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So, people might be wondering why this mod is necessarily a CoD4 remake, why it aims to be different from it's normal game and how does it works. This article explains what's the purpose of the mod and how did the development cycle.

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To begin this article, i'll begin saying how did this start out : after playing Call of Duty : MW3, i realized how much the franchise has begun it's downfall since Black Ops was released. What was once a video game franchise that used to make fun of movie references such as Enemy at the Gates, Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now, Black Hawk Down, The Rock and so on, became all of a sudden a Team Fortress clone. Not to mean Team Fortress is bad or anything, but it's heavy influence made the game less fun by adding useless features and very bad map developments. I searched for the most popular Xfire games and i saw Call of Duty 4, and Call of Duty 2 as the most pop FPS games. Immediately i realized : what if i do a Call of Duty 4 remake? And the development started.
First of all it begun as a total MULTIPLAYER conversion, nothing of singleplayer was changed at the time, and very few textures were changed. Almost nothing aside of player skins and weapons changed. At the time i used to use a site called "Filefront" (now mostly known as Gamefront) that in mid development of the mod, it closed. However i was lucky on having almost 65% of THEIR CoD4 and Aliens vs Predator 2 assets in terms of skins before they shut down. Later on, i saw Gamebanana, and it was the first time i saw that site. It was brilliant. Aside of having a shitload of useful people in there, it also IS the most popular Counter Strike modding site even today, and so on i continued development, but this time, i was also changing the SINGLEPLAYER SKINS as well, so what was once a multiplayer skin conversion, became a total game skin conversion. Later on, i saw a site called "D3DForums" wish helped me gather mods for the AI as well for singleplayer and custom modified singleplayer maps as well. After that i continued towards Cfgfactory to get even more skins to complete the rest of the mod. I further gone to StrategyInformer to gather various weapons mods for singleplayer and multiplayer as well. After pre-beta testing the mod for a wile, i found a BIG problem on one of the levels called "Shock & Awe". What happened there? After you go through that short "Backlot" multiplayer portion and enter the helicopter, everything goes normally EXCEPT that after the helicopter crashes, the helicopter is supposed to land in a place near it and make you leave the grenade launcher, but it din't! Instead, it goes through a cluster of walls (damn wallhackers) and flies all through the end of the map and sticks you there FOR EVER! And you CANNOT leave the helicopter and you CANNOT die as well by suicide, unless you turn console on. HOWEVER, one day i noticed a fix : deleting "airlift.gsc" out of the mod! This finally fixed the issue and development could finally continue even further. All levels have been fully tested all the way through the end, and they all work! Except that one before, but the rest is assured. The mod is coming to other sites as well on December 11 2013, but it will release sooner in moddb as a limited exclusive. Thanks for reading!

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