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Hyrule: Total War had a lot of cool and unique features and scripts made entirely by the original creator Undying Nephalim/Nephyy - I've since improved on some of them, added new scripts and fixed the ones that weren't working properly. In this article I'll go through the mods features and scripts.

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Hello, so Hyrule: Total War is a mod originally developed and created by Undying Nephalim/Nephyy between the years 2009-2014 - in 2014 he decided to remake most of the factional rosters of the mod and replace their units, he removed a lot of the original scripts, implemented a new map, never got to re-add all of the old scripts etc (see Hyrule: Total War Version 4.6 for the remade version) and overhauled the gameplay while also rendering the old Hyrule Historia missions obsolete in the process.

I had a backup of the old original version of Hyrule: Total War - which I made a submod out off, that aimed to make the original version more complete and more finished - as it weren't fully playable due to lots of bugs and CTD (crash to desktop). My submod was to be named Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - it still used all Neph's work between 2009-2014 - while also using the 8 or so community patches from Tedster and SirLion that fixed a number of minor issues, and one really annoying issue with the Zant-faction crashing whenever clicking on the factions cities. Neph had a lot of unused files that I implemented, and I also added new units by editing his files and moving around weapons and such. He had two versions of the mod so I could take a weapon from the new version and add to an older unit - then UW-map the texture.

Anyway - the features of the original Hyrule: Total War:


Hyrule Historia - Fight a number of story-segments/historical battles created entirely by Undying Nephalim and watch videos that he has created for them during the missions - telling the story of Hyrule.

- I've only restored the Majora Prime-mission and re-released the Ancient Age, Rise of Ganon-arc and the Gerudo Wars arc - as I had a copy of the Gerudo Wars missions - and a guy sent me the other two. I also received the Twili missions from Dark Intelooper but they had been altered so I couldn't get them to work unfortunately - they do also lack their videos unlike the three other arcs.

The submod allows you to play all but the Twili Hyrule Historia Missions created entirely by Nephyy.

Custom Battle - Fight as any of 31 factions in local single player battles against the AI, watch the AI fight the AI or fight your friends online through LAN or Steam multiplayer.

- I've enhanced the UI and made all 31 factions fit the screen, I've also fixed the missing 2d art and I've added a bunch of unused assets, Great Sea: Total War assets and some 4.6 units to the mix - as for 4.6 it's mostly the minor faction units or mercenaries with some exceptions. Almost all the 4.6 factional units are removed from this version - with the exception of my favourites such as the Gerudo Tomb Guards.

The custom battles have also been enhanced by me structuring the rosters into different ERA:s - and I've made sure the Minor Factions have their own rosters by adding new units to the Tokay, the Zuna, the Oocca, the Ancient Hylians, the Wild Life and the Church of Majora. Don't use "Enable" with the Church of majora or they'll crash.

Campaign scripts - Where Hyrule: Total War really shines is in it's campaign scripts, and the entire mod is built up on the descr_scripts-file unlike in other mods that are mostly using this file for special features - in Hyrule: Total War the scripts will spawn all the starting armies (with the exception of two units and a few rebels), all the features, all the wildlife, all the gameplay unique features and most of the rebels. I'm going to tell you more about the unique scripts below.

Original scripts for Hyrule: Total War by Undying Nephalim/Nephyy:

Initialization, counters - basics for the campaign.

Map Setup - readying the map for the campaign.

Wildlife - Adding the Wildlife to the map for the Wildlife faction - such as the Arurodas and Moldarach in the Lanayru lands, or the Dodongo's and King Dodongo in Dodongo's Cavern.

Anti Pirates - A basic script to remove any pirate ship spawns from the mod, as the mod hardly has any water worth fighting in. The pirate ships used to be a minor annoyance in older versions of the mod so Neph added this script to get rid of the problem.

Starting Heroes - The starting heroes are spawned for every major faction.

