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The first Warcraft 3 map to provide joystick control. Here is short video demonstrating how it works.

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Garden's Tale supports a fully working joystick control. The purpose is to allow you to play the game with ease, also to aid you in playing some mini games like ring out, etc. However, the map will be completely playable both with joystick or mouse-keyboard, and we will make sure those will be pretty much equally comfortable.

Here is a short old video showing how the movement works with the joystick. But, again it's an old video which is a bit outdated (doesn't represent its current state). And unfortunately the map is under circumstances at which we can't make a new video out of it, yet. But we will update this feature article when the time comes.



X: Interact with objects/characters
: Use item
R1: Switch inventory (tools & items)
R2: Swap items
L1: Turn on/off flashlight
L3: Rotate camera to unit's facing (free third person camera mode only)
R3: Switch between camera modes (1 - Normal /2 - Locked third person/3 - Free third person)
Left analog: Move
Right analog: Rotate camera (third person camera mode only)


The camera tracking could be a little smoother. Otherwise, that's pretty insane. This is native controller support? (It must be, it looks like it can detect sensitivity)

I have no idea how this could be accomplished without some very extreme and heavy hacking.

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henrys. Author

The camera has been much better now. The video doesn't show that yet. I will upload a new video later.

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That looks great, movements in the demo video was absolutely nice.

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henrys. Author


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