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Changelog of what changes this mod introduces compared to original Soulstorm. Lots of things are not mentioned here because I may have forgotten lol

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-New Background and sidebar for menus (uses unused Inquisition Daemonhunters sidebar)
-Loadscreen now has music.
-New Music.
-Imperial factions now use WHITE/BLUE lasers and Chaos uses RED lasers putting them more in line with what they are using (sentinels used to fire red laser but clearly the power pack was white and it annoyed me greatly so I changed it)

Chaos Space Marines:
- Gains access to Renegade Guardsmen, Stalk Tanks, Brass Scorpions and Bikes.
- Bodyguard unit - Ogryn Beserkers
- Bloodthrister no longer takes up population.
- Research allows it to go up to 30 pop cap for infantry and vehicles.

Dark Eldar:
-Access to Rampage and Shadow, powerful new skimmers which costs souls to build/deploy.
-Soulcage now deploys Dias of Destruction as well as the popcap increase research (30/30).
-Scourge squads now get a minor health buff.

Chaos Daemons:
- Integrated an overall pop increase corresponding to what path you chose.
- FX changes to strategic point caps

- Avatar is their max pop increaser. When it is alive Eldar population permanently boosted until death.
- Avatar costs no pop now.
- Eldar gains access to War Walker.
- Access to Autarch leader unit which can spawn a Banshee bodyguard unit (similar to Ethereal).
- 2 Ranger squads can now be deployed. Happy hunting.
- Farseer can now be upgraded via leader upgrades to detect infiltrated units.
- Guardian Squads now have minor detection capabilities.

Imperial Guard:
- Gains Access to Griffon, Medusa, 3 Leman Russ Variants, 2nd Command Squad, Mortar teams, Stormlord, Shadowsword, snipers, specialist guardsmen, conscripts and Valkyrie.
- Valkyrie acts as a mobile Infantry Command with limited reinforcement capability as well as transport.
- Sniper Squads gain benefit from all infantry upgrades.
- New voices for Gaurdsmen, old voices given to conscripts.
- Specialist Guardsmen use DOW I PDF voices with a custom capture voice :P
- Commissar voice given to Steel Legion Commissar and give DOW II voice instead.
- Airstrike Capability given to Radio Communications Tower.
- Medical supplies : Infantry now heal near HQ and Infantry Commands. Help them last a BIIIIIIT longer.
- Research that increases max cap to (30/30)

Inquistion (Daemon Hunters):
- Weapon (damage) all reworked from scratch. Daemon Hunters get a significant buff vs Daemons.
- Starts off with a missionary, but a little less requisition than other races. Missionary is only one you can get so keep it alive!
- Removed caps on Dreadnoughts (they were pretty pointless anyway) and allowed use of a Venerable Dreadnought.
- Domus Astra Telepatica gains 3 defensive abilities: Naval Mega Meta, Orbital Bombardment and Exterminatus Incipio.
- Constructing Domus Astras unlocks psy towers which are excellent support structures. Couple with purification decrees and you have a solid defence.
-Gains Access to Truesilver Armor which damages daemons that attack Grey Knight Vehicles.
-Grey Knight Librarians can now be deployed, use them well.
-Grey Knights can research Hammer of the Emperor.
-2 Grey Knight Terminators can be deployed as well as a Paladin Squad. Making Grey Knights a significant endgame force to contend with.
-Research to increase popcap to (30/30)

- Necrons can now construct 5 monoliths, each monolith increases hp of Necron Warriors, Immortals and Flayed ones.
- Deathmarks can now be used. They share a cap with Pariahs. Deathmarks can be used in the same way you use snipers for other races.
- Gains access to Monolith of the Deep, its weaker than an awakened monolith but used in conjunction with other necron units can put some serious hurt on enemies.
- Both Deathmarks and Monolith of the deep are deployed from the Greater Summoning Core.
- Energy core now holds a pop research which boosts Necrons max pop to (30/30)

- Ork population increased to 135 (was originally 150 but I had complaints about being rushed hardcore at that early game).
- Orks can now get access to hardboys, use these units as your go to combat troops to fill any orky gap.
- Now can deploy 2 mega armored nobs! Go get 'em boyz!
- Gains access to Research that increases max vehicle cap to 30
- Very much work in progress and would definitely be happy to hear ideas for them.

Sisters of Battle:
- Missionaries no longer cost cap but SoB now start with 2 less squad cap than other races.
- Seraphim and Celestian squads now receive a minor buff via research put it to good use.
- Celestian bodyguards. Your Canoness now can roam round the battlefield with a custom bodyguard unit. They can use a heavy flamer.
- Archangel - More expensive overall than Living Saint but potentially could be better overall. Both are useful in their own way.
- Rhino cap removed (considering how easy they are to counter in this mod I decided to remove it), they take longer to build the more you have on the field.
- Research that allows SoB max cap to go to (30/30).

Space Marines:
- Gets access to a First Company Veteran and a Honour Bodyguard squad.
- Hellfire Dreadnought popcap cost drops to 2 after Heavy Armour Deployment.
- Scouts can be upgraded to detect infiltrated units.
- Research that allows max pop cap to go to (30/30)

Steel Legion:
- Weapon sounds and damage reworked.
- New voices (still uncompleted for all units), I hope you like German accents :P
- What path you pick determines what max pop you end up with. A vehicle path will give you a higher Vehicle pop whereas an infantry path gives you a higher infantry pop. Regardless of which path you choose you'll end up with a max higher max pop on both Squad and Vehicle caps.
- Steel Legion commanders should now all be able to detect infiltrated units.
- Leman Russ now gets sponsons regardless of which path you pick (before was on vehicle path only.)
- Tank Ace was slightly debuffed and comes a bit later now. Was a bit OP before.

- Has the least amount of changes. Path you pick determines which max pop increases you get. Mont'ka give more Vehicle cap whereas Kauyon grants more infantry pop. Both paths are great!
- Mont'ka grants access to 3 hammerhead gunships and larger pathfinder squads with a sniper rifle upgrade.
- Whereas Kauyon gets access to more Krootox and a better armoured units in general. Choice is yours!
- Removed squad cap cost for bodyguard fire warriors.

Black Templars:
- Not much changes for it to be honest. Max cap increase was given during Heavy Armour deployment which is a perk belonging to them (aggressiveness = speed).
- Gains access to Predator Annihilator, full laser cannon load out great vs building and vehicles. This is also to help bridge the gap between other endgame units.

- Requisition rate is heavily nerfed and is unlocked via requisition upgrades. The requisition upgrades also increase maximum population caps so they more you research the stronger you are!
- Will of the Hive now has sound (makes it easier to tell if it got your commands or not)

- There are plenty of things I've forgotten if I remember I will update this again :)


As for Ork ideas, would be nice to add Wierd Boy and Gretchin Stompa.

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