WELCOME TEXT - Event pictures at the start of the game for all the original factions of the campaign - welcoming you the Player as the ruler of the chosen faction.

Hero Spawns - The rest of the heroes are set to spawn at different turns/years - unlike the starting heroes these heroes spawn later during the campaign and not at the start of it. I've also enhanced on this script by adding many new heroes, so that all the heroes without their own unique scripts will spawn together with the old heroes that Neph originally added through this script.

Single Unit Heros - this section is empty but I still managed to add Single Unit Heroes/Generals through scripts.

Anti Adoption - Removes the issue of adoptions from all the original factions. I failed to implement this for the new factions when I tried it. It might possibly work for the Oocca.

Train Generals - All the generals are trained/recruited through the script.

Get Generals - During the campaign there will spawn additional generals through the script as well.

Death - Your heroes will die at the age of 75 during the campaign if they aren't killed during battle.

Boss Generals - unused section of the script - but I've managed to de-facto implement the giant generals as true bosses in the mod.

Earned Generals - During the campaign there are certain historical generals that you can earn by completing different scripted tasks. This section is about these generals such as Lady Middee the Cunning. There are many more like her of course but the pre-requisites to get them are different.

Mercs - all the mercenaries and the unique mercenaries are spawned through this script - such as Ashei of the Ordona Province, and Lady Malon of Lon Lon ranch.

Techtrees - every old faction has a unique techtree and it's all based on this script.

Map Events - Script used for the "Subrosia is Found"-event.

Ruin Events - there are ruins that can be excavated in various settlements on the map - this script is about excavating these ruins to find treasures, hidden artefacts or even new units.

Civilians - a script that was left unused by the creator - I originally spent a lot of effort and time on re-enabling this script. It adds civilian garrisons for many factions, or would do that - but as it wasn't very stable it had to be scrapped unfortunately. The mod is using unique custom animations for units that will make them patrol/walk around in cities if left standing. This script aimed to spawn garrisons of these civilian units but none of the garrison-script coding remains.

NPC Membership - When you've allied with the Zuna, Tokay, Huskus Remnants, Horonians or Subrosia, then after ten turns they'll ask you to grant them citizenship within your empire or realm/kingdom - if you decline they'll remain your allies until it's broken - and if it's accepted the faction/factions will cease to exist and they'll assimilate into your faction - you'll end up with their regions, their units and their heroes. I've improved on this script by adding it to the new factions, as well as included the additional units for the Tokay and the Zuna in it as well. Beware that they could also assimilate into another NPC-faction if they ally with them first.

Stalfos Raise Armies - the really amazing necromancy script for the undead Stalfos faction - it makes it so that each "Necromancer general" is connected to this script in a way that will spawn units in the area next to the nearest Necromancer after a battle has been won - so if you win a battle against Hylians then you'll get undead Hylians in the settlement of your nearest necromancer. Of course you'd get Kokiri if you fought the Kokiri, Zora if you fought the Zora etc - and they'll spawn in the settlement of the nearest necromancer as stated previously. It requires you to have a necromancer stationed in a city to work I believe.

Sheikah Stances - Chose between the "Shadow Stance" and the "Battle Stance" on each turn playing as the Sheikah Assassins.

Sheikah Cities - Battle Stance - Spawns Agahnim, Impa, Azrily and Bongo and their armies outside of Kakariko village, gives Kakariko Village to the Sheikah without declaring war on the Kingdom of Hyrule - and allows a Sheikah player to play the game normally from there without starting at war with the Kingdom.

Sheikah Defend Hylian - Shadow Stance - The Sheikah will allow the Kingdom of Hyrule to keep Kakariko Village, while remaining in the Shadows - will spawn armies at scripted turns that you can use to defend Hylian lands, or help the Kingdom of Hyrule in it's wars - if you conquer a city using the Shadow Stance then the region will be automatically given to the Kingdom one turn later. So you're fighting the enemies of Hyrule as their assassin-styled ninja organization - but you are not independent and are fighting for their cause.

