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Revora offers free web hosting to mod teams for the development and promotion of their project. For some games, you can also create a simple project page on one of our sites that doesn't require our approval to showcase your work. Find out more at

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I am working on a project to mod a videogame. I have a small team, but I would really like to get some support for my mod and post updates. What does Revora offer that would help me achieve this?
Revora welcomes modders and their modding teams, as well as leaders and teams of other creative projects. Being part of the Revora community offers you the chance to display your work with other members and gain more support and feedback for your project. Another great feature of Revora hosting is that you will be able to be hosted among other projects that are based on the same games or art, so you can ask help from others, see what other people are creating, and enjoy being in the company of other creative minds.

That sounds interesting. Where would my project be hosted on Revora?
Depending on what your project is, you will most likely be hosted in one of our eight divisions, which are the hubs for different videogames. If we accept your hosting, although your project does not fall under any of our eight divisions, your project will be made a Revora hosted project.

Does Revora only offer one kind of hosting?
Actually, it has two offers: A simple Project Page or full Site Hosting. Project Pages are well-placed so that visitors can see them, a profile is easy to create, and there are no special requirements. Site Hosting allows you to have your own site and forums on Revora to help make your project more accessible to the public and to create a community for your fans. Hosting can be free or have a small fee. More information about these offers can be found on Revora's Hosting page.

I think Revora would the perfect place to host my project. So, how do I actually apply for hosting?
It's simple. You need to register on Revora so that you can apply for hosting. Once you have your account set up, you need to go to and log in using your Revora username and password. You will then have to fill out a form that will be submitted to Revora Leaders for review. A few of the things required will be your project name, the category your project falls under, and a description of your project. Once you're finished, just submit it and the Revora Leaders will review your request.

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