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Well if you are a DoomIII fan then this mod is for you! A little about the mod: Last Man Standing is a mod where you join up with other people to fight off swarms of attacking monsters.

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The mod is in its begining stages and just released. The co-op part of the mod isnt even ready yet and the mod really does seem to capture the old days of dooming. Especially with the upcomming release of co-op which i think will really pull people back in and help grow the current Doom3 multiplayer community.

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Music is fast and fits in well with the gameplay, and the maps play very well as you battle it out with hundreds of the enemy. I was only in the first map mind you.

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Here is a list of the main features included in the Beta 0.1 release:


  • Brand new menu with new graphics, sound, etc
  • Shoulder flashlight
  • The maps include four different difficulty levels for players of varying skill
  • Score system
  • End of game score display
  • Kicking soundtrack to every map
  • Walk speed changed to equal runspeed
  • Weapons
    (note: Models for the double barrel and plasmathrower were unfortunately not completed for this release, but will hopefully be in the next one)

  • Pistol is 3 shot
  • Double Barrel shotgun - single shot auto-reload version
  • Chaingun with 300 round belt and a lower rate of fire
  • Plasmathrower - Turned the plasmagun into a flamethrower using plasma
  • Maps
    Six maps were included in this release. They feature adrenaline pumping action where the monsters come after you instead of you having to go after the monsters.

    Features we are thinking about including in the next release:

  • Co-op (Obviously)
  • Double barrel with a clip reload and delayed slightly more than the regular shotgun
  • Fortcomp revamped (fortcomp with improved gfx and new waves)
  • New maps if we can fit it in
  • Grenade tweaks
  • Chaingun with a high rate of fire and gfx tweaks to reduce lag
  • Model for the double barrel shotgun
  • Model for the Plasmathrower
  • "So give the mod a shot! We'd love to hear any comments and suggestions you have about the mod so feel free to stop and post in our forums or join us in our IRC channel at @ channel #lms-mod We really hope you enjoy the Beta 0.1 release :)"

    Co-op News
    We have made a lot of progress in terms of co-op. They plan on posting screens of it in action when they can. Also Burn is working on putting together a video of a few us playing co-op. The team isnt 100% about when Co-op will be ready so be ready!

    Feature Image
    Feature Image Who are you, what is your real name? Where are you from?

    My online alias is calimer, my real name is Michael Tomaino, and I'm from Upstate New York. Tell me about the mod? Describe the feeling behind making the mod this far?

    The mod is mainly about trying to survive against vast amounts of monsters. The first gameplay mode is going to feature working together as a team to survive against hordes of monsters for a certain amount of time, to pull off a successful retreat, or a similar variation. The second gameplay mode will feature the option of either Free For All or Team action where players will compete against each other to try to be the last one left alive, or in other words, the Last Man Standing.

    Working on this mod has been an incredible thrill. I have been having an absolute blast working with the team. We compliment each other so well that it is almost scary at times. Also playing coop and the great maps is pretty fun too :) How long have you been working on Last Man Standing

    We've been working on Last Man Standing since around late August of 2004. However the majority of the time we only had a few active members and not much was getting accomplished. This was due in part to the fact that our members mainly consisted of mappers and we didn't have any coders. During the month of December 2004 we picked up a bunch of new recruits, including two coders, and we truly became the solid, unified force that exists today. What is the best feature in the mod so far? For those new to Doom3 and Doom3 modding how do we attempt this awesome feature.

    My favorite feature of course is being able to fight against monsters with teamates who are real people, aka Coop. It is such an thrilling experience, and poor Iten and AO must be so sick of me bugging them to play. My favorite experience was one time when an imp was chasing either AO or Iten through a door. I ran after the imp, put my shotgun to the back of its neck and blew it apart over the doorway. Coming to Iten's rescue after he was getting pulled apart in a corner was pretty fun too, which you will hopefully see soon in a video we are releasing.

    To attempt this awesome feature you need to be a coding guru like AO and Iten because they are simply amazing. I think it is so interesting to watch them exchanging code back and forth all day about issues that are far over my head. I couldn't be happier with the way things are progressing. What are the weapons for Last Man Standing?

    The new weapons and weapon tweaks are as follows.
    -The Pistol was given a bigger clip and a three shot burst.
    -The shotgun was changed into a double barrel shotgun. Right now it is single shot with autoreload (much like the double barrel in the earlier dooms) It might be changed to hold a clip in the future and hold more rounds.
    -The chaingun was given a bigger belt (300) and a lower rate of fire. We are currently testing new versions of it to get the best feel possible.
    -The plasmagun was changed into a plasmathrower which causes intense damage at close range. What maps were made and how do they fit the mod?

    Fortcomp10 (calimer)
    note-- This map is meant to be a standalone, and not used with the mod. It was created with the original Doom3 weapons in mind. This is the classic LMS map that was the first example the type of gameplay to be used in the mod.

    Hangar Incursion (Timbobsteve)
    Takes place inside the hangar of a base. You are constantly being pushed back by swarms of enemies while needing to hack through security doors to continue your retreat. This map does end, and has a nice special surprise for those that beat it.

    Loading Dock (Beerman)
    The player starts off in an area of a base near a train station. While fighting off hordes, the player must make his way to the train station and escape aboard the train. This map does end too. The player needs to try to escape from the hordes by reaching the train and

    Portal Defense (Beerman)
    Takes place inside a huge spherical chamber. A portal straight from hell opens up and the player is forced to fight an endless legion of monsters. Try to see how high you can get your score each time.

    Commando Attack (SpawnFT)
    This map is a small room with unending amounts of Commandos. See how long you can last in this very addicting map.

    Chambers of Misery (Mercykiller)
    A very dark and hellish set of rooms that features endless waves of monsters.

    These maps fit the mod because they feature huge battles against large swarms of monsters and attempt to create panic and fear in the player. We really want make the player feel the need to retreat in terror and these maps all try to accomplish that. Also each of the maps includes a heavy metal soundtrack that tries to pump the player's adrenaline level even further. We wanted to create fun and exciting gameplay on our maps and tried our best to accomplish this. Whats planned for the next version of Lat Man Standing? What new features?

    The main new feature to be introduced into the next version is of course multiplayer. Also the weapons are going to be tweaked more to fit gameplay. New maps are also being developed and the old ones are going to be tweaked to work with multiplayer. A script is in development to make the maps add more monsters on servers with more players. In addition, hopefully there will be a revision to fortcomp with all new waves. A new menu has already been completed that features all the regular doom3 options. We hope to have new models of the double barrel shotgun and Plasmathrower as well. We are also developing new ways for players to submit their highscores from the maps so that we can have a list of the top ranked players on our site. The month is still young so there is going to be much more to come. What mods do you like?

    Needless to say my current favorite of course is Last Man Standing :) Other mods that I used to play were TFC for Halflife and Vampire Slayer. I have been waiting for a good fantasy mod on either Halflife or Doom3 but so far to my knowledge there aren't any. I know they aren't mods but my favorite games of all time are Kings Field and Kings Field 2. I absolutely love those games, they are fantastic though a bit graphically outdated to say the least. The original Dooms were favorites of mine as well, and we are trying to bring back a lot of the feel from those games to our mod. Final thoughts:

    I would just like to thank moddb and Bluewolf for giving us the special honor of being interviewed. It is an incredible experience and one that we greatly appreciate. Also I'd really like to thank the Last Man Standing team for all the hard work they've put into the mod and for their unyielding dedication, you guys are an extreme pleasure to work with. Also I would like to thank all of our supporters who have brightened our days with their constant positive feedback and helped to drive us harder to create a quality mod.

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