River Zora Spawn - The River Zora have a very unique way of recruiting units - they'll spawn their heroes and armies through the script. But that's not all as when you conquer a settlement you cannot recruit their units like an ordinary faction, instead you'll recruit "Zola Spawn 1", "Zola Spawn 2" etc - this is random recruitment of random River Zora units, and they're all scripted to spawn close to rivers when recruited. So the campaign is taking their name seriously and the script aims to have them not be recruited inside of cities, as the River Zora doesn't hold cities in lore - and instead they'll emerge from the Rivers. This makes their campaign very different. Of course I've added the Storm Zora to them and they're recruited the normal way - but they're available to anyone holding "Fort of Wings" - oridinary River Zora units have this unique recruitment through the script.

Twili Civil War - The Forces of the Twilight are two factions in this verison of the mod - one is lead by Queen Midna, and the other by Prince Zant - there is a Civil War going on at the start of their campaigns. Before they can recruit diplomats, and before they can get the other sides units - they need to defeat the other Twili faction! They won't be able to go to Hyrule neither until the Civil War has been resolved. This script is setting up the basics for the Civil War in the campaign.

I've improved on all the Twili Civil War scripts - as they didn't work as intended - Midna couldn't recruit all her units after her victory, Imp Midna didn't spawn after Queen Midna were defeated, Zant couldn't recruit all his units after the Civil War had been won neither - none of them could go to Hyrule when played by the player, they didn't have access to diplomats or other agents, as the AI they would never invade Hyrule etc - I've spent a lot of time on fixing all of this.

Twili Tele - You can build a portal from the Palace of Twilight and into Hyrule after the Twili Civil War has been won - and from Hyrule you can build a portal from the "Arbiter Grounds" and into the Realm of Twilight. This script enables this feature.

Ikana Fissures - There used to be a script spawning the Kingdom of Ikana through a Fissure, but it's no longer in use.

Subrosian Underworld - Subrosia has two areas in Hyrule, but Subrosia itself is underground in this version of the mod - like the Realm of Twilight you need to send your armies into a portal of sort, in this case a tunnel - to get your armies to Subrosia and it's capital city. Subrosia also has it's leader starting underground and will need to go through the tunnel with her and her starting army to reach Hyrule. This script is enabling the tunnel in the campaign.

Zola Invasions - The River Zora armies will spawn at scripted turns during the campaign, in addition to the ones you recruit from cities but that will spawn next to rivers.

Wizzrobe Churches - the Wizzrobe fort - makes it belong to the Order of the Wizzrobe even though they haven't spawned as a faction from the start of the game.

Wizzrobe Conversion - The Order of the Wizzrobes have another unique gameplay mechanic - they can convert cities using their Bishops/priests. You'd just place a Bishop next to a city and it will convert to your faction a turn or so later. It will take a longer period of time in the beginning, but in the late game you get any region next to your religious agent - this script is enabling this feature - a feature that is extremely broken and over powered if the player is playing this faction. The AI will not know how to use it. A settlement that has been converted to the Wizzrobe-faction is going to revolt soon after unless you place a garrison inside of it, cause all of the converted cities will be without any garrisons in them. This is another gameplay altering feature which makes the Order of the Wizzrobe unique to play as.

Stalfos Spawn - The Stalfos do spawn armies through this script during the campaign as well.

Ikana Spawn - The Kingdom of Ikana is a spawning faction that will spawn at a particular date or turn during the campaign, not unlike the vanilla Mongols - this script is enabling this.

Twili Spawn - If you play as any other faction than the Forces of the Twilight, then the option will show-up to "spare Zants forces" - Prince Zant will always lose the civil war as the AI - if you click no on sparing his forces and him, then Queen Midna has won and is in control of the Twilight Realm while Prince Zant is dead and defeated - if you click "accept" on sparing his forces then King Zant is gonna spawn some turns after that (could be anything from 7 to 40 turns later) with his generals and aids and will invade Lynna City - the capital of the Labrynna Regime - this script is enabling this invasion.

