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This is an intelligence report about each Factions recent movements and tactics.

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Faction Boundaries and Borders

Since the Global Defence Initiative was disbanded, they have taken to using the old Red Zones as their new territory, and have engaged in hostile contact with the Forgotten. As the TCN Network has been a success so far, the Forgotten are now a primary focus for aid. With the United Nations attempting to rebuild society and reintroduce the formally neglected Forgotten, it would appear that without a legitimate foe for the GDI to fight, GDI have become the new NOD.

Since power struggles between the Forgotten and GDI have erupted, an elite taskforce from the United Kingdom and Japan has been called in to assist. This taskforce is the secretive organisation, the CCS. The CCS (Civilisation Conservation Society) in public is a charity based organisation that aims to eradicate Tiberian and Tiberium, while providing aid to those caught up in the chaos. However, behind the scenes, they are a dedicated military faction with the best technology available.

With the GDI in former Yellow Zones encroaching on the Forgotten's Red Zones, the UN has permitted the CCS to operate outside of their usual territory. The UN know that they can't have a new GDI to replace the old one as this wouldn't heal the scars of decades of conflict between the mutant population and the non-mutant population. The aim is to allow the CCS to deal with the GDI in an efficient manner.

The CCS and its origins

While there has been previous reports about the CCS, these prior reports don't accurately express the full extent of their technological advancement. Using Advanced Prism Technology and experimental G.A.P. Field technology, they have the best of all worlds. They can hide their forces, they can traverse land, sea and air without limitation and they can pack heavy firepower with each unit. Highly trained and armed to the teeth, this Faction can be almost impossible to beat. Their only weakness is that the quality over quantity approach takes time.

Believed to have not actually come from this timeline, they have been in operation since 1997. However, unconfirmed sources indicate they have been around since 1995. This unconfirmed source suggests that their arrival was a direct consequence of the temporal shift that was said to have occurred the second that Tiberian made contact with the planet. There is another theory among popular conspiracies, and that is the idea they are not of Earth origin. The idea is that they originate from a neighbouring system to the Scrin. Besides, the British were among the first to provide a name for the Extraterrestrial beings upon their arrival. As for which of these is accurate, there is too little data available to provide a confirmed response. As neither G.A.P. Field Technology or Prism Weapon Technology is not native to the Scrin, and is not native to any other known faction (not even NOD), it is likely they are not from this timeline. This is substantiated by the idea that there was an alliance between two otherwise unaffiliated countries without the presence of any governmental treaty and/or agreement. While the CCS have been known to use technology from other factions, it can't be ignored that they have got their own as well.

The CCS previously operated behind the shroud of being a charity, however, it is clear that they are not limited in the same way as a charity. Also, the CCS doesn't take orders from any individual nation or independent body, not even the United Nations. That said, the CCS do appear to respect the UN when they are requested to assist. The CCS used spies and even used Kane himself to further advance their technological needs, while at the same time prioritising the preservation of civilian life. Often, they would divert Kane and his followers to attract GDI to 'hot-zones' in an attempt to give GDI something other to do than hunt the Forgotten in an attempt to purge them from Yellow Zones. Effectively, manipulating the number of GDI troops being deployed so the CCS could reduce casualties. This practice was adopted mostly during the Third Tiberian War.

The Brotherhood Of NOD and where it is now

In the time when Threshold Tower 19 was being constructed, the CCS was requested directly by Kane to assist in defending the Tower. Leaked Classified documents revealed that the CCS engaged directly against GDI forces in order to reduce reinforcement power, and they even interrupted the Ion Cannon Control Network in order to prevent the usage of the Ion Cannon against the Tower. Some of the documents even suggested that the Scrin had direct communication with the CCS high-command, though details are sketchy at best. Assuming that the CCS did successfully contact the Scrin, the documents suggest that the CCS instructed the AI Advisers of both of the Scrin divisions, Reaper 18 and Traveller 82, to prioritise the completion of Threshold Tower 19. It should be noted, that the documents refer to the Scrin as the Scrinomian Empire. The documents also suggest the presence of an Imperial Council within said empire. The details behind why the CCS wanted for Threshold Tower 19 to remain intact are still classified. The CCS actively deny any involvement with Kane and with the Scrin.

