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This features the compleet Imperial unitlist. Check it out now!

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Imperial UnitList:

Tech 1:
-TX-130T fighter tank
-Plex Stormtrooper

Tech 2:
-Imperial Engeneers
-Imperial Snipers
-Self-Propelled Medium Artillery
-TIE/In Fighter

Tech 3:
-Imperial dropship transport
-Storm Commando's
-PX-4 Mobile Command Base

Tech 4:
-Century Tank

Tech 5:
-Phase Zero Dark Troopers
-S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortank

Major infantry:
-Sentinel-class landing craft
Special infantry:
-Lambda-class T-4a shuttle
-Theta-class T-2c shuttle
-Kappa-class shuttle
-Theta-class AT-AT barge
-Y-85 Titan dropship

Heroes with transport:
-Lord Vader Lambda-class T-4a shuttle
-Officer Kelbor Lambda-class T-4a shuttle
-Malorum with Hydra Theta-class T-2c shuttle
-501st Legion Kappa-class shuttle
-6st Cavalry Division Theta-class AT-AT barge

Galactic Heroes:
-Shadow Company reveal enemys units/structures ect.

-Imperial Diplomat threaten: get extra income, take income from opponent.
-Bounthunter neutralize: any mayor or minor hero for a price.

Heroes with ships:
-Captain Panaka victory-clas stardestroyer
-Captain Kazz Gladiator-class stardestroyer
-86th Tie squadron Tie fighters/interceptors
-Exterminator IV Victory II-class Frigate
-Captain Needa Imperial star destroyer.

Tech 1:
-TIE Fighter
-TIE Bomber
-Tartan patrol crusier
-Acclamator-class destroyer

Tech 2:
-Victory II-Class frigate
-Crack-class Cruiser
-TIE Vangaurd

Tech 3:
-Tie Interceptor
-Victory-class stardestroyer

Tech 4:
-Broadside-Class cruiser
-Strike-class medium cruiser
Tech 5:
-Star Destroyer
-Tie/D automated fighter
-Tie Heavy Bomber
-Gladiator-class Star Destroyer


i like it, but i would add much more, the empire has so much ships!
also, on land why only the phase-zero dark trooper?

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_237th_SC_Com_Bly Author

that has to do with the erea, will go more indept on that soon. yes the list might be a litle small, but that is because this mod is going to eb all area, and we better start with small handleable list then with hude unarchivablelists.

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