Description of the main mod features that will be present in mod. It also shows a work-in-progress-meter.

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Watch for updates there!

Back2Fronts will be separated into SP and MP parts and those parts will also be released separately. As already said our mod is to bring much more intense, realistic and full battle experience. From our point of view the best way to achieve this is to give the player more options and diversity. Original CoD2 has not many unique stuff. This is especially the case of characters and sounds but also textures and effects. Also limited number of weapons and vehicles was the same issue.

S I N G L E P L A Y E R P A R T:
We want to correct it by creating a lot of new weapons (with new models, new animations and everything around like weapon sounds or weapon effects).
The second big space for modding are sounds. We want to include a huge pallete of unique sounds so that you will not experience all the same sound looping again and again. This covers everything from weapon sounds, various "technic" ones, bullet hits, hand grenade explosions (now dependant on surface type), bullet zings (when a bullet goes really near to the player), smoke grenade puffs, artillery and other types of explosions, death and pain sounds (divided into parts for each nation), battle emitters (sounds of battle playing in the background), breathing etc. We were able to add also something new to sounds - particulary the ejected case impact - when you fire your weapon, most of the weapons eject the spent case out of weapon. Now you can hear the ejected case hitting the ground!
Another big changes are going to be in effects section. We know in the team that CoD games are really "oversmoked" which on one side may be "realistic" but it makes your computer lagging. And our mod will add quite a lot of stuff which means a lot of memory needed. So we will include a "nosmoke" addition to our mod. Also all other effects will be remade to more reasonable (but also nice!) and "smokeless" extend. This should give you extra FPS!
The next part to look at is the 2D graphics - from main and all other menus to players HUD and various icons. The CoD2's icons were not really bad but we made much better ones! We hope that they will help you get the feeling of a WWII better!
We had to rewrite some localizedstrings (game's texts), please note that the Back2Fronts will contain English text! So it will convert your CoD2 into English text! We had to do this because our mod required new texts. We want to include national localizations some time but it is not high priority, higher priority is the mod! Same case as the national localization is the censor patch for countries where Nazi symbols are prohibited (like Germany), our mod is to be realistic so it will contain Nazi symbolism to give you the "real" feeling of the era. The patch will naturaly censor these.
Finally there are scripts for everything from weaponfiles and vehiclefiles to main menu and new mod features. To weapons and vehicles - we have developed a way how to pump the CoD2 with the as realistic (and also fun) settings for weapons/vehicles as possible. So no more "run and gun"!
The new mod features will include for example random damage screens for player when he is hit. We also added a lot of new death and victory quotes (even some that were originaly censored). Probably the most interesting script stuff is sprinting feature in condition never used in CoD2.
Main menu will be heavily altered as well. The whole menu system has been visually edited to fit Back2Fronts. This includes mainly new layout, style andbackground images. Additionally we created a bunch of new menus. Back2Fronts credits menu with list of authors. Back2Fronts options menu containing switchable (on/off) options to alter gameplay like AI disply names, enable compass, enable hit direction icon etc., now with reset defaults button. Load/save game menu has been made, but is not in definitive version because of some bugs. Planned item is the Back2Fronts info menu containing mod's manual and content information.

W O R K I N P R O G R E S S M E T E R:
WIP = work in progress (percentage of completeness)

two-handed weapons:
- Beretta 38 WIP: 50%
- Lee-Enfield No4 scoped and unscoped WIP: 50%
- Greasegun WIP: 20%
- Garand M1 scoped and unscoped WIP: 100%
- Winchester 1897 WIP: 60%
- MP-38, MP-40 and MP-41 WIP: 95%
- Stengun silenced and unsilenced/early and late WIP: 100%
- Thompson M1 and M1A1 WIP: 95%
- PPSh-41 WIP: 95%
- PPS-42 and PPS-43 WIP: 50%
- Carbine M1 WIP: 100%
- Carbine M1A1 WIP: 50%
- Carbine M2 WIP: 95%
- MP-44 unscoped, scoped, vampyr WIP: 50%
- AVT-40 WIP: 95%
- SVT-40 scoped and unscoped WIP: 95%
- G-41 WIP: 100%
- G-43 scoped and unscoped WIP: 95%
- Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 scoped and unscoped WIP: 100%
- Springfield 1903 scoped and unscoped/late and early WIP: 100%
- Mauser Kar98k scoped and unscoped WIP: 95%
- FG-42 early scoped and unscoped WIP: 50%
- FG-42 late scoped and unscoped WIP: 50%
- BAR M1918A2 early and late WIP: 95%
- Bren Mk2 WIP: 95%
- MG-42 portable WIP: 100%
- MG-34 portable WIP: 100%
- .30cal portable WIP: 60%
- DP-28 portable WIP: 0%
- PTRS-41 WIP: 50%
- Bazooka late WIP: 95%
- Bazooka early WIP: 0%
- Panzerschreck early WIP: 100%
- Panzerschreck late WIP: 100%
- Panzerfaust 60 WIP: 95%

