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Dark Gaia Studios' role playing game, Legionwood, allows players to design their own character classes and define their heroes as they see fit. Today, Dark Gaia released a "character builder's guide" explaining how the character building works and hot to create the best characters.

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Learn how to use your Stats appropriately!

The following are the stats that your characters use in Legionwood and how each of them work. If you know how each of these values actually affects your character's combat ability, your time with the AP System will be so much easier and you'll find character building a lot
more fun!

Attack determines the base power for your physical attacks (attacks using the Strike command) and physically geared Techs. The higher your Attack stat, the more damage these commands deal.

Defense determines how succeptible you are to enemy physical attacks. Higher Defense values reduce the damage you take from an enemy's physical attacks or physically oriented Techs. (Basically, any attack where the enemy sprite actually moves up to your character to attack and does not include a casting animation)

Intellect determines two things important for spellcasters. Firstly, it determines the base power of your magically geared Techs, and secondly it reduces the amount of damage you take from an enemy's spells. Higher Intellect means that your spells are stronger and that your enemy's spells affect you less.

Agility determines the order in which the combatants act. If you have a higher Agility, you will be able to take your turn before the other participants in the battle. Agility also affects the success rate
of fleeing; if characters have higher Agility, the party can flee more often.

Accuracy determines how often your physical attacks and physically oriented Techs will hit. Your Accuracy value represents the percentage (out of 100) that your attacks will not miss. It is important to note that Accuracy only determines your base hit rate; the Evade rate of the enemy is also important in determining if you hit.

Evade determines how often you are able to dodge the enemy's physical attacks and physically oriented Techs. Your Evade value represents the percentage (out of 100) that you will dodge an attack. Like Accuracy, it is important to note that this stat only determines your base evade rate; even with a high Evade, an enemy with higher Accuracy may still hit you often.


Critical determines how often your physical attacks will hit for critical damage. The Critical value represents the percentage (out of 100) that your attack will be a critical hit. Higher Critical values
mean you hit for critical damage more often.

Threat determines how often you are targetted in battle by the enemy. Higher Threat values mean you'll get attacked more often. Combine high Threat values with high Defense, Evade and HP to create the ultimate "Tank" character.

Some ultimate Character Builds!

Ever eager to break Legionwood's battles in as many ways as possible, intrepid beta testers Demonlord 5000 and Ark Reaver have provided some truly fantastic character setups which will get you through the game's hardest battles without a sweat.
The main draw of Legionwood's character advancement system is that you can create your own classes and make each character grow how you want them to, but these are some sample character setups that are both balanced and powerful.

The Masterful Spellcaster
Advantage: Assuming you know the enemy's weakness, you can hit for upwards of 2000 damage per turn.

Skills to learn: Every magic based Tech available, plus Study Enemies to make sure you know what your foe's weakness is and are able to choose the right spell to cast. This character setup
can also unleash some strong healing, so a healing spell is a good choice too.

Equipment to wear: Weapons and armor that raise Intelligence and Agility.

Stats to spend AP on: Intelligence and Agility, plus maybe some Evasion and Defense.

The Emboldened Knight
Advantage: Who needs to remember elemental attributes when your physical attack can deal upwards of 1000 damage each turn?

Skills to learn: Physical based Techs, plus Attack and Defense raising abilities as well as a healing spell for when the going gets tough.

Equipment to wear: Speed is no concern when you want raw power, so the strongest, heaviest weapons and accesories which boost Attack.

Stats to spend AP on: Attack, Accuracy and Critical.

The Righteous Protector
Advantage: Who cares about the enemy's skills when you either negate or evade all damage?

Skills to learn: Defense raising abilities and Agility raising abilities, plus abilities which lower the foe's Attack and Agility.

Equipment to wear: The heaviest, sturdiest armors and Defense raising accesories.

Stats to spend AP on: Defense and Evasion.

The Nimble Rogue
Advantage: Is able to move faster than the opponents and attacks never miss, plus is fast enough to hinder the foe with status effects early on.

Skills to learn: Agility raising abilities, Attack raising abilities, and Techs which inflict status ailments on the foe.

Equipment to wear: The lightest armor and weapons which both have a high hit rate and can inflict status ailments on foes.

Stats to spend AP on: Agility, Accuracy and Evasion.

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