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Hey everyone ! The development of World of Mandana or short for > WOM is going really good. New people entering the team, as well as new material for the project. I would like to thank, Joseph and Adam for joining the team ! For this week, i would like to post a interview we recently had. A interview with one of the dutch game magazines. because it was in dutch we had to translate the hole interview. The interview itself will be in the magazine on August.

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We stepped into the building of pc games, meaby one of the biggest game magazines in Holland. We were there to give a small interview about World of mandana(WOM) what it is, how it goes, and what people can expect.

We will also skip the introducing part, and directly go to the core of the interview. ( The full interview will be in the magazine)
Pg = pc games magazine
AR = Arc development.

Pg > So the world of mandana, how long are you working on it so far?
AR > For about, 1 and a half year now.

Pg > OK 1 and a half, thats not bad, but then again after working on it for 1 and half year i dont see alot of media. is there a reason why ?
AR > We have our reasons. At the moment we are extremely busy with creating all the ingame models. and we are waiting for that perfect shot, or shots that is worth putting it on the web. But i must say we are working on trailers. they will be released very very soon.

Pg > that explains alot. So now a question that is i think, asked alot. WE have been looking at the content that is available for Mandana, and the first question that popped into our head is: Why all the differences? We see pirates, and a promotion picture of Area 51. may i ask why those two complete differences?
AR > Now that is a tricky question ! hmmm, i will try to say it without giving to much spoilers. But you can see Mandana as a different world. And in that world are several other worlds called Regions. And each region has their own time. More i wont say.

Pg > OK that explains a few things. Now going to gameplay, i must say its pretty new, compared to most rpg games out there, BUT the gameplay is close to Secret of evermore. was that game the biggest inspiration for Mandana ?
AR > You could say that, i played Secret of evermore when i got the Snes. after getting DOOM, shootings things like crazy, Secret of evermore came out. and since the first day i played it, it inspired me to make a game like that. But we already knew if we want a gameplay just like secret of evermore, we needed permation from the creators, and it has to be updated. and so we did.

Pg > ok, ok, oh and for those who dont know Secret of evermore, its a game that uses non stop real time fighting, its top down, and weapons, magic and that characters are experiance based.
AR > Yes, we still use that, do quests, kill enemies and you will get EXP. the more you get the more stronger you will become. but you can also level up weapons, magic and the character itself. But we also added extra things, you play in top down, but we added fps and shoulder view. it will be activated in certain occasions. We also made it possible that you can use weapons and magic at the same time. So basicly the gameplay of mandana is 75% based on secret of evermore.

Pg > And how about graphics ?
AR > Well it is nothing compared to secret of evermore, we use the latest technology available. but you will see that for yourself when we release our media pack.

Pg > Ok then we will shall wait then !, and how about the AI ?
AR > They are smart and capable of fooling the player. Basicly the AI is free to go whatever they like. they can also trick the player, by playing death, or run away and call for reinforcements.

Pg > Sounds good, but then i hope they dont level up with you like with some other games.
AR > Dont worry, they wont level up with, BUT all enemies respawn after a certain time. and each time they respawn they become a litle stronger. also all enemies can respawn for a max of 5 times,
and then you are forced to exit the level, if you want to grind.

Pg > interesting. then 1 final question, when do you think this game is done ?
AR > Hard to say, but our target is November 2011.

The entire interview can be viewed in the magazine at August. ( Offcours we will scan the article to post it on moddb.)

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