Wizzrobe Spawn - The Wizzrobe faction also does spawn in the campaign, together with an offer to let them have Vigjaro if you are playing as the Kingdom of Hyrule, if you decline they'll declare war on you and try to seize it anyway. Accepting it will keep your alliance intact until further notice. This script is enabling this.

Sheikah Spawn - The script enabling all the Sheikah armies to spawn through the Shadow Stance at scripted turns.

Huskus Expansion - Empty area so it's not ever expanded upon.

Midna or Zant - Obsolete Civil War script that used to be in use in earlier iterations of the mod. Enabled you to chose Midna or Zant after starting the campaign as just one Twilight faction.

Triforce Vanguard - This script will spawn "Triforce Vanguards" to defend Hyrule Prime whenever it is under siege. They'll spawn from the Temple of Time to defend the capital of the Kingdom of Hyrule - I've also added re-skinned versions of them through this script for Majora Prime if held by the Church of Majora. They'll disappear after the battle has been won.

Defeat - all the factions will die ten turns after they have lost their last settlement, with the exception of the Twili factions cause they needed to survive for the Imp Midna, and Zant Invasions - to work properly. As such the Twili factions won't ever die - but they can be dead in practice if they have no regions or settlements left. This script is killing of everyone else ten turns after they've lost everything - so they'll have ten turns to reconquer a settlement or they'll die.

Darknuts - Dishonored Arena - script that is enabling a unique feature for the Darknut Legion in terms of gameplay. Doesn't do much more than change a few parameters.

New Scripts implemented entirely by me:

Auto speed up scripts - script that will enable the campaign turns to be way faster.

King Dodongo - If the Goron faction conquers Dodongo's Cavern, then King Dodongo will spawn one turn after that as a general for the Gorons. King Dodongo starts off as a general for the Wildlife.

Majora - Starting Hero script for the Church of Majora - Majora himself will spawn on the first turn as a giant general unit.

Ghirahim - Starting Hero script for the Moblins - Ghirahim will spawn as a single unit general on the first turn.

Dethl & Deadhand - script that will spawn Dethl and Deadhand for the player when the player is playing as the Stalfos, and has conquered Kakariko Village - AI Stalfos will get these heroes from the start.

Stallord - Script that will spawn the undead giant dragon boss general for the player if the player is playing as the Stalfos, and has conquered Arbiter Grounds - it will spawn one turn later as a single unit general. AI-Stalfos will get Stallord from the start.

Undead Onox - Script that will spawn this single unit giant general for the player if the player is playing as the Stalfos, and requires the player to first conquer Kakariko, Arbiter Grounds and Domain Prime - as well as does require Dark Onox and Prince/King Zant to be dead or not present in the campaign.

Trinexx, Lord of Turtle Rock - Starting Hero script that will add this giant single unit monster general to the Lizalfos from the start of the campaign.

Sulkaris Restored - a unique gameplay script that will enable Sulkaris the Ugly to regain her humanoid form as both the player and the AI - it requires you to conquer the Sacred Forest Meadow as the Gohma, and Saria of the Kokiri must be dead - whenever Saria is dead and the Sacred Forest Meadow is held by the Gohma, and Sulkaris the Ugly needs to be alive, then Sulkaris will be replaced in one turn with her younger self that will spawn outside of the Forest Temple. The script is thus replacing the ugly Sulkaris with the more beautiful one. - This script was borrowed in part from the HTW 3.6 submod by Tedster, even though I made the code slightly different and it's not 100% the same - no event pictures etc.

Vyorsoth, Mother of Tyrants - Starting hero script for this giant dragon single unit general, it will spawn the dragon at the start of the campaign for the Lizalfos faction on the first turn.

Mahgxai - Starting Hero script for the Storm Zora general Mahxai - he will start in the Fort of Wings-settlement on turn one, an area held by the River Zora at the start of the campaign.

