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Welcome to our introduction and first dev blog for Don't Drive Drunk, our soon to be released game. Make sure to check out the trailer!

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Hi everyone!

We are really excited to be revealing four months worth of hard work to the IndieDB community. Our game, Don’t Drive Drunk has been in development for four months by a team of two. To get a better idea of how the game feels and what it looks like we have made a short trailer for you all to enjoy! (Please bear in mind that it is just a trailer - things are subject to change)

In this dev blog I’d like to introduce the game to you and try give you a general idea of what it’s about.

In the game, you play the role of a drunk driver while attempting to gain the highest score possible in an epic car. In terms of gameplay, the vehicle will randomly veer off the road, and user input will be slightly delayed - the player’s job being to counteract this and avoid vehicles at the same time.

The vehicles in the game are driven by a fairly intelligent AI, so they aren’t just driving in a straight all the time. Cars will try avoid a crash into you if you swerve in front of them, or wander into the oncoming traffic. Buses will even stop at bus stops!

As of now we have 10 vehicles in the game, each with it’s own stats and characteristics. For example, a Formula 1 car has a high speed and acceleration, but isn’t all that durable when compared to say, a snow plow, which is not quite so fast. New vehicles are unlocked by a ‘Wheel of Fortune’, that you pay 100 coins to spin (coins are earned during play and through daily rewards). Some vehicles are fairly common, but other’s extremely rare, meaning you will likely have to spend a lot of money getting them, or perhaps get very lucky. The advantage of the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is that you pay the same amount for any vehicle, but, you don’t know what vehicle you’re going to get. You might even get one you’ve already got!

As for the environment, everything is randomly generated every time. You’ll never drive down the exact same road. The roads also get wider and narrower, which allow you to do some nifty weaving between vehicles if you have the skill.

Thanks for reading, check us out on Facebook and Twitter for news on release and more information.


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Objects that are close to the road need to be destructible. At least some of them. Even by only watching video and not playing the game it feels so rigid and unnatural when a bus rams into the tree and it doesn't even shake.

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Gaz.Spencer Author

We are aware of that and are working to implement it into the game before release. Thanks for your feedback.

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