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A list of features for Morrowind: House Wars mod for Mount and Blade Warband

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This mod was made as practice for Tamriel: Bloodline's End. Therefore, it's not a super amazing work of art, it only taps into some of the features that TBE will have. Anyway, it should still be good fun.

1. ORIGINAL ASSETS. You've heard me right, models and textures hand crafted by yours truly.

2. Music by Adrian Von Ziegler. (Permission granted)

Track List:
1. Alvae
2. Dance with the trees
3. Victorious
4. Wolf Blood
5. Reign of the Dark
6. Where the Shadows Cannot Reach
7. Courage of Despair
8. Invictus (also used in the teaser trailer)
9. Spring Charm
10. Remembrance
11. Bone Temple
12. Bushido

3. Map of Morrowind and a bit of Black Marsh. In TESIII you could only explore Vvanderfell and Mournhold with the Tribunal DLC. Now, you can visit any corner of the province.

4. Guar Cavalry. Need I say more?
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Tell me if I'm wrong:
Except for the scenes and some fixes if necessary, the version released Wednesday will be almost the final version?
And you'll start working on TBE soon?

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OrmirOfSkyrim Author

You're absolutely right

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Excuse my ignorance, but "TBE"? What mod is that? Do you have a link?

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OrmirOfSkyrim Author

TBE is Tamriel: Bloodline's End. There's no link for it yet

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Oh ok, got cha. ;)

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Thanks Ormir,

TBE will be one of the best mods for MBW :-)

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So TBE is a skyrim mod for mount and blade?

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