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The Crane has been modified in order to make it work more realistically. It will operate a lot more differently to how it used to.

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Introduction to the Crane: History Of Service

Traditionally, the Crane has been used as a means of producing additional Structures on the field. This has meant that it has been used and abused by commanders who either can't afford to build additional MCV's or just want to cut corners. This has its floors though. Recently, splinter groups have been manifesting causing problems for all Factions that use Cranes. Cranes can be easily targeted by engineers in the field, or more commonly, rioters and thugs. For these reasons, the Crane now operates very differently from how it used to.

Modern Cranes: Operation Parameters

Modern Cranes are designed to aid Construction Yards in completing their work. Various different Cranes also provide additional abilities and perks. From providing Repairs to nearby Units, to being able to provide additional funds. The list of these abilities is pending.


interesting idea, it might work

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These now act like Outposts properly as they would in real life.
Repairing Equipment, and allowing plenty of space for Structures to deploy nearby.

Build Radius increased from 150 to 250.
Still testing it though, I've got features I want to add to each one.
Hopefully some Faction Specific stuff.

Open to suggestions.

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