Phantom Ganon - Whenever the Gerudo faction conquers the Sacred Forest meadow - also known as the Forest Temple - Phantom Ganon is going to spawn next to the temple as a new general with a mounted marauders bodyguard.

Koume and Kotake - If Twinrova is dead and Hasanadorf conquered by the Gerudo - then Koume and Kotake will spawn as a general-unit for the Gerudo using a Windwitches bodyuard.

Bongo-Bongo - If Bongo of the Sheikah is killed during the campaign, (and she is one of all the new generals I've added through the old scripts by Undying Nephalim), and the Sheikah is still holding Kakariko Village - then two turns later Bongo-Bongo will spawn as a giant monster general for the Sheikah faction.

Ikana Uncursed - If the Kingdom of Ikana conquers all it's five regions - Ikana, Molcana, Stone Tower Ruins, Ft Olnach and Meesiam - plus conquers the Dead Maku Tree-settlement (also known as Majora Prime in this version) - then the Ikanian heroes such as King Igos du Ikana, Gomess, General Keeta - they will all be turned into their alive uncursed versions - the script does also require King Igos du Ikana to still be alive, and Majora himself has to be dead, as well as "Majora Cultist Zelda".

Pope Calls Crusades - Enabling the Player when playing as the Oocca-faction to order Cleansings (crusades) at will.

Edit - The "Hyrule Historia" Campaigns have some additional features and scripts:

There are five campaigns in this mod.

1. Single Player Freeform Campaign - will enable you to play as any of the factions any way you so chose. All the spawning heroes will spawn sooner than Neph originally intended, with the exception of the heroes of the Kingdom of Hyrule. Cia will spawn for the Order of the Wizzrobe, General Akazoo won't show up in the campaign for the Kingdom of Hyrule - cause he is present fromt he start as Undead Akazoo - the leader of the Stalfos, all factions arrive at the start of the campaign - it's a freeform-campaign as the name states.

It's the one available from "single player".

2. Multiplayer Hotseat Freeform campaign - the same campaign as the one above but now with hotseat multiplayer. It's available through "Multiplayer/hotseat/Freeform campaign".

3. Three Custom Campaigns are available in Multiplayer/Hotseat/Story Campaigns - they're all hotseat-enabled but if you de-select the Kingdom of Hyrule (it's automatically clicked on) then you can play single-player as anyone else, (and unlike in oridinary "single player" you can use the "control faction"-cheat to give control over the faction to the AI, or take control over any faction you chose - for example "control gerudo" will allow you to control the Gerudo if they are played by the AI - otherwise if you are playing them you'd give the control to the AI instead), or just keep it selected if you want to play as Hyrule - hotseat means you can play as many factions at once, or play with friends taking turns. Features of the three Story Campaigns:

1. Freeform Campaign with Locked Alliances - the same campaign as previously mentioned but now using a "locked alliances"-script, enforcing the starting alliances each turn. This will force factions back into an alliance each turn if the alliance is ever broken. It aims to play the campaign in Freeform with early spawns, all factions present at the start, the Cia-general spawning for the Wizzrobes etc - but with the lore-accurate alliances locked during the campaign.

2. Hyrule Historia Campaign with Locked Alliances - A campaign that has Neph's original spawns for all the factions and heroes, in essence this means that not every faction is present at the start of the campaign - factions such as the River Zora, the Kingdom of Ikana, the Stalfos, the Order of the Wizzrobe, the Sheikah, the Forces of the Twilight etc might or might not spawn much later. In the case of the Stalfos and the River Zora they had no choice but to start with areas at the start of the campaign for gameplay reasons, so they are in the campaign still from the start - but their heroes and some of their armies will spawn much later during the campaign. Other factions such as the Order of the Wizzrobe and the Sheikah will not be present until way later into the campaign.

