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Thank you very much to everyone that contributed with this mod. We will for sure have the english translation available on 27th december or 28th december, sorry for the delay!

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Team Leader: Mikeboix (its me)


SirSowort99: for his great help in the first two years of development
Neodrako: for his great help with scripts scripts and Module System
Geryencir: for his great companions stories
Gerik: for his help with texts
John spider: for his help with textures and models
Barón: for his nice scenes and testing
Waopatios: for his awesome scenes
Mark7: for his awesome textures and models
Valan: for his scenes and great models and textures
Grimbol: for helping us with the first steps of development
Aaron Frie: for his great artworks and textures
Jack Felice: for his great artworks
JBJ, Swyter e Idibil: for his help with module system
Comrade Crimson: for his awesome battle voices
Hernanxd16: for his help with banners textures
Fladin, thewanderingknight and Lor Dric: for their support and kind help with Module System and scripting issues.


rus armor pack:
polished landscapes:
sonyer armor pack:
El juego Battle for westnoth por su estupenda música:
osp items variant:
teutonic and lithuan items:
fantasy scene props:
dark age osp:
Fred armor pack:
pino armor pack:
russian armor:
sly armor:
waewulf lp:
wei xiadi osp:
Scenes ->
New braziers ->
New props ->
Props TLD ->
Luca's pack->
More horses ->
Brytenwalda armas, armaduras y escudos ->
weapons BB ->
Hide shields:
Fences and well:
new faces:
arab armors:
mongol armors:
Bedja weapons ->
turkish robes:
tartalo music:
training fields:
8 castles:
chinese stuff:
pegasus armory:
black armors:
Gondenjoseph sonidos taverna:
music dracaena marginata:
Roman era buildings:
XIII century eastern europe:
Utrehd castle pack:
civilians mod Lav:
better banners mod:
The last days of the third age:
Man at arms:

Materials with authors' permission:

Animations, models & sling textures, from Rome at War 2, permission given by Alxcruel:
Imperial Rome resources and building textures, permission given by Valery-51:
Music -> Battle for Westnoth, Adrian Von Ziegler, Tartalo, Derek Fiechter

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