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Some tips on how to setup your LOUD game for the best results with it's AI.

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Getting the best results for a LOUD game

One of the most common issues when new users use the LOUD project is assuming that this is going to be just like the existing stock or Sorian AI packages. It's not. The LOUD Project will give your game of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance the headroom it needs to operate effectively so any idea that you need to have restrictive unit caps in order to keep performance acceptable should be put on the back burner. In order to see just how effective LOUD can be, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Unit Caps

As an AI, LOUD effectively needs a unit cap of at least 700 to do most of what he can do. This, in most cases will give him the headroom to fight on land, sea and air, and move effectively across large maps. Ideally, an unlimited unit cap will allow him to grow and build to the extent of his resources.

Unit Restrictions

LOUD uses ALL his units effectively, but most important to him are his intelligence assets. That means land scouts, frigates and scout and spy planes. LOUD will make aggressive use of these assets to keep his 'picture' of the world current. The no-fog-of-war option, while it will reveal the entire map, does not keep the AI's intelligence map up to date, so keep that in mind.

Likewise, air transports are also important, and while LOUD will function without them, his ability to reach across larger maps is greatly inhibited, and you won't be getting his best game.

Likewise, with artillery and nukes, LOUD will use them as part of his arsenal, but we have many players who prefer to play without - and that's ok -- LOUD knows how to funnel those extra resources into things that might make you say "ouch".

To address the above issues, we've added some additional unit restriction options that will allow you to keep all those nasty things out of your game, but still give LOUD the tools he needs to play effectively.

Number of Opponents

It's not necessary to have even numbers of opponents - the ability for LOUD to quickly fill up a map and manage a large area efficiently often makes him more dangerous when he's outnumbered. Also, using multiple AI's in a game does have a small negative performance impact. If you're concerned about it being too lopsided when you set up your game - then you need to consider the cheating AIx and a cheat multiplier.

Cheating AI (aka AIx)

There is no operational difference between the LOUD and LOUDER (AIx) settings. The only additional features of the LOUDER AI is the ability to set a 'cheat' multiplier, and other minor capabilities. In fact, we've provided a .9 cheat multiplier so that you can actually give LOUD a handicap if you need to. The multiplier is very straightforward - more resources, more build power and minor increases to some basic stats. To that end, we will soon be eliminating the choice (since it seems to just confuse users).

A cheat multiplier is a good way to 'balance' a game, but be forewarned. LOUD doesn't need huge bonuses to be effective. So start conservatively and work up. If you want humiliation - we've provided settings of 1.4 and up - we just never use them.


We've included a lot of re-marked maps to be used with the LOUD AI Project. While these have been greatly optimized for use, that doesn't mean you can't use your own maps - as long as a map has AI markers on it, LOUD will play on it - maybe not well - but you never know. If you think there is a map that we 'must' have, let us know - we'll consider it.

Size is very important. In the past - large maps meant slow performance. That's no longer true. In fact, LOUD was constructed especially for 40km maps and long games - that's why performance is so important for us. He's not so great on small maps, but we learn more about him every day and your comments on what worked, and what didn't, and what settings you were using, help us make him more responsive -- so, your feedback is vital.


We've included a good list of popular mods as part of the LOUD Project. All of them have been specifically adapted for use with the LOUD Project with two notable exceptions -- the two Resource Rich mods. Those mods greatly inflate the amount of resources reported by mass extractors, fabricators and power generators. As such, they have an impact on a number of areas that the AI has some trouble adapting to - and the game scaling generally gets easily out of control - use them with caution.

Other than above, all the other included mods are either popular unit packs (Black Ops, Total Mayhem), User Interface mods (Supreme Scoreboard, Supreme Economy or music mods) or LOUD specific mods that introduce game features, unit upgrades and some unique units not part of the other unit packs.

You can use any, or all of them, as you see fit, to enhance your Forged Alliance experience.

Other 3rd party mods may or may not function properly with LOUD, so we're always interested to hear what you think we're missing -- so speak up. But be LOUD.


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