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News about infantry and other changes related to them that will take place in Red Counter Strike.

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Good to see you again Red Counter-Strike mod followers ! Today, I will be posting news about infantry and other changes related to them that will take place in Red Counter Strike:

First off, there will no longer be an Engineer as a Tier-1 utility/engineer infantry that captures structures, repairs bridges and buildings. The old engineer had been moved up to Tier-3 instead and for a very good reason too.

The allied Support G.I. and the soviet Combat Technician are now here to deal with the building capturing role as a Tier-1 utility infantry. They both are armed with Shotguns to deal with infantry threats if they come in too close to both units.

Allied Support G.I.

Support GI

Soviet Combat Technician

Combat Techinican

Furthermore, they have peroneal laptop cases to aid in hacking any building's master control terminal and taking control of it without fully exhausting the unit like the original Engineer unit, bear in mind that 1 support GI or combat technician can hack and affirms control on 1 structure at a time. If another structure is hacked than the control of the pervious one is lost. It will take time for the laptops to recharge their batteries until you can send your units to take control of other structures, so it is good to keep multiple support GIs or combat techs around because of the two recently mentioned reasons. You can also garrison both units inside garrison-able structures like bunkers, pillboxes or civilian buildings to keep them from harms way; as if they are killed the hacking link between the laptop and master control terminal will be lost.

Allied Support GI in control of a Structure:

Support GI   2

Allied Support G.I. garrisoned inside a pillbox

Support GI   3

The bridges strengths will be tripled until the engineers arrive at Tier-3 to repair them. Also, there are numerous ways to get around a destroyed bridge, be it by using amphibious transports or utility helicopters which are available for both sides as a standard from now on. Moreover, both units can be issued to enter each side's IFV's for vehicle and building repair duties. As they can install the modular turrets that can aid in such tasks in either the LAV-25 piranhas and BRDM-2s or the T-55 tanks.

To counter the aforementioned unit's hacking capabilities Engineers are now equipped with beacons to either warp-in or paradrop a U-C/EW-AV (Unmanned Combat/Electronic Warfare Aerial Vehicle) drones.

Soviet and Allied engineers with with respective drones

CH 5 VS MQ 9

Both drones have Attack and/or Electronic Counter Measures mods. You can deploy them to change their configurations, however they will have to land to do so. Here is a list of both drones specification's:

Drones comparsion 2

On mode-2, the drones can cut the electronic link between the hacker and building under his control allowing it to be captured by another support GI or combat tech. Engineers can upgrade your low defenses by either adding extra layers of defenses or updating their weaponry or even adding new abilities to them like stealth/cloak detection. Please note engineers costs more this time around costing up to 1500$ and also please note that a single engineer can upgrade your entire low tier base defenses but that would leave them at 25% initial health and will extra repair work will cost you so make sure you upgrade them whilst not being attacked by another enemy; don't worry it will be worth while considering the benefits. There also might be other upgradable structures by the engineer in the future.

A showcase of the upgraded allied low tier defenses

Upgradable defences

Soviet Commissaires are the heart of any infantry lead assaults they act as a military police and political figures as well as field officers if needed. At rank 0 they can increase the rate of fire of all infantry units and some vehicular units by 10% and can call in BRDM-1s. The bonuses of said units are dependent on their rank to which the higher the rank the more bonuses commissaires has. Though it is worth to note that his reinforcements ability will cost more credits and take more time to call in as their rank progress.

Commissaires leading a group of conscripts whilst calling in a BRDM-1 attack vehicle


The allied hero Tanya is no longer referred as an individual hero per-se. Now TANYA is an operative from the TANYA program. These elite female soldiers are rigorously trained for special operations and to serve as liaisons for HARDLOCK agents. Nearly every TANYA operative is armed with an XM-29 OICW and a beacon to call in an MQ-1 Predator for support, with the former’s usage seemingly obvious and the latter is typically deployed against buildings and vehicles; they are also equipped with latest electronic warfare pods that can be used against the aforementioned shutting down any unit or building. If the commander proved his/her competence, they could requisition another TANYA operator thus increasing the number present on the battlefield. Also, it is worth to note that all TANYA operators are trained to withstand mentally and psychologically demanding tasks; are also equipped with special masks to counter various viral weaponry or poisoning and special suits to counter radiation effect or acids clouds/rains.

A TANYA operative and her MQ-1 predator drone buddy

TANYA Oprative and her MQ 1 dron 1

A group of TANYA operatives

TANYA Opratives 1

The arch-nemesis of TANYA operatives are LYUDMILA Operatives named after the famous sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko. These operatives are highly trained soviet snipers part of the soviet union's special operation forces program LYUDMILA that focuses on training Elite female snipers. They ware a ghillie suit so to blend with the environment. They are armed with the state of the art 8KW laser sniper rifle which is potent against infantry and light vehicles. Also, they can be deployed to lay on the ground to shot an overcharged shoot that can penetrate thicker vehicular armor and/or cause more damage; though they cannot sustain said shots for safety purposes.

A group of LYUDMILA Operatives

Voyevoda Oprative 1

That is all what I have for you today folks !

Stay Tuned for more ! Red Counter-Strike out !!

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