General Akazoo will spawn for the Kingdom of Hyrule together with Zelda 3 and General Kazakk, Lana Valashi is replacing Cia for the Order of the Wizzrobe in this campaign - "alliances locked" means that all the lore-accurate alliances will be enforced each new turn. This campaign aims to play out like Neph originally intended - with the spawns happening on their original dates/turn numbers.

3. Hyrule Historia Campaign without Locked Alliances - the same as above but where you can ally with anyone, and start a war against anyone - it still has the original spawning dates for the heroes and the factions - making it an experience closer to the original campaign that neph made.

Unique Scripts added by me for some of the Hyrule Historia campaigns:

Alliances - Will enforce the starting lore-accurate alliances each new turn whenever they have been broken by either the player or the AI - doesn't affect the Oocca-faction.

Unique Campaign Gameplay Features:

Minor Factions - The Tokay, Zuna, Huskus Remnants, Horon and Subrosia can recruit all the mercenaries on the map. They do also have access to every AoR-unit.

Church of Majora - Can recruit almost every unit in the game from their home-regions based on an AoR-system of recruitment - with the exception of the Gohma, the Stalfos, the River Zora, the Order of the Wizzrobe, the Kingdom of Ikana, the Forces of the Twilight and the Oocca.

The Oocca - Will need to send priests to regions and convert them before they can recruit any units in new territories, as this will slow them down so they can't just steamroll the map. Also has almost no troops from the beginning.

Rebel Spawns - there are rebels set to spawn in every region on the map, and the rebel frequency is at 10 - just like in Warcraft: Total War and Warhammer: BotET - but for some reason they'd never show up. Only seen it happen once.

"New Hyrule" - Whenever Princess Zelda Nohansen 5 spawns during the campaign, Tetralyna Zelda Nohansen 5 from Great Sea will also spawn as a bonus general - after this event has taken place the Kingdom of Hyrule will then be able to recruit it's Great Sea: Total War units from the 5th Barracks level - the Assault Battalions will replace the Swordsmen Recruits, the Surveyors will replace the Hylian Crossbowmen, the Knights of New Hyrule will replace the Hyrulean Knights, the Knights of Red Lions will replace the Mounted Hyrulean Knights and the Knights of Windfall will replace the Archer Knights - the older units are still available from the 4th barack level and lower - Mounted Knights are only available from Lon Lon Ranch for the Kingdom of Hyrule, so the Mounted Hyrulean Knights won't be available after the event.

Queen Laruto will also spawn for the Lanayru Province together with Prince Ralis during the campaign - and she has a bodyguard of Great Sea Aquamarines.

The Lanayru Mages-unit will be available for the Lanayru Privince if they're holding the Zora's Domain lands, as these are actual Zora's Domain mages - ex-Zora's Domain mages. Only available from their lands, and as such the Lanayru will need Greshou held by the rebels, or the actual lands of the Zora's Domain, in order to recruit these units.

Captain Linbeck from the Great Sea expansion will spawn for his homeland the Labrynna Regime together with Ralph, Knight of Ambi - he spawns together with a pistolmen bodyguard.

After Ralph, Knight of Ambi has spawned - you will be able to recruit Pistolmen as the Labrynna Regime.

- Pistolmen are better than the gunners because they don't need to reload when firing their pistols - they'll fire all at once and won't have to reload at all.

Area of recruitment - Every faction with the exception of the Church of Majora can recruit Keatons from the "Vigjaro Glade"-settlement, Volvagians from the "Korkuloki"-settlement (with the exception of the Gorons), Storm Zora from the "Fort of Wings"-settlement, Crown Ridge Gorons from the "Crown Ridge"-settlement, Minish units from the "Picorou Ruins"-settlement and Poes from the "Meesiam"-settlement (the Church of Majora can also get the Poe's).

And that's all the unique features and scripts of Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate. Hope you enjoy playing!


****, thanks, take a while to read and i don't know how long to play as

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No problem.

Yes, quite the huge list of scripts etc.

Playing will also take time, but at least that's more fun than reading.

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