Kane was asked to cooperate with the CCS on many occasions in order to preserve civilian life. In exchange, Kane had to provide the CCS with Technology, while the CCS provided NOD with a truce. It is suggested that this is why Kane didn't turn his attention toward the United Kingdom or Japan. Reliable information did confirm that Kane visited the United Kingdom on multiple occasions, with the latest being in the GDI Command Post located in Manchester. The CCS transported Kane to France from which Kane was picked up by GDI carrying the Tacitus.

NOD is now said to reside on another planet along side Kane. However, an unconfirmed source indicates that the planet they are on is in Scrinomian controlled space. As for what is going to happen from there, that is information that the United Nations has no knowledge of, though it is suspected that the CCS high-command do. NOD are yet to have named their new world if that is indeed where they are, and as for what is remaining left on Earth, the few remaining NOD followers act without direction. Kane was the only one who communicated with the CCS, and few even accept to believe that.

Tactical Overview Of All Factions

CCS - Technological Supremacy
Those who are foolish enough to engage against the CCS directly, tend not to survive to tell the tale. Using Prism Technology on their Tanks and Defence Platforms, this for a start can overwhelm most. Include G.A.P. Field Technology in addition to this, and you have a very lethal recipe for destruction by hide and seek. Prism Technology is designed to conduct a spectrum of light though a given target and from it. This allows the light to burn through and then refract from a given target. Due to being experimental technology, this process may not always occur, but sometimes it occurs with such success that it may target friendly units unintentionally. G.A.P. Field Technology works on the principle of phasing a given unit out of perceivable space, making it appear to disappear.
The CCS also use VTOL and Hover Technologies in preference to Tracked or Wheeled units. Having improved these technologies to prevent Ion Storms from disabling them, they are able to traverse vast distances in a much shorter period of time compared to Tracked or Wheeled units. Though, all of this comes at a price, a very heavy price. With basic units costing nearly twice the going rate, this can be a heavy drawback from the point of early deployment. To avoid the problem of increased build times, the CCS have adopted 'Modular' designs that use configurations. This allows a single unit to transform and change role upon a changing scenario. This process uses Japanese Nanobot-Technology.
Module Tanks come in a few main variants, these include: Light Variant Main Battle Tank (LMBT), Medium Variant Utility Vehicle (MUV), Heavy Variant Main Battle Tank (HMBT), and Heavy Variant Multi-Module Tank (HMMT). Typically, this means that the're able to respond to any situation without being limited. If they encounter something they are not prepared for, they simply change form. Though, this takes time, while applying a form may take a matter of seconds, deconstructing a particular form to reuse the materials can take more than just a few seconds. The other cost is the lack of a promotion system, as these units are controlled by AI Cores. This in turn means they are effectively already Maximum Veterancy units.

GDI - Mechanised Gorilla
The GDI are known for the use of Mechanised Crawlers such as the Titan and Wolverine. Even their Mobile Construction Vehicle is a Crawler. Though GDI used to use three main Crawler types, each with their own purpose, they are no longer as mobile as they once were. During the Ascension Crisis, it was important to remain mobile to keep up with a fluid situation. However, this approach is counterproductive when facing the Forgotten and the CCS. This is because, both of them use built up defences and heavy building infrastructure. Effectively rendering even large groups of troops with a crawler useless. Especially as the control of TCN hubs doesn't guaranty funding for units.
GDI use easy to build Mechanised units that require only one or two pilots, with heavy air units for commanding and supporting units on the ground. While GDI use air superiority tactics, they are no match for the CCS when in the air. However, assuming that the CCS face GDI on the ground without any air units, GDI can win. However, that said, the CCS use long range to their advantage. While GDI Mechs are not very fast, they are heavily armoured.

Forgotten - The Ultimate Numbers Game
The Forgotten stick together, simply put. The technology they use is based upon what is now easily accessible Tiberium. Using the TCN Hubs, they are now able to produce Tib-Based weapons a lot easier than before. With effectively an unlimited supply of Tiberium, they are stronger than ever before. However, there are limits, and it is not yet clear as to what price they have to pay for this level of access to the TCN Hubs.
While the UN is trying to repair the damage of trust between the Forgotten and the rest of humanity, there are some that believe there is no hope remaining for the Forgotten. The previously perceived 'good guys' GDI are now hunting the Forgotten, and they feel a need to defend themselves because of it. By out numbering the GDI, they can take down anything GDI can throw at them.

There is no Data available about NOD's currently used Tactics, though it's assumed that they haven't changed much from the usual sneaky and stealthy past. As for the UN, they try to avoid conflict where possible, but they focus on a Death From Above approach where they can.


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