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This comic explains what happened before the mod Hello Neighbor The Mansion. This comic is presented during the game, can you find it? We released the comic in here for better reading. We hope you like it.

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We present you our comic. A 38 page comic with an extra scene. In here you will discover the story of the artist before getting to the mansion. The manager is also introduced and we explain how everything came to be for when the mod starts. We hope you like it.


this comic is also in-game! as a bonus.

If you want to experience it first in there, we really recommend to skip this article.

We made this article just in-case you did not liked the version in-game and wanted a better readability.

We hope you like it!

Story was made and discussed by both, Iknosabuk and me (JamyzGenius). If you liked the story, we really recommend you to play Hello Neighbor to discover what happens next!

We cannot embed the entire image due to its resolution.

Please follow the instructions below to access the HD comic.

Please to enter the comic page. Click anywhere in the picture below.

Also, be sure to enable HD view on the top-right area of the picture to see it in its full resolution.

Hello Neighbor The Mansion - The Comic

We hope you enjoy the comic and we send you regards!

The FG Brothers

-Iknosabuk and JamyzGenius

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