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A choice of the possible hud presets in the upcoming 1.2.1 update...

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For v1.2.1 I want to ensure that you are all happy with the interface I have created, I figured the best way to find this out would be a survey article. Submit your votes to the poll thread on the mods forum. Thank you in advance, and please participate!


HUD Choices

1. Cleaned up original HUD

2. Redesigned original HUD

3. Completely new minimalistic HUD
1.2 Alpha (Test)

None of these suit you, then send me an email describing what you want...

Steemship - - 77 comments

If I may make a suggestion, Lurk 1.1 HUD for SoC was off to a great start with the bleeding effect and medkits taking longer to incorporate. I think making medkits not insta-heal would make the game more enjoyable. If you are not inerested in trying that, then I would recommend going with Option 3.

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PembrokeWelshCorgi - - 57 comments

I like the look of the minimap with borders (in the first two options), but I much prefer the overall look of the minimalistic HUD. Option 3 is my choice.

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strelokgunslinger - - 338 comments

Option 3, Health and Ammo switched sides :P

Just a suggestion

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