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This article is about the Media's Reception to my "Age of DOOM" mod. 15 important media pages were mentioned...

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WHY DID I WRITE THIS ARTICLE?: Hi!.. In fact my "Age of DOOM" mod was mentioned many times in many media (or news) pages. Because it had an interesting concept. It combined the Age of Empires 2 game engine with the "Doom" and "Doom 3" style gameplay (and also storytelling). So many media pages mentioned about my mod. I want to write about 15 important media pages that mentioned my mod as news.

However there are much more than 15 media pages in total. You can write "Age of Empires Doom" or "Age of Doom mod" in search engines to see the results. I chose the important 15 pages to mention them here.

Also special thanks to all people who mentioned about my mod. I am grateful to them.


  • 1-) PC Gamer: "Age of DOOM takes an engine for one thing, assets for another, and makes something entirely different..." (Click HERE)

PC Gamer


  • 2-) IGN (Spain): It mentioned about my mod with Spanish. (However you can translate it with your device.) (Click HERE)



  • 3-) DSO Gaming: "This amazing mod for Age of Empires 2 lets you experience Doom as a strategy game..." (Click HERE)



  • 4-) Gamebanana: "To all the AoE2 and Doom fans out there, i recommend this mod just to play around with as well there is nothing else like it..." (Click HERE)

Game Banana


  • 5-) The Gamer: "You Can Now Play Doom In Age Of Empires 2 Thanks To This Mod..." (Click HERE)



  • 6-) PC Games N: "Age of Doom is basically a Diablo-style isometric shooter. The sound effects and sprites are all drawn from the original Doom games, but there are sound clips included in the campaign from later in the series. The campaign includes four episodes, plus a tutorial mission. Modder Hellknight61 says a final episode, called ‘Hellhole Teleportation Portal Gate’ is still in the works. You can swap weapons and shift tactics using Age of Empires II’s chat panel – it’s kind of genius..." (Click HERE)



  • 7-) Games Radar: "Age of Empires 2 Doom mod brings the hordes of hell to the strategy game..." (Click HERE)



  • 8-) GameRant: "Using Age of Empire 2's engine, a modder has rebuilt the entirety of the original Doom campaign as an isometric tactical shooter..." (Click HERE)



  • 9-) Happy Mag: "A fiery new mod by HELLKNIGHT61 turns Age of Empires II into a top-down, 3D version of id Software’s iconic Doom..." (Click HERE)



  • 10-) ScreenRant: "Created by four people, Age of Doom is the next total conversion mod for fans of Doom and Age of Empires who are looking to scratch a nostalgia itch. Though definitely not the last total conversion mod to come out for either title, players who want a mix of Age of Empire's real-time strategy with Doom's brutal action-packed gameplay can jump in for a brand new 90's experience..." (Click HERE)



  • 11-) Itigic: "From the hand of modder Hellknight61 comes this personalized campaign for Age of Empire II called Age of DOOM, a playable story that will allow us to enjoy an adventure inspired by the original DOOM, since the creator of this mod has used game resources such as original game sounds and sprites. The result is an adventure in isometric perspective with the gameplay of Age of Empires , tremendously original and with very striking results, since it mixes things from DOOM and DOOM 3, such as the presence of Betruger as the main villain..." (Click HERE)



  • 12-) Tech Unwrapped: "Age of Empires II becomes Doom with this incredible mod..." (Click HERE)



  • 13-) RTS Gaming: "Found by DSOG, Age of Empires 2 modder HELLKNIGHT61 recently released a project called Age of Doom. Using assets from the original AoE game, along with some custom-made assets, this mod recreated the campaign and mechanics of the original Doom game into AoE2. The player has a “doomguy” unit that they select and command like any normal RTS, while interacting with things like teleporters, elevators, keys, and shotguns..." (Click HERE)

RTS Gaming


  • 14-) CBR: "Age of Empires Can Now Play Doom Because Why Not?.." (Click HERE)



  • 15-) AOTF: "The game has 4 Episodes, each in a new area giving details about the lore of the campaign while drawing inspiration from previous developers like John Romero and Sandy Petersen. Trying to achieve a similar vibe and pace to the maps of the former developers..." (Click HERE)



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