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Showing off the latest artwork for Greedy Bankers vs The World, the iPad successor to the original iPhone game. The new characters act as opponents in Story Mode, and will act us unlockable player characters. And they've been a lot of fun to draw!

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This post was originally featured on the developer's blog, Drawn in Red Biro.

The iPad version of the game, Greedy Bankers vs The World is due this August, but iPhone owners can already download the original game, Greedy Bankers, from here!

With Greedy Bankers vs The World for iPad, I've been keen to extend the cast of bankers and add a bunch of new characters. Much like in arcade classics Puyo Puyo and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, these new characters will act as a gauntlet of opponents, right up to a final boss fight!The characters will also be unlockable and selectable as player-characters in Versus Mode. So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the latest images!

<!-- more -->I had quite a clear idea in my head of what a female banker in the Greedy Bankers establishment would look like. I wanted her to come off as a real ice lady who has too many important calls to make to waste time playing silly iPad games with you. I still have to work on the face in some of the frames, as it's sometimes a little inconsistent.

The next character I knew I wanted to draw was a robot banker. This guy went through various iterations before I settled on making him an ATM with arms. He's my favourite character to draw at the moment!

Each character has a range of static poses to use in different situations: winning a game, losing, forcing a countdown on you, being threatened, and a couple of poses for the introductory story sections. You get a bit of a picture of it in my recent AI demo video, although I plan to make it a bit more pronounced when you're playing in Story Mode.

I've also come up with a few new pieces of artwork for the original two bankers. Neither of them had a suitable pose for losing a game, and so I had to work that one out from scratch. I haven't drawn these guys for a while, so it's quite strange going back to it and trying to keep them on-model!

And finally, a sneaky peak at the big baddie? Who's really behind the financial crisis? I can't say that yet, for risk of ruining the ending! Nevertheless, a silhouette will suffice for now.

It's great to have so much new artwork to show, but as always there's plenty left to do. I have a lot of work to do on the menus and user-interface at the moment, which is horribly fiddly, and I also have a load of backgrounds to do, which I tend to find more of a challenge than characters. Nevertheless, onwards and upwards! Can't wait to show off more!

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Characters look good :)

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