one-handed weapons:
- binoculars WIP: 100%
- Colt 1911A1 WIP: 100%
- High-Standard silenced and unsilenced WIP: 95%
- Luger silenced and unsilenced WIP: 95%
- P-38 silenced and unsilenced WIP: 95%
- TT33 WIP: 100%
- Webley Mk4 WIP: 50%
- Browning HP WIP: 70%
- Beretta 34 WIP: 80%

grenade weapons:
- RGD33 attack and frag WIP: 95%
- Stielhandgranate attack and frag WIP: 95%
- Nebelhandgranate smoke WIP: 50%
- Molotov WIP: 50%
- Thermite grenade WIP: 95%
- AN-M8 smoke WIP: 95%
- Mk2 frag WIP: 95%
- No36 frag WIP: 95%
- No77 smoke WIP: 95%
- potato WIP: 95%
- satchel charge WIP: 0%

turret weapons:
- naval cannon 15cm C/36 WIP: 95%
- MG-42 WIP: 95%
- MG-34 WIP: 20%
- .30cal WIP: 95%
- DP-28 WIP: 95%
- Maxim PM-1910 WIP: 95%
- FlaK88 WIP: 95%
- PaK40 WIP: 30%

- Panzer IV WIP: 30%
- Bf109 WIP: 95%
- Ju87 Stuka WIP: 95%
- He111 WIP: 95%
- FW200 Condor WIP: 95%
- T34/76 WIP: 20%
- Spitfire WIP: 0%
- P51 Mustang WIP: 0%
- P47 Thunderbolt WIP: 0%
- Il-2 Sturmovik WIP: 0%

- Weapon sounds WIP: 50%
- Bullet hits WIP: 25%
- Hand grenade explosions WIP: 25%
- Bullet zings WIP: 25%
- Smoke grenade puffs WIP: 50%
- Artillery and other types of explosions WIP: 25%
- Death and pain sounds WIP: 25%
- Battle emitters WIP: 25%
- Breathing and other misc WIP: 100%
- Ejected case impact WIP: 100%



- random AI spawn system WIP: 95%
- weapon appearance according to history WIP: 95%
- AI rechamber script WIP: 95%
- hand-held weaponfiles WIP: 80%
- grenade weaponfiles WIP: 95%
- turret weaponfiles WIP: 95%
- character + AItype files WIP: 50%
- vehiclefiles WIP: 80%
- random damage screens WIP: 100%
- death and victory quotes WIP: 100%
- sprinting feature WIP: 100%
- weapon fire mode WIP: 100%
- english localizedstrings WIP: 80%
- main menu background WIP: 100%
- main menu WIP: 75%
- load/save game menu WIP: 100%
- Back2Fronts options menu WIP: 95%
- Back2Fronts combats menu WIP: 95%
- Back2Fronts info menu WIP: 95%

C O N T A C T:
You can contact us at MCh2207Cz's email:


It'll be awesome , I hope you finish it fast , Thanks to you Back2Front

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Please Man , Can you send me a demo or beta version of your mod please , I want to use it please .

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just download the Back to Front Visuals, in the download section

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mmmh tell me... why the M1A1 Carbine model? will u insert the airborne too? O.o

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I never knew Back2Fronts was such a major overhaul.

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C´mon, people still awaits for this, this mod can´t stop! Bring to us the news!!!

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need.. to.. have.. ..sight ..estimated ..release

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Good Work. Ill keep an eye on you guys.

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