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Isla Oculta has changed a lot since it was first thought of.

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For now the mod will only be multi-player. We hope to add single-player though. We really aren't sure about all the features but there will be guns and gore. I will update this more when I add new coding. The game modes will be sort of like some zombies mods most of you have played. There will be a Survival Mode. There will be an Escape Mode. There will also be a Collection (name will change) mode. In Survival you have to survive for a certain amount of time. In escape mode you have to get to a certain place. If you ever played Counter-Strike Source ze it will be like that. In Collection you have to collect items like keys and things like that so you can escape. You might have to hold out a position. I am still deciding if some dinosaurs could be played as humans. There probably be a mod with Dinosaurs (humans) vs. Humans (humans).

Features so far
- Ironsights
- Head Bob

Don't worry if the icon and stuff says Isla Oculto. I will get around changing that sometime. It would be if awesome if someone could help me because I am not very good at PhotoShop.


Here's some input...

1) Why not use some Half Life:Blue Shift-esque skins for the weapons? I reckon that a paleontologist wouldn't need an HEV suit for excavation of bones...or tactical gloves.
2) I'd throw in some military involvement, because fighting dinos all the time isn't very variable in gameplay.
3) Make the flare be able to distract the dinos and/or attack other NPCs.

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about privatesnowballs ideas i did like th 3 one he said, also i like were u are going with this i'll seem really cool, and the features would be awesome if u could implament them. i hope the best for this, i would lend u my weapons modeler, but hes all booke up with my mod right now.:( srry.

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