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Overview of the major Imperial Splinter Factions and their mechanics.

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Inspired by mechanics seen in strategy games such as Stellaris, and an expansion on UGCW's coup mechanics, a number of splinter factions can break off from the Galactic Empire and reign havoc if not suppressed before they turn, or not stomped out before they spread.

If certain prerequisites are established, than an event will fire. Some dialogue will be exchanged which gives a brief overview as to what the situation is, and then you are presented a choice:

---Embrace the Coup

---Resist the Coup

Embracing it will grant you a seemless takeover and a new Emperor/ruler for the Galactic Empire. Along with this, their faction specific units/gameplay changes will be granted to the player.

Resist, and the faction will spawn as a hostile entity with a small amount of planets to their name, and a force of troops, ships, and heroes to combat you. While they are no friends to the Alliance or Crimson Dawn, and their primary foe will be you: The Imperial Player, they will skirmish with other neighboring factions if they so choose.

As the mechanic develops, more details will be posted. For now, enjoy this snapshot as to some of the despoilers of the Empire:


A cabal of conspirators, led by the Triumvirate of Grand Moff Trachta, Clone Master Atha Prime, and mad scientist Doctor Cylo. Using advanced cybernetic and cloning technology, they aim to reform the Empire into a secular one based on science and cold rationality.


Led by the treacherous Admiral Zaarin, this small yet deadly thorn uses its vast and advanced starfighter corps to annoy Imperial sectors and installations. Combined with the Byss Mages led by former Emperor's Hand Arden Lyn, they present a worrying threat.


More of a "terrorocracy" than anything else, Grand Moff Tarkin realizes the power at his fingertips at the helm of the Death Star. Using it as a rallying symbol to attract both his loyal prodigies and fearful commanders, Tarkin's warpath will be the most destructive one--as he has no qualms against firing his ultimate weapon on any who oppose his path to the throne.


When Jedi aspirant Luke Skywalker joined forces with his father on Bespin, Vader decided to truly convert his Death Squadron into his personal fiefdom. As Lord of the most skilled fleet in the Empire, and with his son's ever-growing strengh in the arts of the Sith, Vader plans on burning his way to Coruscant and toppling the man who caused him so much grief.

Paladin_Prime - - 49 comments

This looks great, looking forward for this.

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jimchristou - - 243 comments

what about the one with general gentis and the imperial rebellion on coruscant?

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Penumbral Author
Penumbral - - 232 comments

Yes, that will likely be implemented too. Just not quite sure how yet.

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