting IWI into DDS
- Original idea for material file hex-editing

Jakob93 a.ka. Mortyr93 (permissioned - textures)
- MP-40 texture template

KnifeInFace (permissioned - textures)
- Parabellum P-08 texture template

Leon Brinkmann (permissioned - SP maps)
- Leon SP map

Maytckis (permissioned - scripts)
- Idea for making drivers not hold their weapon

Meeshman (permissioned - textures)
- Winchester 1897, Thompson M1, SVT-40 texture templates

Pleiades a.k.a. RuhigSein (credited - idea)
- Original idea for Russian language voices using Russian localization of the CoD2 game

Pointy (credited - utility)
- DDS2IWI converter - converting DDS into IWI

Ryan Krysiak a.k.a. Ace008 (credited - SP maps)
- Lamaire SP map

Soulwax (credited - SP maps)
- Angoville SP map

Supergun11 (permissioned - models, textures)
- MP-41 wood model and texture

Taintxs (cooperation - SP maps)
- Red Square Massacre SP map

Tito Pricus (permissioned - ports)
- ports from CoDBO2

Tom BMX (permissioned - utility)
- XanimExporter - converting xanim (CoD1,2,4,WaW,BO) into 3D soft
- XmodelUtility - importing xmodel (CoD4,WaW,BO) into MA, OBJ or XMODEL_EXPORT
- LimeXmodelExporter - importing xmodel (CoD BO,BO2,MW2) into MA, OBJ or XANIM_EXPORT
- FF extractor - extracting FF archives (CoD4,WaW,BO)
- BO sound tool - decoding BO sounds

Yorkshire Rifles (credited - SP maps)
- East Yorks 2 SP map

O T H E R G A M E S P O R T S (in alphabetical order):
- We looked around some excellent games we played and enjoyed. Some stuff from them will be used (usually sounds, sometimes models and textures). This imported stuff is always modified to our needs.

Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood (BiAEiB)
Call Of Duty (CoD)
Call Of Duty: United Offensive (CoDUO, expansion pack)
Call Of Duty 2 (CoD2)
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4)
Call Of Duty: World At War (CoDWaW)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops (CoDBO)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 (CoDBO2)
Enemy Front (EF)
Hidden & Dangerous 2 (H&D2)
Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron (H&D2SS, expansion pack)
Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA)
Medal Of Honor: Spearhead (MOHSH, expansion pack)
Medal Of Honor: Breakthrough (MOHBT, expansion pack)
Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault (MOHPA)
Medal Of Honor: Airborne (MOHA)
Red Orchestra (RO)
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad (RO2)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW)
Sniper Elite (SE)
Sniper Elite 3 (SE3)
Vietcong (VC)
Vietcong: Fist Alpha (VCFA, expansion pack)


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